Cat purse, cat tote bag, cat handbag - let’s not argue the semantics, my sweet sugar puff, these are some key-uuuute kittens. The only thing better than a basket of puppies is a literal wicker basket that is handcrafted in the shape of a fabulous feline. Let’s not pretend we don’t love that cats just innately know they are the queen (or king) of any domain. And while the Egyptians built statues, you can venerate your favourite pet in a bit more portable manner: with a cat handbag that’s been handcrafted out of high-quality, sustainable wicker by female artisans. But not only have our kitten purses been designed with your unique style in mind, they’re also fully functional. A weekend brunch or impromptu promenade has never looked so stylish as when you have a cat tote bag on your arm.
May your day be as mischievous as a raccoon's heist, seizing moments of wonder and adding them to your collection.