Here at Wicker Darling, we are mostly known for our animal-shaped purse designs…but sometimes, you just really need a fruit purse in your life. At least, I know that’s the case with me! That’s why one of my first creations was Fineapple the pineapple purse, followed shortly by Walter-melon the watermelon purse. As you can see, I’m a big fan of puns. In fact, I have a whole slew of fineapple pineapple puns up my sleeve. These fruit purse designs were a tremendous success. So naturally, I needed to make more of them. Thus, came a second wave of fruit purse designs - and I didn’t just stop at purses!

Now we have a whole range of fruit accessories. Take our lemon accessories, for example. We not only have a beautiful lemon satchel, but a lemon scarf, limoncello brooch, and even lemon fruit earrings! Lemons are always a good idea - they add a ray of sunshine to any outfit.

Equally lovable are our watermelon accessories. After Walter-melon the watermelon purse, I made another watermelon purse on a smaller scale, as well as a gorgeous pair of watermelon earrings thanks to a collaboration with another Australian designer. In fact, all of our handmade jewellery, including our lovely fruit earrings, is made in collaboration with local artisans - and I love supporting other small-business owners in Australia!

May your day be as mischievous as a raccoon's heist, seizing moments of wonder and adding them to your collection.