Sometimes you need a cute coin purse in your life. And sometimes, that cute coin purse needs to be shaped like an animal. I speak from experience. 

It’s fortunate then, that I have a whole line of animal-shaped designer coin purses waiting just for you.

You see, while Wicker Darling may be best known for our unique purses, we also have a whole line of in-stock accessories from silk scarves, to hand-woven earrings, to bag charms, to coin purses.

Animal coin purses. 

Such cute coin purses that you can’t stop at purchasing just one of them.

But that’s perfectly fine, because there are so many ways to use a mini coin purse in your life. 

Why you need a mini coin purse

The very first purse in the whole history of handbags was a coin purse. And for good reason.

Coins are a complete nuisance when left to their own devices. 

But a coin purse is good for so much more than just wrangling your coins into line. An adorable coin purse can also be a great key ring, decorative bag charm, and complete conversation starter. 

And it can be used to house not just coins, but chapstick, earbuds, hair ties, or anything else you need to keep organised. Because we all know that a purse is the black hole where lippies and loose change go to die.


It’s truly amazing how many small bits and bobs can accumulate in a handbag, and with a mini coin purse, you can finally have peace of mind knowing everything is exactly where it should be. 

Cute little coin purses make the perfect treat yourself gifts too. Sometimes you aren’t ready to invest in an heirloom wicker handbag, but a coin purse? Well, there is ALWAYS room for one more of those in your collection!

So without further ado, here are eight of them to choose from. 

8 cute coin purse designs to swoon over 

(And you know you need at least two of them…)

1. Florence the flamingo coin purse


Wicker Darling's Florence the flamingo coin purse on a colourful background


Want a cute coin purse that will make a serious impression? Look no further than Florence the flamingo coin purse. This bright pink beauty is a fabulous conversation starter - and she has the gift of gab, too.

Florence is not afraid to stand out from the crowd. In fact, she revels in it. And when you pop this flamingo coin purse on your bag, YOU are sure to stand out too. Florence is a rather social bird, and she would just love to join you for school, work, or a night out on the town.

She will hold your lippie, keys, card, and any other little baubles without a single squawk of complaint - and she will look rather splendid and elegant while doing it.

Have a pool party or garden party planned? Don’t leave this flamingo coin purse behind! 

2. Fortuna the black cat coin purse


Wicker Darling's Fortuna the black cat coin purse on a colourful background


Who said black cats are bad luck? Ask anyone in Japan and they will tell you that cats are very lucky when it comes to your funds. And I happen to agree. 

I had a black cat named Vince growing up, and he wouldn’t have put up with any of that superstitious nonsense. He owned the neighbourhood. 

And I thought it would be lovely to include a black cat coin purse in our collection in his honour. So, here is Fortuna - a decidedly lucky black cat. 

Fortuna is the perfect accessory for cat lovers, and is also a wonderful addition to your wardrobe for spooky season. She doesn’t mind any of that bad luck talk. She simply won’t let it stick to her whiskers. 

Fortuna is made of the sleekest black leather, with cute hot pink nose and ear cutouts. She even has a face on BOTH sides, so she can see trouble coming from all angles. This makes our black cat coin purse the perfect guardian for your coins. 

3. Salami the dachshund coin purse


Wicker Darling's Salami the dachshund coin purse on a colourful background


Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason. They are sweet, endearing, dependable, and complete gems - as are our dog coin purses. 

Salami the dachshund coin purse is the sweetest dog coin purse you ever did see. He treats your coins like his most cherished toys. He will guard them dutifully, and make them extra easy to fetch when you need them. 

Alert and eager to please, this dog coin purse will remain vigilant over all you hold dear - while making your accessories look effortlessly adorable. While small in stature, Salami is made of the toughest stuff, so this cute coin purse will last you many, many dog years. 

4. Scottie the Scottish Terrier coin purse


Wicker Darling's Scottie the Scottish Terrier coin purse on a colourful background


Not all dogs will fawn over your every move. Some dogs expect to be fawned upon - and Scottie is one of those dogs. 

This stately coin purse dog is the centre of attention, and he is aware of just how well he elevates your accessories just by existing. Indeed, clip this cute coin purse to any handbag, backpack, or piece of luggage and it will have instant designer status. 

Scottie the Scottish Terrier is impeccably groomed from his wispy beard to his hand-trimmed toes. Scottie knows black is ALWAYS in fashion, and that anyone would be lucky to have him - he just goes effortlessly with EVERYTHING. 

If you’re lucky, he might just adopt you. 

