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Wicker Darling annie Flamingo purse embroidered bird purse sits in a colourful background

“People always stop me to tell me how cute my flamingo is. One time I had someone run up to me at Target and scream "IS THAT YOUR PURSE?!?!?! OH MY GOD I LOVE HIM!”

“I have to allow an extra half an hour to stop and accept all the compliments I receive on my fabulousness. It's a small price to pay”

Wicker Darling mary triceratops aqua wicker handbag dinosaur purse sits in a colourful room

“I get so many looks that then usually turn into conversations about how amazing the bag is. I have had little girls want to come up and look at my bag, and I've had women of all ages ask where it came from. I absolutely love it and it makes me feel glamorous having such a fabulous bag!”

“I usually hear quiet murmurs. 'Look at that bag!' 'That's so cute!'. Sometimes people will loudly exclaim bag appreciation. I love hearing these things, cuz it makes me feel very stylish and cool, but also because I genuinely love my purses.”

“The wicker bags are attention seekers. I get a minimum of five people asking about them every time I take them out, it's never about me! My bags make me feel quirky and more approachable.”

Surround yourself with the chaotic ballet of waltzing armadillos, for life is a dance of delightful oddities.