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Our Founder

Meet Jasmine

I'm Jasmine, your wicker-loving BFF who once got a wild hair to start designing outrageously fun and quirky wicker handbags online. Australia is my playground (Melbourne, to be exact), but a common love of novelty and figural wicker handbags, coupled with the modern gift of international shipping, has connected me and my menagerie with fellow wicker aficionados the world over.

I'm the sole owner and operator of Wicker Darling, and designer of the wicker bags sold online from Australia. This business was born from rather humble beginnings - and one very specific desire for a wicker flamingo bag. 

I looked high. I looked low. But, alas, I was unable to find one such a handmade handbag here in Australia (or anywhere, for that matter). So, I decided I'd have to design one for myself! Nearly a year passed between initial designs and finally receiving my first wicker flamingo purse

It was worth the wait. This amazing online community here reacted with unbridled enthusiasm and adoration for our beloved Chile the Flamingo! I was inspired to keep creating other wicker bag designs, all handmade handbags designed in Australia and expertly constructed by artisans in the Philippines.

Why I Wanted to Offer Wicker Bags Online in Australia

As any wicker collector will know, purchasing wicker handbags can be challenging. Vintage and even contemporary wicker designs are often prohibitively expensive. This is exacerbated by the fact most wicker bags online seem to be listed outside of Australia. That means we're dealing with foreign exchange rates, import taxes, and the GST on top of already-high prices. 

My goal with Wicker Darling is to offer customers new and original handbags online here in Australia. To the delight of those looking for a truly unique accessory, they come in limited, exclusive numbers, with nothing but the highest standards of craftsmanship. 

To maintain the exclusive nature of these custom designs, our wicker bags can only be purchased online in Australia via pre-order. Upon delivery, you’ll receive a hand-numbered and signed authenticity card.

Each and every member of our quirky menagerie has been conceived and designed by me. They are an extension of my personality and the bright souls that purchase them have become a part of my international family. I hope you love these wicker bags just as much as I do.

How our Handbags are Made

While the business is headquartered in Australia, Wicker Darling handbags are handmade by two small, family-owned companies in the Philippines. They employ weavers and artisans specialising in traditional Filipino craftsmanship. 

The weaving of each custom handbag you see here is done by hand, employing traditional techniques that help keep local arts and crafts traditions alive, but also provide employment opportunities to people - particularly women - who live in the communities from which we source our rattan. Many of our weavers are mothers or older women who are afforded the opportunity to work from home, supplementing family income. 

Finally, in an effort to minimise carbon footprint and maximise benefits to local communities, our rattan is sustainably harvested by hand from neighbouring co-ops and farmers.

Animal Shaped Purse Wicker Darling Annie the Flamingo wicker handbag purse handbags online Australiasits with a disco ball in a colourful background

Behind the Bags: How to See More

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Please remember that all intellectual property here belongs to me, and infringements will be taken seriously.

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handbags online Australia Wicker Darling chile flamingo shaped handbag sits in a cute flamingo pink background
Meet Chile the flamingo

The Wicker Handbag that Started it all

Though a whole flock of flamingo purses have followed in his wake, Chile the Flamingo was the one that helped Wicker Darling take flight as a brand. You may not be able to purchase this bag online in Australia anymore, save for very special occasions (he’s happily retired!), but you can see some of our other flamingo bags that are on our regular pre-order rotation, below.