A light pink flamingo shaped wicker handbag sits in a bright yellow, pink and orange corner. A hand holds the leather handle and the bag has a vintage retro style.

Chile the Flamingo

Our debut design!

First release 2018, 25 pieces.
Second release, 30 pieces.
Third release, 42 pieces.

Snow Chile 2019, 25 pieces.

Flamingo Montoya

Released 2020, 90 pieces.

Annie the Anniversary Flamingo

Released 2021, 101 pieces.

The oscar cat shaped handbag by Wicker Darling sits in front of an orange and purple wall. The black and white tuxedo cat has a red bow around it's neck, leather straps and a cute tan coloured leather mouse shaped purse.

Oscar the Cat

Released 2020, 100 pieces.

Orangey the Cat

Released 2020, 50 pieces.

Armel the Cat

Released 2021, 50 pieces.

The Charlotte Brontesaurus dinosaur shaped handbag by Wicker Darling sits in an orange and yellow wall with leaves. The green bag with brown handles has a cocktail in front of it to match the retro party scene.

Charlotte Brontesaurus

Released 2021, 145 pieces.

Mary the Triceratops

First released 2019, 44 pieces.
Second release 2020, 50 pieces.

Patricia the Triceratops

Released 2021, 35 pieces.

Belle-ephant the Elephant

Released 2019, 50 pieces.

A major mitchell shaped wicker handbag by Wicker Darling sits in front of a yellow, green and blue background. The pink and yellow parrot bag features pink handles and is sitting in front of two VB beers for a true Australiana aesthetic.

Gary the Major Mitchell

Released 2021, 50 pieces.

Ita the Ibis

First release 2018, 25 pieces.
Second release (volcano edition), 25 pieces.
Third release, 30 pieces.

Iva Cockatoo

Released 2021, 50 pieces.

A blue and pink fish shaped Wicker Handbag sits in a colourful scene alongside bright blue cocktails. The Wicker Darling handbag features shimmery sequens and a beaded handle for a fun, vintage aesthetic.

Bubbles the Fish

Released 2021, 75 pieces.

Marcus the Sharkus

First released 2019, 35 pieces.
Second release 2020, 35 pieces.

Moby Wick the Whale

Released 2021, 57 pieces.

A peacock shaped handbag by Australian label Wicker Darling sits in a colourful background surrounded be cocktails. The bag is mostly blue with green wings, beaded crest and an embroidered tail.

Percy the Peacock

Released 2020, 100 pieces.

Lugabug the Ladybug

First released 2020, 17 pieces.
Second release 2021, 25 pieces.

Pigasus the Flying Pig

First released 2020, 40 pieces.
Second release 2020, 25 pieces.

A black toucan with a yellow face and orange beak has been made into a wicker handbag by label Wicker Darling. The large purse features black leather handles and sits in front of a pink, orange and yellow wall while being offered an iceblock.

Tallulah the Toucan

First released 2019, 50 pieces.

Viv the Unicorn

First release 2018, 25 pieces.
Second release, 30 pieces.

Victor the Rainbow Unicorn

Released 2019, 25 pieces.

Two hands appear holding Wicker Darling leather coin purses in front of a yellow and purple background. The hand on the left is holding a green dinosaur shaped purse while on the right is a black cat shaped one with pink and white face embroidery.

Coin Purses

Fortuna the Cat, released 2021, 50 pieces.
Benedict the Dinosaur, released 2021, 50 pieces.

Midori the Llama

Released 2021, 50 pieces.

Lola the Llama

First release 2019, 30 pieces.
Second release, 25 pieces.

A natural wicker coloured sausage dog handbag sits in a bright yellow, green and blue space. The bag features wicker handles and a red collar.

Chorizo the Sausage Dog

First released 2019, 30 pieces.
Second release (volcano edition), 4 pieces.
Third release, 27 pieces.

Fineapple the Pineapple

Released 2020, 35 pieces.

Waltermelon the Watermelon

Released 2020, 35 pieces.

A white rabbit wicker handbag sits in a colourful yellow, green and blue scene. A hand is holding a bunch of dutch carrots in the bag opening and a small carrot shaped coin purse hangs off one of the leather handles.

Harvey the Rabbit

Released 2021, 75 pieces.

Beccie Basket

First Released 2020, 30 pieces.