There is nothing more ostentatious than a peacock purse. Except, perhaps, you in all your splendour with a peacock purse on your arm. And luckily, we have not one, but TWO spectacular wicker peacock accessories headed your way RIGHT NOW. 

Not only am I re-releasing the much-loved Percy, I’ve also come up with an all-new, all-white peacock purse named Persephone. (PURSE-y and PURSE-ephone. Do you see what I did there!?) 

These purses are iconic. They are loud, in your face, and unabashedly splendiferous - just like you. They are the perfect match for a flamboyant dresser, because we all know peacock lovers are a particular breed. (We love a good pop of colour.)

So it’s time to take a cue from peacocks. 

Today I will be giving you a formal introduction to our vintage peacock purses, and then sharing some style tips inspired by them, so you can strut just as confidently as they do.

Meet our fabulous peacock purse pair

If you’ve been searching for a vintage peacock purse, you’re in absolute luck - because we have two of them. 

Now, if you understand the difference between vintage vs retro, you will know these are really more retro peacock purses. And, they are handmade with the finest materials and greatest attention to detail - so they will certainly grow into their vintage status. 

Our hand-woven wicker peacock accessories are works of art, and it’s high time you were introduced. So, without further ado, here are Percy and Persephone.

Percy the peacock purse

Wicker Darling percy peacock tail purse wicker bag sits in a colourful background

Percy the peacock purse was one of my first designs at Wicker Darling. And he has received so much love over the years that I finally decided to release him again - just as he is. 

Anyone in the Wicker Family knows what a rarity this is. I usually change the design or the colour scheme when re-releasing purses, but Percy is an exception to the rule! 

Percy is a sight for sore eyes - it’s no wonder you can’t get enough of him. 

He has a sapphire blue body, bright green wings and back, and a glorious tail in shades of aqua, lavender, navy, and gold. (A tail that is entirely handwoven and hand-embroidered with raffia, cotton thread, and elegant beadwork.)

Percy also comes with beige leather handles, gold hardware, and a detachable crossbody strap. He’s perfect. He’s pompous. And he’s necessary in your wardrobe - I just know it. 

And it is precisely because Percy is so perfect that I didn’t change a thing about him for this re-release. But I DID make an additional peacock purse design.

Actually, if we’re being scientifically correct, my second peacock purse is really a “peahen purse.” Because this beauty is ALL FEMININITY.

But I don’t want to throw around “peahen” and “peafowl” (the collective term), and “peacock” all willy-nilly. So I will henceforth simply be referring to these beautiful birds as “peacock purses.” 

And now, it’s time for you to meet the little lady all this fuss is about!

Persephone the white peacock purse

Wicker Darling white peacock purse

Behold Persephone, our sophisticated new white peacock purse. Contrary to popular belief, she is not an albino peacock. Snow-white peacocks are the result of leucism, a genetic difference that causes a loss of pigment from the plumage. 

And this leucine peacock is simply a sight to behold. She is elegant and effortless, and will work for any occasion, from a stroll through the park to a walk down the wedding aisle. 

Persephone has an all-white wicker body with hand-woven and beaded wings and tail in a beautiful beige colour. She is simply splendid, and I feel honoured to have her as part of our flock. 

As you know, we love to call our animal shaped purse families by their collective group names, and now that we finally have more than one peacock, we have officially started our “ostentation of peacocks.” 

Truly, I can think of nothing better to call a group of peacocks than an ostentation. They are, quite literally, designed to impress. Which is what makes them so good at giving fashion advice. 

8 style tips from our very own peacock purses

It’s okay if you can’t help being fabulous. Just ask a peacock! Here are some style tips to set you apart, straight from their pointy beaks. 

1. Remember your magic 

Peacocks are practically ethereal. There is something breath-taking and magical about their silhouette and their vibrant colours. There is truly no other bird like them.

And do peacocks worry that they look different? Do they question their showy plumage?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. And they are ALL IN about it. 

Just like no other bird has the same striking qualities as a peacock, no one else has that special something you possess. So don’t shy away from it. 

Even if YOU don’t feel particularly confident, you never know when you might be a style inspiration for someone else. In fact, I can practically guarantee that someone looks up to you and your style savvy. So it’s time to revel in it. 

Afraid something might look a little strange? Who cares!?

