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the Swan

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the Dino Bag

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Skye the
Highland Cow

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the Flamingo

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Andes the
Flamingo Bag

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Geri the
Giraffe Bag

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La'wren Bagall
the Fairywren

Statement bags that speak volumes

Wicker Darling is where you can find pure joy in bag form. 

Our menagerie of ridiculously whimsical wicker characters are created
in limited-edition numbers, so they remain a rarity in the wild. 

Handmade using traditional craftsmanship, they’re designed to spark delight and start conversations wherever you go!

Find something that tickles your fancy

The most fun you can wear

What started with a deep desire for a figural flamingo bag has since morphed into an ever-evolving collection of unmistakable whimsical-shaped wicker…

Be squiggly. Be confounding. Be the octopus of eccentricity.

Want to know what ridiculous designs are being released next?

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