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My darling chickadees, if you want to add instant (and effortless) pizzazz to your outfits, there’s simply nothing better than designer silk scarves. They are vibrant, versatile, luxurious, soft - and of course, at Wicker Darling, all kinds of fun! Designer silk scarves were one of the very first non-purse items we started offering at Wicker Darling, thanks to our collaboration with the lovely Laura of Obscurio & Co. She truly knocked these designs out of the park, and as such, I can’t wait to work on more styles with her!

If you’re not sure how to tie a silk scarf, never fret. There are SO many delightful ways to wear our square silk scarves - and none of them are wrong. You can use them in your hair, around your neck, in your belt loops, and as a handle decoration for your wicker purses

Introducing our designer silk scarves

The beautiful square silk scarves in our collection are all made from soft mulberry silk and created by a SEDEX and BSCI compliant company. The designs are made in collaboration with Laura, and what designs they are! If you look closely, you’ll keep finding fun new things to surprise you. 

Our square silk scarves are chalk-full of birds, and that shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who knows my obsession with bird purses. But the very first of our silk scarf designs was our lemon scarf inspired by the Amalfi coast. It evokes glorious summers spent in Italy, like my recent trip to Italy with my son! With blue and white tiles, zesty lemons, and - of course - an odd flamingo or two, there is so much to love about our lemon scarf. It will look lovely with anything from our collection of fruit purses and accessories!

The next of our lovely silk scarves was our vibrant tropical bird scarf! This tangerine orange scarf features two types of flamingos, two types of toucans, and a variety of beautiful tropical foliage. It’s simply the perfect bird scarf for your next poolside vacation.

Last, but not least, we released a fabulous flamingo scarf as part of our four year anniversary collection. We adopted a sort of “go big or go home” approach with this scarf and, as such, the flamingo scarf is a whopping 36 by 36 inches, as opposed to the 23 inches of our other scarves. 

This increased size is all the better for viewing this beautiful print! The flamingo scarf is pink, pink, and MORE PINK with an absolute exuberance of flamingos and plants. I love all our silk scarf designs, but I have to say, this one feels like me in a print. Since our prints have worked out so wonderfully for our scarves, expect a few more designer silk scarves to come!

May your day be as mischievous as a raccoon's heist, seizing moments of wonder and adding them to your collection.