Welcome to the wonderful world of our Jurassic-inspired wicker bags, where we pose the question: what’s more vintage than the prehistoric dinosaur purse? The answer is nothing at all, my dapper darling! So grab a green wicker dinosaur bag from our collection of lovable chonks and prepare for an adequate amount of weekend parading (or traipsing, or strolling, or however you transport your lovely self), with a handmade handbag that will start the conversations during every outing. Your dinosaur bag won’t bite but with spacious, fully-lined compartments and top-quality leather handles it will grab all the goodies you never want to leave home without. 

They look like something a dino-loving toddler would love, but each dinosaur handbag is hand-crafted from sustainably sourced rattan by local artisans, making them a true, adult collector’s item as well as an awesome accessory. From humble herbivores to toothy T-rexes and of course our very own Mary the Triceratops and Charlotte Bronte-Saurus bags there's literally a dino for everyone to love. And my sugary-sweet honey bun, you best believe this collection of green dinosaur purses will only grow! Shop our Dino Delight Collection for unique dinosaur-shaped handbags and make your childhood dreams come true. If your favourite designer dinosaur purse is not currently available for pre-order (or if you’ve already snagged them all!), be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to hear about new arrivals and spontaneous restocks.