It’s been a long couple of years, and you’re experiencing a bit of burnout. You’re certainly not alone. As you keep pouring your energy into your job, your family, or your never-ending to-do list, it’s important to put energy into your own well-being too. Say, with some “treat yourself gifts.”

If, during holidays or birthdays, you take the time to find beautiful, thoughtful gifts for your friends and family, you should be just as generous with yourself. If you’re drained from a hectic holiday season, or feeling sad to spend V-Day alone, “treat yourself gifts” are the perfect little pick-me-up. 

Sure, shopping for yourself won’t cure all life’s problems, but it can certainly make you more capable of tackling them. You see, treat yourself gifts aren’t just indulgences, they are investments in your well-being, and you can actually reap quite a few benefits from doting on yourself. 

Giving yourself a gift is the perfect way to hit “reset” at a stressful time, and motivate yourself to keep up all your good work. When we give ourselves little treats, we feel cared for, energised, and uplifted. 

And it doesn’t even need to be expensive. You could treat yourself to a day at the park, or an afternoon of adult colouring books. Anything to give a little gift to yourself. 

If you DO love a little shopping though, then have at it! 

Buying a handmade accessory from Wicker Darling is a win for everyone! It’s good for you, it’s good for our traditional artisans, it’s good for me (single mom here), AND it’s good for the post-pandemic economy. 

The Simpsons Marge Simpson GIF

So, my effortlessly entrancing foxgloves, let’s discuss our best gift ideas for women, men, and all fabulous humans who love a bit of retro ridiculousness in their lives. 

12 perfect treat yourself gifts for vintage lovers 

If you love a quirky throwback, you’ll be thrilled to indulge in these treat yourself gifts for vintage lovers. Whether you’re looking to buy a valentine’s gift for yourself or a birthday gift for yourself, or just spoiling your awesome-sauce self with a little slice of joy, we’ve got something special for you here. 

And yes, for those concerned over the distinction between vintage vs retro, these adorable accessories are really more vintage inspired (but no less special than a vintage collectible). We use the highest quality materials and handmade craftsmanship to ensure you enjoy your Wicker Darling purchase for years and years to come. 

These accessories are a great entry point to our designer brand and an accessible must-have for all. So treat yourself to these little luxuries that are in stock and ready for purchase all year long. 

Gorgeous silk scarves

A silk scarf is classic. It can elevate any outfit and instantly make you feel chic and savvy. As such, it’s the perfect treat yourself gift. You can float through your day as the picture of poise. YES, PLEASE. 

And if you’re not one to frequently adorn your lovely temple with silk scarves, fret not! We are happy to teach you how to tie a silk scarf just so. 

At Wicker Darling, we are playing with expanding our silk scarf collection. Soon, we will have a whole bunch of silky luxurious gifts just waiting for your purchase. But for now, here are our stunning OG silk scarf gifts to buy yourself. 

1. An Amalfi lemon scarf

If you can’t indulge in an entire holiday in Italy at the moment, you can still bring a bit of Italy to YOU. The Amalfi lemon scarf from Wicker Darling is a breath of fresh coastal air in your wardrobe. With happy yellow lemons, happier flamingos, and a beautiful blue background, this silk scarf will certainly put a smile on your face. 

2. A tropical bird scarf

Perhaps you’re wishing for a tropical beach getaway? Well, you should absolutely buy the ticket if you can…but in the meantime, this tropical bird scarf is the perfect little treat yourself gift to add some equatorial sunshine into your life. 

I don’t know about you, but I always feel fabulous with toucans in my hair. BE the beach diva. 

Elegant embroidered clutches

A clutch purse is such an iconic indulgence. Timeless, effortless, and sure to spruce up your look from daytime to nighttime, a clutch bag is the ideal treat yourself gift. 

The retro clutch bags at Wicker Darling are full of character, with cheeky birds and Australiana prints that will be the envy of every passerby. Go on, add a bit of extravagance to your life with a hand-embroidered artisan wicker clutch. 

3. An Australiana clutch

As a proud Australian brand, I simply couldn’t make a collection of clutches without an Australiana clutch. This beautiful purse displays a smattering of the flora and fauna endemic to Australia and dear to my heart. 

 Golden Wattle anyone? How about a cheeky Gallah? We’ve got you covered with this clutch! Show that Aussie pride (or just your love of colourful birds) with this stately accessory. 

4. A tropicana clutch

Still stuck on that tropical vacay? Why stop at a tropical silk scarf when you can have a whole clutch? Our tropicana clutch is just oozing relaxing holiday vibes with hibiscus, monstera deliciosa, and tropical birds on a pretty pink background. Just looking at it lowers my blood pressure. *deep sigh*

5. A lovely macaw clutch

At this point, are you even surprised that there are more bird clutches in our collection? I’ve made no secret of my fondness (read: obsession) with these glorious feathery fiends. And a macaw is simply one of the prettiest birds of all.

