Ready to stand out from the crowd and bring the party with you everywhere you go? Then you’re in the right place. At Wicker Darling, we have the most fabulous irreverent and unique accessories around. And each piece is just as special as you.

Whether you want to indulge in a statement handbag, or add a mini coin purse to your collection as a treat yourself gift, we have limited-edition, handmade accessories to fit the bill.

Today, I want to give a behind-the-scenes sneak peek on the creation of our unique accessories, and then introduce you to a few of our favourite accessories themselves!

The process behind our handmade accessories

At Wicker Darling, all of our unique accessories are made by hand. Almost all of our designs are dreamed up by Jasmine, and then sent to our ateliers in the Philippines, where they are hand-woven, stitched, and painted into the beautiful creations that hit our shelves. 

The majority of our animal handbags are made on a pre-order basis, so we can cut back on waste and provide a loving home for each and every one of our creations. This cruelty-free, slow-fashion approach to our accessories is great not only for the environment, but for keeping artisan traditions alive. 

Once an order has been placed, our ateliers will source the rattan and other materials locally so we can reduce our carbon footprint. The wicker designs are carefully woven using traditional artisan methods, and each piece bears the one-of-a-kind mark of its handmade origins.

After being woven, our unique accessories are hand-painted, given eyes and distinguishing features, and equipped with the highest quality straps, d-rings, and fabric lining, so that they will be ready to ship to our Australian office (Jas’s garage), and then straight to your doorstep!

The careful crafting and attention to detail we put into each of our handmade accessories ensures you will have a statement piece for years to come.

In addition to our traditional line of products, we have also started a few collaborations with other Australian designers, where we work closely with local artists to put out a line of unique accessories that match the vision of our quirky brand. 

Because of these collaborations, we have been able to expand our offerings - and we now provide in-stock scarves, brooches, necklaces, and earring in addition to our statement handbags, clutches, and coin purses. 

So now it’s time for you to meet them!

A roundup of our favourite unique accessories at Wicker Darling

Ready to display some unique purses and accessories? These adorable creations will be the envy of everyone you know. From handbags, to bag charms, silk scarves, and unique coin purses - here are some of our top designs.

Our handmade handbags 

There is nothing quite like a statement bag, and at Wicker Darling, our wicker purses are a full-on EXCLAMATION. 

Each of our handmade handbags is more quirky and adorable than the next - and these limited-edition designer wonders are always fast to fly off the shelves. 

Chile the Flamingo


Wicker Darling's pink Chile the Flamingo on a colourful background


Chile the flamingo purse is the one that started it all. I was looking for the perfect pink flamingo purse, and when I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE, I decided to make it for myself. And thus, Wicker Darling was born! This flamingo basket was, and will forever be, a favourite. 

Charlotte Bronte-saurus


Wicker Darling's green Charlotte Bronte-saurus on a colourful background with green Monstera leaves


While we may be best known for our flamingo accessories, that doesn’t mean that all our best-selling unique accessories are birds. When Charlotte Bronte-saurus the green dinosaur purse hit the shelves, she had sales of seismic proportions. 

Because who doesn’t love a good dinosaur accessory? 

Oscar the Cat


Wicker Darling's Oscar the Cat with purse on a colourful background


When you’re cat obsessed, you’re cat OBSESSED. Am I right? 

So it’s no wonder that Oscar the Cat made quite the stir during his debut in 2020. This tuxedo tom makes one of the best unique accessories for any crazy cat person, and is sure to turn heads anywhere you go. Indoor cat, outdoor cat - doesn’t matter. Just keep him out of the rain!

Wally Wombat 


Wicker Darling's Wally Wombat with square purse on a colourful background


I’d like to think I truly outdid myself when I created Wally the wombat and his butthole of secrets. As far as unique accessories go, there’s nothing quite so irreverent as this! If you know your wombat facts, you’ll understand just what his cube-shaped coin purse is all about. 

You really won’t find another wombat bag like this. He’s next level. 



Wicker Darling's dark green Crocogater with pink purse on a colourful background


With a whopping amount of wicker darlings ordering him, Crocogater the crocodile purse has completely topped the charts. I’d been getting requests for alligator bags and croc bags for a long time running, and finally decided to design the perfect blend of the two - the Crocogator. 

Armed with pointy teeth and a cute little coin purse tongue, this is one of those unique accessories that dreams are made of. 

Our cute coin purse designs 

Speaking of cute coin purses, we have an entire line of mini coin purse designs! While our handmade handbags took up the majority of our lineup for years, we decided it would be lovely to offer some of our unique accessories in stock instead of pre-order. 

And thus, our cute coin purse collection was born!



Wicker Darling's Benedict green coin purse


If Charlotte Bronte-saurus was any indication, dinosaurs are a well-loved bunch. So it would have been remiss of me to not create a unique coin purse collection with a dinosaur coin purse.

And thus, Benedict was born. And what a splendid dinosaur he is! With chonky curves and petite little horns, this triceratops is sure to steal the show.  



Wicker Darling's Scottie dog coin purse


Want a simple little treat-yourself-gift to elevate your ensemble? Well, this coin purse dog is just the perfect thing. He can make any accessory look designer. Scottie the Scottish Terrier is sophisticated, versatile, and just begging to come home with you.

How could you say no to those scruffy little eyebrows!?



Wicker Darling's Porthos pink mouse coin purse


Anyone looking for vegan accessories? Then you’re in luck! Some of our unique accessories are, indeed, vegan. And Porthos is one of them.

