Things are finally starting to heat up for our stunning wicker family across the pond. Which means it is time for promenades in the park and picnics, picnics, PICNICS. And do you know what that means? It’s time to break out the cute summer purses!

I’m so happy (not jealous at all) for my Wicker Family in the US, UK and beyond to finally be escaping their homes and soaking up some summer sunshine! 

And while I might be crying inside that the Australian summer is so far away...luckily, we still have many a sipping sesh at high tea to look forward to through the cooler months.

(And there are plenty of quirky purses just perfect for those fancy indoor occasions too.)

But for those fortunate enough to have warm summery days upon them, there are oodles of cute summer purses to celebrate the season with!  So let me lay out my favourites for you - to add a pop of colour to your life and make you picnic royalty. 

5 cute summer purses to pretty up your picnic

Picnic time isn’t JUST about the food. But you already know that. It’s a fantastic outing for enjoying the beautiful weather, the company of the people you love, and showing off your cute summer purses

If you ask me, nothing says summer quite like wicker. It has that sort of carefree, retro, tropical island vibe that we could all use a little more of. And I have not one, not two, but FIVE fantastic options to make you the centre of attention. 

Without further ado, here are my favourite summer wicker bags for picnicking.

1. A ripe, juicy watermelon purse

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it is time to BRING ON THE FRUIT! Juicy fruit is the epitome of summery, and there is no fruit juicier than a watermelon! I don’t know about you, but when I think of picnic fruit, the first thing I think of is a watermelon.

Big, beautiful, round, and ready to picnic, a watermelon bag is one of the best cute summer purses I can think of! And we have had (dare I say it) the cutest watermelon purse of them all. 

That’s right, I’m talking about Mr. Walter Melon! Now, Walter Watermelon is one of those cute summer purses you can take absolutely anywhere, but where he really shines is the picnic setting. Walter Melon is every bit as vibrant and refreshing as his namesake. 

Just look at him! He’s picnic ready inside and out. 

I mean, he’s fully lined in gingham for goodness sake, and that positively SCREAMS picnic right in your pretty little face.

Walter Melon the Watermelon is a true stunner with two shades of green on his wickery base, a lovely green wicker handle, bright red flesh, and a pop of orange for the rind (because why not!?)

Best yet, he has sparkly black beaded seeds! (And they are arranged in a very happy swoop.) 

And this watermelon bag is just begging to go to your picnic with you. He will fit right in with your picnic spread (be in the food or the blanket) and he even looks a bit like a ridiculously fruity picnic basket. 

Walter Melon is one of those cute summer purses that is cute and quintessentially summery that EVERYone and their mother is going to want to know where you got him. (From Australia because YOU FANCY!)

2. An extra sassy pineapple purse

Did you think our fruitatious fun was over? Guess again! Watermelons aren’t the only fancy fruit you can flounce about with. In fact, we’ve got an even fancier fruity diva for you. The crown-wearing fruit royalty himself - the pineapple. 

A pineapple purse is one of the absolute best cute summer purses. Pineapples conjure up visions of warm breezes, rolling waves, and relaxing days sipping piña coladas with your toes in the sand. (But they are also just fabulous for a picnic)

And who’s to say you can’t enjoy your picnic at the coast? I do so enjoy a good beach picnic myself. But whatever your setting, your pineapple purse will stand right out while fitting right in. 

Now, I have one FINEapple to introduce you to, and that’s our resident pineapple purse, Fineapple the Pineapple. If you’re looking for the tropical monarch of cute summer purses, this is it. 

Fineapple the Pineapple is abso-flipping-lutely adorable. From his two-toned spiky green crown to his halo of a handle to his sunshine yellow interior, this fineapple will make you squeal with joy. 

The wicker weave (hand-woven by some incredible artisan women in the Philippines) is expertly done and instantly recognisable as pineapple skin - which catapults this purse up among the best cute summer purses you can purchase. 

There is also a punchy pop of colour with the grass green leather strap and accents - perfect for matching with a grassy picnic scene.

Even if you’re not heading to the seaside for your picnic day, your pineapple purse will add a touch of the tropics to your tree-side spread. And might we suggest you print some pineapple pun greeting cards before you go?

