My roasty toasty meat pies - you have the most FABULOUS style. I love that you are unashamed to stand out from the crowd (and that you in fact PREFER to stand out). And we both know one of the best ways to do that is with quirky purses. 

That’s right. No outfit is truly complete without an over-the-top adorable handbag. And your closet is an absolute celebration - from your retro waist belts to your cherry heels to your rainbow of colourful dresses. 


It’s time to hit the town with your wackiest wicker handbags so you can be recognised for the style icon you are. 

So, my lovers of all things vintage and vegemite, I’m here to tell you my favourite places to slay the scene with quirky purses in every shape and style. 

10 occasions just begging for your quirky purse to attend

Vintage vixens rejoice! There are so many opportunities for you to show off your beloved vintage wicker purses. In fact, if you don’t bring your quirky purses to all these events, then the whole world is missing out! 

1. High tea

High tea is fancy and whimsical and just a touch ridiculous - which means it’s the perfect place for your vintage wicker purse

Vintage china, three (or five) tiered platters of scones, meat pies and other tasty treats, your very best retro attire AND A WICKER PURSE. 

When you take the time out of your busy schedule to settle in for a spot of afternoon tea, it’s like time suddenly stands still and you’re whisked back to a simultaneously simpler and fancier time. A time when the most important thing was stepping out in your most eye-catching dress to show off your new designer accessories. 

Oh, what am I saying? That’s EVERY day for us!

But nonetheless, high tea goes absolutely hand in hand with all things vintage, so your quirky purses in vintage wicker designs will be absolute STARS. 

Percy the Peacock has just the sort of pretentious air that we think would suit your tea time nicely - I certainly know he’d be sipping pinkies up if he actually had pinkies. 

2. A picnic at the park

The sun is shining, the gingham picnic blanket is set and now all you have to do is stroll-in in your vintage finery with your summery-as-all-heck pineapple wicker purse. 

Or maybe you prefer to adorn yourself with a silk scarf that is simply lemon-printed perfection? It's not a purse, but it IS a quirky slice of style that's just screaming for its moment in the spotlight.

Whatever your fancy, bring on the fruit! I’m telling you, printed scarves and quirky purses in the shape of fabulous fruits are a flawless picnic accessory. And the absolute perfect summer purse. As in, if you don’t show up with one you are only disappointing yourself. 

3. A vintage swap meet 

Have some broochies or vintage hats you don’t really wear anymore? When then it’s time to call all your ridiculously retro friends to put together a vintage swap meet! 

It’s also the opportune time to model your best attire and quirky purse. 

Want to dress to impress but not sure exactly what to wear with your wicker handbag? Girl you know I’ve got you! Check out my style tips for our unique handbags and I am sure you will put together the ensemble of the season!

Your bag will be the buzz of the block - and you’ll probably get some cute new vintage gems out of the bargain. 

4. A day at the flea market

People who love flea markets appreciate quirk. So it is a no-brainer to bring your quirky purses along for your flea market stroll. But get ready to BE APPRECIATED.

It doesn’t even matter which of your quirky purses you show up in. Flea market wanderers will be drawn like moths to a flame by your novelty wicker wonder. 

Hand painted. Limited-edition. Beady little eyes (if you know you know). And, why, wicker is even sustainable you say? EVERYONE WILL WANT IT. 

5. Sightseeing in a new city 

Your quirky purse is the PERFECT IG prop. If you’re on a vacay photoshoot, you just KNOW your wicker purse has got to tag along. Just watch those ‘likes’ rack up. That’s some viral content waiting to happen! 

Pro tip? Dinosaurs always make travel better

Your dino purse will absolutely blow the minds of everyone around you - and what better way to make new friends to show you around town? 

And, I mean, all our quirky purses are pretty stinking cute, so you can’t really go wrong with the others either. 

Heading to Cusco, Peru? You’d better be taking our little llama Lola or Midori along! 

Flying off to Istanbul? Well that is THE City of Cats and you just simply CANNOT miss the opportunity to show off your wicker cat purse

6. Going to the zoo 

It’s time to let Belle-ephant the Elephant meet her animal inspiration! Your animal-shaped quirky purses are just perfect for a trip to the zoo.

