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The handmade jewellery at Wicker Darling is really something special. This collection is full of whimsical and charming jewellery designs - made in collaboration with other talented Australian designers. If you’re looking for unique jewellery pieces, then this handmade jewellery offers the ultimate selection. These pieces are limited-edition, carefully hand-crafted, and quirky as only a Wicker Darling product can be. 

While Wicker Darling may be best known for our wicker purse collection, I’m so glad I decided to branch out into other in-stock accessory options (like square silk scarves and mini coin purses). One of those areas was handmade jewellery! Since I’m not a seasoned designer of unique jewellery myself, I enlisted the help of designers who ARE. The result? The most ridiculous, colourful, and flamboyant handmade jewellery you ever did see! 

Handmade brooches to enhance any outfit

The beautiful brooches (or as I like to call them, broochies) at Wicker Darling are made in collaboration with Rachel from What Willow Did. Rachel has a brilliant mind when it comes to handmade jewellery, and her designs certainly don’t disappoint! Just browse through our selection of animal brooches and fruit brooches and you’ll see exactly what I mean. They are vibrant, shiny, and sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. We LOVE THEM.  

The brooches in our collection are made from various styles of acrylic resin, and the majority of them can double as necklaces - which means you NEED them in your wardrobe. 

Juicy fruit earrings to freshen up your look 

Brooches aren’t the only jewellery option in our collection - we also have amazing hand-woven fruit earrings thanks to Liliana from Casa Bonita Lifestyle. These stunning little jewellery gems are made from natural iraca fibres and plated with 24-carat Colombian gold. Whether you’re looking for watermelon earrings, lemon earrings, or a whole fruit salad - we have options for you in our handmade jewellery collection!

Best yet, every time you purchase a pair of these adorable fruit earrings, you are directly helping to support immigrant and artisan women in Australia and Latin America - so shop away!

May your day be as mischievous as a raccoon's heist, seizing moments of wonder and adding them to your collection.