Some bunny told me that you are all fans of a good bunny purse. And who would I be to deny you what you so clearly crave? Instead of stopping at just one wicker bunny in our collection, I hopped straight into designing a sweet seasonal treat for you - an Easter bunny purse. 

While Easter is generally a time for hot-cross buns in Australia, I thought, why not a saucy wicker bun instead?

That’s right, my sassy carrot-cake muffins. I’ve created the Springiest (and springiest) new bunny purse for your enjoyment, and his name is Easter. 

Meet Easter the yellow bunny purse 

Easter is a celebration! A celebration of Spring and of colour and of all things BUN-BUN. Just look at him. The beautimous pastel yellow body. The long, stately ears. The perfect pink nose. The chonky little thumpers. 

Easter has the very same measurements as our OG Harvey rabbit purse. He is 41cm in length, 31cm from the tip of his ears to the ends of his toes, and a rather lovable 51cm around his bunny belly. 

But he and Harvey aren’t pulled from the exact same hat. Indeed, no bunny truly compares to Easter.

For one, Easter doesn’t come with a carrot coin purse like Harvey (although like any self-respecting bunny, he does love a bit of veg.)

No, Easter comes with an egg-stra seasonal surprise - a hand-embroidered Easter egg coin purse. 

This coin purse is bound to put a smile on your face. With flowers in shades of blue, green, yellow, and pink, it’s the perfect embodiment of the holiday Easter Rabbit is named after. 

And that’s not all that makes Easter unique! Let’s take a look at what sets this bunny purse apart from the fluffle. 

What makes Easter so special 

Our latest bunny purse is truly egg-ceptional - and here’s why:

He is vegan

Our Easter bunny purse is absolutely egg-cellent for a multitude of reasons, and he would make the perfect addition to any home - even a vegan one!

That’s right. There isn’t a scrap of leather to be found on this bunny purse, so Easter has proudly joined the ranks of our favourite vegan designer purses

Instead of leather handles, we have used wooden beads, hand-painted to match Easter’s wicker bunny body. 

We have also used woven raffia for his nose, magnetic closure cover, and coin purse. Making him 100% vegan. Rejoice!

He is all things Spring

Easter the Rabbit is the perfect purse for a sunshiny day. With a pastel colour scheme, a floral coin purse, and cheerful yellow polka-dot lining, he’s practically a ray of sunshine himself! 

This makes him a fabulous purse not only for the Easter season, but to add to your collection of cute summer purses as well. 

After all, Easter would love to join you for a promenade, or a picnic in the park - there are just so many fun places to wear quirky purses. I know you’ll get good use out of this one.

He is in-stock

As my Wicker Family well knows, most of my products are pre-order only

But that’s not the case with Easter!

This wicker bunny is an IN STOCK release. This means he is ready for the snatching, and you won’t have to wait all those months for one of our artisans in the Philippines to hand weave him.

He is already woven and ready to hop into your loving arms!

BUT there is a catch. 

When we do in-stock releases at Wicker Darling, it generally means there are very few purses available. 

This IS the case with Easter. 

I’ve only created about 40 wicker Easter Rabbits, so if you want one, you’d better snatch him up fast!

But, as you may have noticed, Easter is late for a very important date. Which begs the question - when do we actually get to celebrate Easter? 

When, oh when, can we expect Easter this year? 

Easter is fashionably late this year, as he happened to miss his boat. He may just possibly be related to a very famous punctually-challenged rabbit. (But he’s not talking.)

In wiley Easter Bunny fashion, he had left us wondering when and where he was going to turn up.

But the wait is over.

That’s right, get egg-cited - EASTER IS HERE.

Easter is making a post-holiday appearance just in time for your summer picnics, park outings, and brunches. Although he’s a bit late for Spring in America, you will certainly have him in time for Australian Spring. He is an in-stock product, after all!

This rascally rabbit has given us the excuse that he was very busy spreading holiday cheer last month, but now, he is ready to relax and take time off at your house. (You should feel incredibly blessed.)

But there isn’t all that much of Easter to go around, and he’s notoriously hard to track down. So if you want him, you’d better think fast! 

Want your own bunny purse? You’d better hop to it!

Snatch this bun while you can! Easter is in-stock and springing off the shelves. So it won’t be long until he is gone for good. 

Luckily, once you’ve purchased him, you can keep track exactly where he is thanks to our free international shipping and tracking. That way, you can hold this habitually tardy bunny accountable! 

So hop right over to the Wicker Darling website to see if Easter is still in season, and find out what other unique purses and bags we have in stock.