5. Branwell the brontosaurus coin purse


Wicker Darling's Branwell the brontosaurus coin purse on a colourful background


If you want a cute coin purse who will really stick his neck out for you and your most cherished essentials - Branwell is your man. 

Branwell the cute brontosaurus coin purse is made from durable, deep green leather and is fully lined with a delightful black and white pin dot cotton. He is a very boopable dinosaur coin purse, if I do say so myself.

Branwell is naturally inquisitive, and is always sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. It’s not all his fault though - your nose can reach rather unusual places when you have a neck as long as he does!

While he may get himself into the odd spot of trouble, Branwell will never pose a problem for your possessions. He makes a fabulous guard dino, and his sturdy zip closure will ensure that your coins, keys, and other important trinkets stay safe and sound.

This cute coin purse would be wonderful with any of our dinosaur purses, including our Victorian Bronte-saurus family. But of course, he would look equally adorable with a neutral purse or school bag. 

6. Benedict the dinosaur coin purse 


Wicker Darling's Benedict the dinosaur coin purse on a colourful background


If you are a fan of dinosaurs, you’re in luck - because Branwell isn’t the only dinosaur coin purse in our collection! 

Meet Benedict the dinosaur coin purse. And this time it’s not a brontosaurus, but a lovely triceratops, that will guard your essentials. No one would want to mess with those horns. And besides, Benedict is so cute that anyone would feel guilty for even THINKING about it. 

While Branwell is made from a more textured leather, Benedict is smooth as can be. So smooth you will want to pet him - and Benedict won’t mind. He is incredibly easygoing, and honestly just happy to tag along for the ride. After all, he is very aware that he should be extinct - so he considers every moment to be a blessing. 

With short little stumpers and a lovely round tush, you can’t help but admire Benedict’s proportions. He’s a cute coin purse if we ever did see one.  

7. Aramis the mouse coin purse


Wicker Darling's Aramis the mouse coin purse on a colourful background


Big personalities sometimes come in rather small packages, and no one displays that better than Aramis the black leather mouse coin purse. Aramis is sleek and sturdy and will turn heads like no one’s business.

Pop him on a cat handbag and he is the perfect cheeky accessory. Or perhaps you’d like to add him to an elephant purse for a good laugh? Aramis loves the company. He also gets along exceedingly well with other rodents, so if you happen to have a mouse or rat purse lying around, Aramis is on board! 

Of course, as mentioned with Scottie, black goes with simply everything, making Aramis a very versatile cute coin purse, indeed. 

8. Porthos the mouse coin purse


Wicker Darling's Porthos the mouse coin purse on a colourful background


While the majority of our cute coin purse designs are made from leather, that’s not the case with Porthos. This vegan mouse coin purse is made from natural woven raffia, which makes him the perfect accessory for animal lovers who don’t want their accessories made from animals! 

This raffia rodent has been hand-woven and dyed just for you. As with Aramis, he will make a great addition to a feline or elephantine bag, but also works wonderfully in his own right. 

If you need an adorable pinkie tagging along on your adventures, Porthos would be glad to do it. He is a rather savvy mouse, and can wiggle his way out of any sticky situation. So, if you want anyone safe-keeping your valuables, it’s him!  

What makes our cute coin purse animals so special

Now that you’ve gotten to know some of our cute coin purse designs a bit better, it’s time to discuss what sets them apart from other coin purses on offer. 

Each mini coin purse at Wicker Darling is made with the highest quality materials, from the fabric to the hardware, so you can be sure your cute coin purse will last. Our coin purses are also hand-stitched with love by our artisans in the Philippines. 

That means that when you purchase a cute coin purse from our collection, it hasn’t been mass-produced by machine. Absolutely one-of-a-kind in the way that only handmade accessories can be. Each mini creation holds the mark of the hand that made it. 

And, our coin purses are also special because, although they are in-stock items, they are still quite limited edition. I can choose to retire them at any time, and you can rest assured that your unique accessories will stay just as unique as YOU. 

Best yet, because our coin purses aren’t pre-order only, you can get them straight away - with FREE shipping and tracking. Of course, you’ll still be responsible for any customs fees that might be needed, but that’s a small price to pay to bring one of these cute coin purses home with you. 

More mini coin purses are on the way!

Don’t see your favourite animal listed? Well, not to worry, I’m always dreaming up more unique accessories for my collection. You may just see a bat coin purse, elephant coin purse, or even a Pigasus coin purse come bouncing into the workroom any day now. 

And it’s not just animals either. If you fancy a heart coin purse, or a sweet little bone coin purse for your purse perrito, we have those for you too! 

I promise much more cuteness is on its way, so come see what mini coin purse designs we currently have in stock.