See a wicker handbag you love? Pre-order it!

Why is everything sold out? Fair question!

Our figural wicker handbags are available exclusively through pre-order! Each month, we select the chosen few that will be available for pre-order, and let our family of fellow wicker bag-adorers know via our mailing list, social media, and via preview listings here at the shop!

Our pre-orders generally (but not always!) happen around the 24-28th of each month!

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Quirky wicker bags for the truly ridiculous.

Wicker Darling is the home of unique and irreverent wicker handbags featuring a herd of quirky characters in limited-edition numbers. Handmade using traditional craftsmanship techniques, each of our designer wicker bags is a celebration of fun and fabulous fashion!


Ready to meet the menagerie?

Around here, we like to follow the wise wisdom of those that have come before us. And, as they say, “If you aren't happy single, you won't be happy dating. Happiness comes from novelty handbags - not from being in a relationship.”

So, grab yourself some happiness - aka a bold and colourful wicker bag from our growing collection - and start smilin’, sugar.

Hey there peach face!

I’m Jasmine, founder of Wicker Darling. Alongside the day to day running of the business, and mingling with my customers in the Wicker Darling community, I design all the beautifully handcrafted novelty bags you see here.

I’ve always had a huge love for unique, subversive, colourful designs which combine humour and beauty with function - be it in clothes and accessories, art, or household items. A cup with a ledge for a gentleman’s bushy moustache? Excellent. A teapot in the shape of a pineapple? Why not! A handbag in the shape of a flamingo? YES PLEASE.

I’m a huge believer in giving back whenever possible. As such, my weavers are employed from marginalised communities, and I frequently collaborate with other small business women. We take pride in ensuring sustainable, ethical production practices, so not only will you look fabulous with your Wicker Darling bag, you will feel good knowing you’re part of the slow fashion movement.

I hope you love your Wicker Darling companions as much as I love designing and bringing them to life!