Wondering how to order from us? Wonderful!

Glorious sugar noodles! If you’re here to snag a unique bag from our collection of quirky characters, you may have noticed that many of the handbags indicate that they are not available right now. 

That’s not a mistake!

Aside from exclusively selling handbags that are made to order, we also only sell them via a once-monthly pre-order. Hey, what can we say, we do things differently here. And, each month, we select a couple of featured designs (they could be past favourites or new designs!) to make available to our community via pre-order.

To reiterate: once a month - typically towards the end of the month - we choose two (very occasionally three) designs to make available for pre-order. It might be an older design. It might be a new design. It might be one older design, and one new design. 

We'll announce the designs we've chosen up to two weeks ahead of the pre-order period - they'll be featured in our socials, such as on Facebook or Instagram. We'll also share the pre-order dates. 

When pre-orders open, you'll have up to five days to place your pre-order, which you can do by navigating to the bag listing and selecting either the payment plan request form, or simply 'add to cart' if you're happy to pay in full! 

That's it! That's all there is to it! 


Why Pre-orders?

Why pre-orders, you (might) ask?

We’ve been in the business of serving up unique designer handbags for a while now, and that includes figuring out the best way to get you your beloved new bag. We've trialled both pre-orders and in-stock releases and have polled and discussed both options with our customer base at length. 

You - our fabulous would-be customers and existing Wicker Darling family - have overwhelmingly indicated that, when it comes to purchasing our unique purses, you prefer our pre-order system, with the only notable drawback being the turnaround time.

You have indicated you love pre-ordering our unique handbags because: 

  • Everyone everywhere can shop more easily. Though our bags are online in Australia, we have a growing number of Wicker Darling customers all around the world. And, with pre-order, our international customers don't need to worry about missing out on bags because you're asleep or at work when new designs are released. 
  • It levels the playing field when a design is released. You don't need to experience the anxiety of sitting in front of your device for the release time, hoping you won't miss out if the in-stock bags rapidly sell out. 
  • It keeps the costs of our unique designer handbags as low as possible. Knowing exactly how many of you want a bag takes the guesswork out for me and the artisans that make them. This means we can order only what’s needed, cutting back on unsold stock and storage expenses, which most companies absorb by raising prices.
  • It allows us to offer payment plans. Our pre-orders give you the chance to pay a deposit and secure your order, paying the balance later. This means more people can love our wicker bags!
  • It supports slow fashion and nearly eliminates waste in the form of unused stock. No stock = no unused materials or landfills full of handbags. Unlike other luxury brands, we don't shred unsold designs to 'maintain scarcity': we're committed to sustainable and ethical production practices wherever possible.
  • It puts panic purchases and buyer’s remorse in the past. Our pre-order periods - typically five days long - give you time to consider your budget and the unique handbag you are about to purchase. 
  • It ensures that your purchase is truly a unique one. As our handbags are made to order, each one is a limited edition. As of June 2021, none of our collections have surpassed 130 pieces, and most of our collections have been under 50. 

By offering our unique wicker handbags exclusively on pre-order, it allows us to bring one of our core business intentions to life: making sure you love your buying experience with us each and every time.

Be the first to hear about our next pre-order

Time and time again, Wicker Darling customers tell us our unique bags are investment pieces well worth the waiting period. We are committed to keeping our customers happy, and while pre-orders continue to work for you, we'll continue to maintain this practice! 

To be the first to hear about our next release and pre-order period, make sure you are on our mailing list.