Porthos the vegan mouse coin purse is made from hand-woven and dyed raffia, and his lovely little self would be just splendid paired with a cat purse or elephant purse. 

Heart coin purse


Wicker Darling's heart coin purse


Not all our unique coin purse styles are shaped like animals. In fact, we have some cute coin purses that are designed to match with any of your favourite handbags.

Take this adorable heart coin purse, for example. It would work wonderfully with absolutely any accessory, or on its own as a keyring. It adds a little extra love to your day - and is ideal for celebrating V-Day! 

Our bitty bag charms 

Sometimes you just need a beautiful little bauble to brighten up your day - and luckily, we have a whole line of artisan baubles! Our unique accessories include itty-bitty, delightful bag charms and keyrings! 

Just be aware that these exquisitely hand-crafted bag charms are best when attached to fabric or leather items, as wicker-on-wicker can cause a lot of bouncing…and possibly chipped paint!



Wicker Darling's Chipolata dog charm


Who is a good girl? Chipolata is! And this dog bag charm will loyally tag along on ALL your adventures. You know, as long as you don’t get her wet… This petite pup is made from wicker, after all, and the rules of how to care for wicker baskets apply here!

So, as long as you aren’t going for a swim, Chipolata is absolutely game - and makes the perfect companion for dog-lovers everywhere. 



Wicker Darling's Heathclip dinosaur bag charm


If you need a little blast from the past, adding a dinosaur bag charm to your handbag or backpack is an excellent way to do it. Heathclip the brontosaurus is one of those unique accessories that everyone will want to ask about. He’s ADORABLE. 



Wicker Darling's Fancy flamingo bag charm


Are you feeling fancy? Then you need this flamingo bag charm. And, if you AREN’T feeling fancy, this little pink powerhouse will put some snaz in your step! 

Fancy the flamingo bag charm just OOZES personality. You can’t help but love those big, beady eyes, and black-tipped beak. She really is exactly what her name suggests. And soon, your handbag will be oh-so-fancy too. 

Our elegant clutches

Speaking of fancy, we have a whole line of sophisticated (but still quirky) clutch purses in our collection. These clutches are the perfect unique accessories for evening, or when you just want to strut out with your essentials. 

Australiana clutch 


Wicker Darling's Australiana clutch


As an Australian brand, we simply had to spread our Aussie pride. And what better way to do that than with a clutch decorated with hand-embroidered Australiana prints? Our Australiana clutch is the vision of elegance - and celebrates our favourite local flora and fauna. 

Magpie clutch


Wicker Darling's pink Magpie clutch


Equally Australian is our cheeky Magpie clutch. If you want some judgemental swoopy boyz keeping watch over your belongings, this is the bag for you. No one would dare steal your things with these eyes on them. 

Battie Page


Wicker Darling's Battie Page bat purse


If you’re as big of a fan of Spooky Season as Jasmine is, you simply NEED a bat purse on your arm. We have a line of unique bat accessories at Wicker Darling, and the most darling dear of them all is Battie Page. She is just as iconic as her namesake, and makes a Spoopy statement ANY time of year. 

Our luxurious silk scarves

We’re about more than just handbags at Wicker Darling - we even have quirky silk scarves! While you, of course, can use these to adorn your handbags, they also work wonderfully in your hair, around your neck, tied through your belt loops. 

Lemon Scarf


Wicker Darling's Lemon Scarf tied to the yellow Mini Lemon Satchel bag


If you need an injection of Amalfi Coast vibes in your life, this Italian-inspired lemon scarf is almost as good as an actual plane ticket. With a gorgeous tile background, and some cheeky flamingos for flare, this accessory is bound to turn heads.

Tropical Bird Scarf


Wicker Darling's Tropical Bird Scarf


The tropical bird scarf brings you vacay-vibes in a whole different way. It’s the perfect accessory for a beachside holiday, but will also add a ray of sunshine to any of your outfits. With a bright orange background and birds and flowers galore, this silk scarf is sure to make you smile. 

Pink Flamingo Scarf 


Wicker Darling's Pink Flamingo Scarf


Laura of Obscurio & Co designed this fabulous pink flamingo scarf for our four-year anniversary. It SCREAMS Wicker Darling in the very best of ways. Colour, vintage patterns, FLAMINGOS. 

Any self-respecting bird lover needs this in their wardrobe RIGHT NOW.  

Our statement jewellery

One statement accessory is never enough, so why not add some unique jewellery pieces to the mix? Here are some of our fabulous jewellery collaborations with local designers. 

Beautiful brooches


Wicker Darling's Limoncello the lemon brooch


Thanks to the lovely Rachel of What Willow Did, we have a whole line-up of statement broochies to go along with our handbags. Get a load of Limoncello the lemon brooch and Tucano the toucan brooch. These incredible designs can even double as necklaces. 


Fruit earrings


Wicker Darling's fruit salad earrings


We have a whole line of hand-woven fruit earrings courtesy of Casa Bonita, and they are just the thing for pairing with our fabulous fruit purses

There are adorable cherry earrings, watermelon earrings, citrus earrings, and even fruit salad earrings! Best yet, when you purchase a pair, you are actively helping a migrant woman make a life in Australia.

Snatch some unique accessories of your very own!

Whether it’s a retro brooch or an animal-shaped handbag, the unique accessories at Wicker Darling are sure to help you stand out from the crowd. We have new handbags for pre-order every single month, and a wide variety of in-stock items as well, so there is always something to crave in our collection.

Come see what’s in store for your wardrobe today!