3. A sweet picnic bunny 

Not all picnic purses are created equal, and you want yours to be a weave above the rest. So it’s a good thing we have Harvey Rabbit hopping in to show you how it’s done. 

Harvey Rabbit has just the sort of attitude that every picnic purse OUGHT to have. He is one adorable sun bunny, from the tip of his little pink nose to the end of his cute stumpy tail. This little white rabbit has classic tan handles, and the most ridiculous wickery ears. 

Our wicker bunny rabbit purse is one of those cute summer purses that everyone you pass will want to ask you about. He is simply a showstopper - just look at that cute carrot coin purse! 

Harvey Rabbit is the perfect size for holding all your valuables and then some (he is a bit of a chonky bun if I do say so myself), and as long as you’re not trying to weigh him down with wine bottles, dare I say he might just carry your picnic snacks too!

This bun bun is 110% ready for any picnic situation, although of course, he is just as stunning for a strut down the street to the store. 

4. A fabulous flamingo purse 

My distinctive darlings. If you truly want to stand out with your cute summer purses this year, then it’s time for a PINK FLAMINGO PURSE. 

It’s no secret that I’m a bit obsessed with birds...and the colour pink...and all things ridiculous…

So naturally I think flamingos are one of the best things on this Earth. 

Flamingo purses are absolutely iconic. They are the perfect little picture of Palm Springs vintage, and will complete any retro outfit in your closet. 

And, luckily for you, I’ve got a whole flock of wicker pink flamingo purses just dying to meet you. We’ve got Annie and Monty and Chile (oh my!) who are all chock-full of personality. 

Chile the Flamingo was our first ever wicker purse design at Wicker Darling, so he will always hold a special place in my heart. I even re-released him in a new colour-way as Snow Chile the Flamingo! 

Since that 2018 debut, the skills and communication of myself and the design team have continued to grow, and the result has been some pink flamingo purses more fabulous than my wildest dreams.

Flamingo (Monty) Montoya and Annie the Anniversary Flamingo have entirely updated head shapes - and Annie even has flamboyantly beaded feathery wings! 

You simply cannot go wrong with bringing one of these sassy flamingos to your picnic - unless you want to be left alone that is. Because these bright pink flamingo purses are the perfect cute summer purses to turn heads. 

After all, flamingos are loud, bright, awkwardly proportioned, and certain conversation starters. 

As the inspiration for our entire brand, flamingos will always be flying in and out of our workroom, so keep checking back to see if a new style has stuck her pretty neck into our pre-order lineup

5. A cute little bugaboo

We all know bugs love a good picnic spread. (And generally not in the way we want them to.) But we have one loveable bug who you’ll actually enjoy the company of during your day in the sun. 

Forget the annoying ants and wasps - you need to get yourself a ladybug. And I have just the bug to bolster your sun-filled outing. Her name is Lugabug.

Lugabug the Ladybug is the happiest little bug you ever will meet. You won’t have to worry about her stealing your picnic food, and she may even offer to carry some of it for you! 

And as we all know, ladybugs like to eat other insect pests, so she is the perfect watchful guardian for your summer feast!

Lugabug the Ladybug has that whimsical garden vibe completely down, and is the perfect picnic companion. She is sporting her iconic black spots on a red bodice of course, and also has a black head and shoulders and adorable little antennae. 

For whatever reason, I can’t help but smile when I look at this ladybug, and I surmise she will have a similar effect on passersby, so if you want to strike up a conversation, this is one of those cute summer purse to snatch on the way out the door to enjoy your picnic. 

Bring on the sunshine! 

My sunbathing wicker savants, you are now completely set to stun and amaze with your cute summer purses at your first picnic of the season (and hopefully many picnics thereafter!) 

So find that perfect spot in the shade of a tree, lay out your picnic blanket, and plop down in your vintage glory with a SHOW STEALING figural wicker purse. You’ll have the prettiest picnic spread in the park, and are sure to strike up a conversation or two thanks to your eye-catching bag. 

Whether you’re reaching for the fruit bowl with your pineapple purse and watermelon purse, or you’re hamming it up with your flamboyant pink-feathered friend, you know you’ll be the talk of the season with your cute summer purses. 

And, if you aren’t in love with any of the purses on our list, (GASP!) we always have new styles rolling in monthly. You never know when your favourite animal, fruit, or dinosaur will appear next!