As a small business, we’re not able to offer 'change of mind' returns or exchanges. 

Please keep in mind, we offer and accept orders in good faith. We are unable to 'swap' a bag you ordered one month for a bag made available in the following month. 

We can only replace items if they are significantly defective or damaged, and remind customers certain details perceived by the customer to be 'defects', may simply be a characteristic of handmade craftsmanship and working with natural materials. 

Our bags are lovingly crafted by hand by our weavers in the Philippines, and as such, each and every bag will have minor differences, whether it's in the wicker, leather work, or other finishings. These are not faults, but rather a signature of hand craftsmanship from natural materials. 

In the instance of genuine defect or damage, replacement, refund or partial reimbursement will be discussed. Where replacements are unavailable, a refund may be the only alternative. All refunds and reimbursements are set in AUD value.

If your bag arrives with a minor defect, please email so we can discuss options for repairs! Due to international postage times and prices, it may be best to take your bag to a local repairer, and we will reimburse the cost.  

If you need to discuss a refund, repair or replacement, please send us an email, including relevant photographs. Any concerns must be raised with us within 4 weeks of receiving the bag. 

Damages occurred as a result of mishandling the bag (ie. dropping, banging it against walls, leaving the bags in inclement weather such as direct sunlight or rain, carrying too much weight in the bag)  are not the responsibility of the business.

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