Ordering with Wicker Darling

Unique Purses wicker darling ita ibis handbag sits in a colourful background with a cocktail

How to get your hands on a Wicker Darling bag

Hello, glorious sugar noodles! If you’re here to snag one of our uncommonly quirky characters, you may have noticed that many of them aren’t available to order. 

That’s no mistake!

Our signature figural wicker bags are handmade in limited runs and often sell out quickly.

It also means no unused materials or landfills full of lovely purses. Unlike other luxury brands, we don't shred unsold designs to 'maintain scarcity': we're committed to sustainable and ethical production practices wherever possible.

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Time and time again, Wicker Darling customers tell us our unique purses and bags are investment pieces well worth the waiting period. We are committed to keeping our customers happy, and while pre-orders continue to work for you, we'll continue to maintain this practice! 

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