Why Pre-orders?

Hello, glorious sugar noodles!

Why pre-orders, you (might) ask?

Having been in business for approximately eighteen months, we've trialled both pre-orders and in-stock releases, and have polled and discussed both options with our customer base at length. 

You - our fabulous would-be customers and existing Wicker Darling family - have overwhelmingly indicated you prefer our pre-order system, outlining the benefits you enjoy from pre-ordering, with the only notable drawback being the turnaround time.

You have indicated you love pre-orders because: 

  • It levels the playing field when it's time to order. Our international customers don't need to worry you'll miss out on bags because you're asleep or at work when bags are released. 
  • You don't need to experience the anxiety of sitting at your device for the release time and hoping you won't miss out if the bags rapidly sell out. 
  • Our pre-order periods - typically two to four weeks long - give you time to consider your budget and your purchase, rather than panic purchasing for fear of missing out. You're far less likely to experience buyer's remorse! This reflects one of our core business intentions: that you love your buying experience with us every time.
  • Our pre-orders allow you to pay a deposit to secure your order, and pay the balance later.
  • Knowing exactly how many of you want a bag takes the guesswork out for me. This means I can keep my costs low as I don't have unsold stock sitting around.
  • It's also better for the environment because again, there's no unsold bags sitting around or likely to end up in landfill!
  • Unlike other luxury brands, we don't shred unsold designs to 'maintain scarcity': we're committed to sustainable and ethical production practices wherever possible.
  • You're joining an exclusive group of Wicker Darling collectors. As our bags are made to order, every bag is a limited edition. To date, none of our collections have surpassed 75 pieces, and most of our collections have been under 50. Every bag arrives with a hand numbered and signed collector card. 
  • We believe our bags are investment pieces well worth the waiting period.


Wicker Darling is committed to keeping our customers happy, and while pre-orders continue to work for you, we'll continue to maintain this practice!