Worried you don’t look like everyone else? Thank goodness!

Life is simply too short not to stand up and stand out. 

2. The BOLDER the better

A peacock is all about a bold statement. 

Give me flamboyance. Give me volume. Give me colour. And if it’s too much for someone, well then they’re clearly not enough!

We love a loud, quirky (even outlandish) outfit. 

The world needs more colour, and birds can only provide so much on their own. 

3. Have a royal moment

While we’re on the topic of colour, we can take a hint from Percy’s colour scheme. This peacock purse mixes jewel tones effortlessly - and so can you.

In fact, when you don yourself in sapphire, emerald, and amethyst tones you are sure to look simply regal. 

Peacocks are all about a royal moment. With a confident strut, and built-in feather train and crown, they are always fit for a throne. 

Be the peacock. 

Put on your fanciest velvet or satin outfit. Pop a crown on your head. Embellish all the things

Both our peacock purses will heartily approve of this. In fact, peacocks literally have crystals in their feathers. They are all about adornment. 


4. Dazzle with an all-white win

Sometimes, we can play with colour in a new and delightful way by having a complete absence of it. 


Just take a look at Persephone the white peacock purse. She is STUNNING in an all-white look.

And you can have a moment yourself in all-white. It doesn’t even matter what season it is. 

We all know white is a summer staple, but forget that “no white after Labour Day” rule you might have heard. It’s old, classist nonsense. And we all know a Snow Queen winter look is to DIE for. (So don’t sell yourself short.)

White looks good on everyone in one shade or another. Whether it’s true white, cream, ivory, or eggshell, there is a shade of white that will look stunning on you. 

White is effortless and chic, and when you pop Persephone on your arm, you will look EXTRA divine in your head-to-toe white ensemble. 

5. Work all angles

Peacocks have a whole party going on in the back - and so can you. 

Add some interest to your outfit with a fun embellished pant pocket, or a pop of colour under your shoe, or a beautiful silk scarf for your ponytail. You name it!

Just because you only see yourself from the front doesn’t mean you aren’t being admired from all sides. So make the MOST of it. 

6. Shed what doesn’t suit you

Even though they are beautiful, peacocks shed their tail feathers all the time. (And they waste no time being bothered about it.)

We should take a hint from the peacocks. 

We all outgrow things. Maybe we are older and wiser. Maybe our personality has changed. Maybe there is a little more of us to love these days. 

And that’s perfectly acceptable.

It’s important to remember that clothes are meant to suit you, and not the other way around. Judge the clothes if you must, but never yourself. You’re a riveting minx!  

So, if your clothing isn’t making you feel your VERY BEST SELF…then it simply isn’t worth your time.

It doesn’t matter how pretty the clothing is, or how expensive it was, or what life event was happening when you purchased it - all that matters is that it makes you feel amazing inside and out.

If it doesn’t? Well, then it’s time to make room in your wardrobe for some brand new plumage. 

7. It’s okay to grow into your style

If you’re still not sure what your style is, or how to confidently style a statement bag, have no fear. You aren’t expected to have all the answers in an instant. 

Indeed, though we admire a peacock’s beautiful plumage, those tail feathers took three long years to develop. And do we judge a peacock for the time it took to blossom?

No, we absolutely do not. 

Some of us are simply in the fledgling stage. We are learning what suits us, what speaks to us, and what makes our heart soar. And that’s perfectly alright. 

You’ll be turning heads before you know it. 

Perhaps you already are. 

8. Put a bird on it

Thanks to the show Portlandia, everyone knows you can elevate most anything if you “put a bird on it.” 

And you don’t need to stop with putting a bird purse on your arm. You can put birds all over your outfit! 

Dress to stand out with an unexpected peacock accessory. Have a peacock brooch? Pop that on. Some peacock earrings? Don’t mind if I do. Some stunning peacock flats!? OMG YOU NEED THOSE! 

Putting a bird (or two, or three) on your outfit adds instant interest. Trust me. Birds are kinda my thing. 

Snatch your very own wicker peacock accessories!

Our flock is constantly growing, but styles fly away forever without much warning. That’s because our handmade handbags are limited-edition accessories, and we usually retire designs quite quickly. 

If you’d like to get your mitts on one of our beautiful peacocks, you’d better pop over to see which of our bird purses is currently roosting in our showroom.