Good thing we have THREE macaws clutch styles for you to choose from then! A hot pink clutch with scarlet macaws, a black clutch with blue macaws, and a natural clutch with a macaw that is…well, really more of a rosella. Buy one, or buy them all! TREAT YOURSELF. 

6. A rather rude clutch

Here are some other birds. 

Rather irreverent sassy birds. 

Middle finger birds, in fact. 

The aptly named “rude clutch” is a wonderful treat yourself gift if you simply can’t waste your precious energy on any more nonsense. Loved ones annoying you? You angle that accessory right at them. Tired of arguing? You let that clutch talk for you! 

In all seriousness, we love a bit of cheek and spunk at Wicker Darling. Although we are a designer brand, we never take ourselves too seriously (and neither, my dear, should you). 

Adorable coin purses

If a Wicker Darling handbag is the all-out weekend at the spa, then these mini coin purses are a warm inviting bubble bath at the end of the day. They are just the perfect little indulgence to lift your spirits. Because, frankly they’re too cute to handle - and they’re rather practical too! 

7. A flamingo coin purse

A pink flamingo purse was our very first design at Wicker Darling. Really, the entire reason for our existence as a company. And so, we couldn’t create a coin purse collection without a flamingo (we just COULDN’T). 

Our flamingo coin purse, Florence, features hot pink leather with peach wings and a black-tipped beak. Like all our coin purses, Florence sports a sturdy zipper closure and a handy gold clip. She can attach straight on to your purse, backpack, carry-on luggage, or keychain. 

8. A brontosaurus coin purse

If you’re a dinosaur-lover looking for a treat yourself gift, you’re in luck! Branwell the brontosaurus coin purse is right up your alley. Branwell is a green leather brontosaurus with a matching green zipper featuring a black and white polka dot lining. He would make a fabulous addition to any accessory and will help you seek out other dinophiles instantly! 

You can also soothe your soul in an entirely different way by lapping up some of our dinosaur valentines puns (they’re outrageous, I promise). 

9. A Scottish terrier coin purse

Look at him. The proud angles. The stately scruff. Oh yes, you need this Scottie dog. You do. 

Scottie the Scottish terrier coin purse is one of my favourite new additions to our collection (and is a sign of things soon to come at Wicker Darling).

There is something really quite classic (and classy) about his shape, and I think he would elevate any purse you possess. As such, this black leather coin purse is the perfect treat yourself gift if playful pooches boost your serotonin levels. 

10. A sausage dog coin purse

Speaking of playful pooches, we have another ideal treat yourself gift for dog-lovers. And that’s Salami the sausage dog coin purse! Salami is a brown stretch limo of a coin purse with cute little stumpers. He will happily hold your coins and your chapstick without complaint. 

Good dog. 

Personality-filled keychains

Some collections call for more trial and error than others. The handmade keychain collection was one of the complicated ones. You can even check out some behind the scenes’ information on our purse charms for handbags! But, I must say, I’m rather chuffed with how they’ve turned out.

If you’re looking for little gifts for yourself, these adorable wicker baubles (coming soon!) just might be the key. 

11. Wicker animal purse charms for handbags

We have a whole passel of purse charms arriving at Wicker Darling. The OG troublemakers include a brown sausage dog, pink flamingo, green brontosaurus, white rabbit, and a neutral natural rattan cat. Just look at those adorable accessories. 

You need more than one. 

Versatile totes 

If you love some good shopping therapy (which is why you’re here, yes?), then believe me when I say a foldable tote bag will come in handy. This tote can carry your groceries or spontaneous shopping purchases, and you can even use it as a protective raincoat for your Wicker Darling handbags and accessories. 

In a word - everything. 

12. Reusable shopping totes

    At Wicker Darling, you can order reusable shopping totes in a convenient set of three. This means you can keep one tote in the car, one in the office, one in your purse - wherever you need them. 

    Our shopping totes are bright, happy shades of orange and pink, and feature icons representative of our brand and our stomping ground in Melbourne. So cute. So convenient. So functional. You have every excuse to purchase them for yourself.

    That’s it, now go on and TREAT yourself!  

    We all deserve a little luxury now and again. After all, we only live once, and we work hard at this one life, so we should spoil ourselves with some treats that we truly desire. 

    Our list of treat yourself gifts is the perfect way to give yourself a pat on the back, and we are all about unapologetic self-love! If you’ve been following our brand on IG for a while and ogling our wicker handbags, then this is your chance to nab your very own Wicker Darling item faster. 

    We know that treat yourself gifts are more fun with immediate gratification. That’s why we’ve listed our in-stock options like clutch bags and silk scarves instead of our handmade handbags, which are generally pre-order only. With our list of treat yourself gifts, you can get a head start on loving your quirky new accessories. So let loose and enjoy that rush of serotonin!