In fact, Chile the Flamingo was named after Adelaide Zoo’s very own flamingo darling - so we are all about that zoo inspiration at Wicker Darling. 

Whether you’re traipsing about the aviary with your very own wicker flock, or showing off Harvey Rabbit at the petting zoo, you absolutely cannot go wrong with figural wicker purses at the zoo. 

Plus, you know everyone there is an animal lover, so you are sure to turn plenty of heads. They’ll be marching right over to ask you all about your statement bag. Winning! 

7. Your themed garden party

Theme parties are my absolute favourite. I’m always looking for an excuse to throw a garden party - and there are just so many good excuses!

You could host a party centering around a specific colour theme (hello pretty-in-pink!), or pick a fun vintage era to emulate like old Hollywood or Palm Springs. Why stop there? Pull out your old favourite movies and tell everyone to dress like they stepped off the set of Grease or Breakfast at Tiffany’s (just tuck Orangey the Cat under your arm for that one and you’ll be a 10/10 Audrey).

And hey, I’m always getting inspired by animals - and you can too! Host a jungle party, and under the sea party, a magical creature party, or a crazy cat lady party! 

Or, you can just tell your friends to throw on their best set of pumps and let them strut their stuff at a vintage pin-up party.

The options are literally ENDLESS - and every theme has some fabulous quirky purses to match.

8. A day at the beach

If it’s time to catch some waves then it’s time to grab one of your quirky purses. Wicker Darling designer wicker handbags LOVE a beach day! 

You can go for something tropical like Fineapple the Pineapple or Tallulah the Toucan, or opt for a sea-side scheme with Bubbles the Fish or Marcus the Sharkus. 

Oh, and don’t forget Moby Wick. He is one of our new additional and the KING of the beach. 

Beach-goers will absolutely ADORE your sea-creature shaped wicker purse. They might even pull up their beach towel to strike up conversation about it. 

And you know you’ll snap some smashing swimsuit photos with your quirky purse. Get it queen! 

But please for the love of all that is vintage do NOT bring your purse in the water with you or leave her to roast in the sun too long. Not that we think you would want to - but wicker just absolutely abhors wetness and that fine hand-painted craftsmanship fades from direct contact with UV rays. Keep her on the sand and in the shade, sweetie. 

9. Your fur baby’s birthday

Is it time to celebrate your loveable floof!? Then bring on the quirky purses! How abso-flipping-lutely adorbs would a puppy park birthday party with your little pooch AND your sausage dog wicker purse be? Those would be photos to FRAME sis.

Or what about your sweet chonky kittie or floppy eared bunny? They have their own wicker look-alikes that will be pawsatively perfect for celebrating their big day. 

And girl if you aren’t having fur baby birthday parties then it is never too late to start! Invite all your friends (and your fur baby’s friends) and show off your designer wicker handbag while celebrating the four-legged love of your life. 

Just don’t hide the birthday treats inside your quirky purse or your pets might get a little TOO friendly if you know what I mean. 

10. Halloween 

We know you don’t miss an opportunity to dress up. Halloween is no exception. This holiday is BEGGING for you to break out your quirky purses. 

Dressing up as the Queen of Hearts? Then you simply MUST have a pink flamingo purse with you.

Going out as Alice instead? Well then you know your white bunny rabbit purse will show you the way. 

Time to be mer-mazing? Snatch yourself a wicker fish you wild watery goddess.

Going to go on a pirate spree for the best candy in the neighborhood? A Toucan purse won’t sit on your shoulder, but it WILL be the perfect partner in crime with plenty of room to stash your loot. 

There are so many fun outfits you can build around showcasing your quirky purses. 

With so many occasions - I think you need more quirky purses!

The answer is always more novelty bags. Right? RIGHT!? (Don’t tell me I’ve been doing it wrong ladies.)

The more wicker purses in your life, the more fantastical adventures you are sure to share together. (And, if you get up to just such an adventure, be sure to share it with your Wicker Family! We always love more style inspiration - and to stare at those cute wicker critters.)

Ready to add to your collection? 

To get your wicker fix, pop on over to see what quirky wicker purses we’ve got available for pre-order. If you don’t see a design available, there are always a couple new ones dropping every month, so get on that mailing list and stay tuned!