1. Do you post internationally?

Yes! If your country isn't listed, please let me know and I'll add it.

2. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Email info@wickerdarling.com to request a payment plan. Our payment plans are available for a period of up to ten weeks, are paid through PayPal, and have a non-refundable $60 deposit should the customer default on payments or cancellation. Please read our 'Refunds, TOS, Privacy' page for full terms and conditions. 

3. Where are your bags made, and what from?

They're handmade in the Philippines by a small company who employ anywhere from 11-50 employees, according to work loads. 

Our wicker bags are made from sustainable rattan (wicker refers to the method of woven construction, rattan is the material). Rattan is a non-timber and naturally renewable palm which can be sustainably harvested, and as such provides an environmentally friendly alternative to forest logging. Our rattan is harvested by hand, from local farmers and co-ops - minimising carbon footprint while supporting local growers. The cultivation, harvest and use of rattan is invaluable to livelihoods throughout Asia, and fundamental to traditional Filipino craftsmanship. 

Bag linings are either linen (sourced from flax), or cotton (sourced from ... cotton). 

4. Are your bags vegan friendly?

Not always. If unsure about a particular design, please contact me for more information.

5. Are you open to collaborations?

If you're genuinely interested in a professional shoot featuring my bags alongside other products, please feel free to get in touch. However, please understand that as my bags are made in limited numbers, I cannot give them away.

If you're a brooch, fabric or other designer and you'd like to collaborate on a design, I'm 110% interested - please get in touch with your ideas!

6. I'm an instagram influencer/blogger, will you send me a freebie in exchange for a shout out?

Unlikely. Please understand I'm a one woman start up on a shoe string budget. Furthermore, my bags are made in limited quantities. Every bag I send out to an 'influencer' is one less bag available to my customers. 

However, if you genuinely feel your audience is a good match for my designs, and that we'll both benefit from a collaboration, please feel free to contact me with the following information:
 -- your media kit and analytics
 -- bio
 -- stats (media accounts, followers, engagement numbers)
 -- follower demographics
 -- offers/projects (how will you use my product? Videos? Fashion shoot? Stories? How many posts about the product can I expect?)
 -- contact details.
7. I'd love to feature your bags on my blog - would you be willing to provide a promotional code to my readers?
Potentially! Please send through the details listed in question six, and if we sound like a good match, I'll happily provide an exclusive discount code for your readers. This has the added bonus of allowing us both to see if my products really do appeal to your audience, pathing the way to future collaborations!