Want to add some playful puppers to your collection of accessories? Well they’re all right here! Our dog purse collection truly is the best friend to your wardrobe. We have yet to find a dog-shaped purse design more loveable than these happy little borks right here. With adorable stumpers and boopable snoots, these dog purse designs will be an instant favourite in the hearts of all who meet them. 

About our lovely dog-shapes purses

Every dog-shaped purse in our Dashing Dog purse collection is a handmade handbag - crafted with extreme care and high-quality finishings. They are fully lined, and designed to last you into coveted vintage status. (And some are even vegan designer purses!)

Now, you may have noticed that our dog purse collection at Wicker Darling is a bit of a sausage fest. But who doesn’t love a good sausage dog!? We adore anything with awkward proportions around here, and in the dog world, the dachshund takes the cake! Thus, there are many dachshund purse designs running around our workroom, from full-sized dachshund purses and dachshund clutches to sausage dog coin purses and bag charms

But of course, not all our dog-shaped purse designs are sausage dogs. We have rather distinguished Scottish Terrier accessories too, like our wicker Scottie dog purse and Scottie dog coin purse. We even have some accessories for your dog accessories! Take our beautiful bone coin purse, for example. It makes your dog purse twice as convenient, and adds that little extra oomph to your outfit. (Not to mention your good dog purse deserves a bone.) 

Enjoy our ever-growing pack of purses

If you don’t see your favourite dog breed represented, never fear! There are always more puppers on the way. These precious poochies are here to stay at Wicker Darling, and with so many breeds to choose from, we will never have a lack of inspiration. (But you can always drop us a comment on Instagram to nudge us in the right direction.)

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