September and October look a bit different in Australia. Here, the sun is shining and the Jacarandas are in full bloom - while the trees are a blaze of colour in most of the Northern Hemisphere. But there is one thing we can all get behind this time of year - a spooky purse. 

Spooky season is one of my absolute favourite times of year, and I DREAM of one day returning to the USA for Halloween! The United States is the true heart of Halloween culture, and while Oz is catching on to the celebration in subtle ways, there are just so many more spooky activities in the US. 

Speaking of spooky activities, I figured it was high time I give you the rundown of the best activities to enjoy with your spooky purse from Wicker Darling. Then, I will introduce you to our delightful spooky purse designs from spooky seasons present and past! 

10 activities made for showing off your spooky purse

I’ve talked in the past about where to wear quirky purses, but a spooky purse is a special sort of breed that deserves its own mention. So where will you take your unique accessories

Here are my favourite suggestions. 

1. A trip to the pumpkin patch


Pumpkin patch


Nothing screams spooky season like a visit to the pumpkin patch - and it’s the ideal outing for your spooky purse. A little wicker bat or jack-o-lantern would be adorable in all your pumpkin patch photos.

Your purse will be the centre of attention while you can sneak through hay bale mazes, drink spiced apple cider, and pick out the perfect pumpkin for carving at home.

(Just make sure to save the seeds so you can enjoy roasted pumpkin seeds later!)

2. A horror movie marathon

Spooky season means scary movies! And scary movies are always more fun with friends. A horror movie marathon is always a good idea at this time of year, and whether you’re hosting or visiting for the event, a spooky purse is the ideal accessory.

This year, there is an option for everyone coming to screens. Not so into horror? Why not watch Hocus Pocus 2 when it premieres on September 30th? 

Want a bigger thrill? Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities is sure to do the trick. Or snag Barbarian once it hits streaming services. There are SO many gems this season (and plenty of terrifying flicks from past years to fill any movie lineup).

3. An evening of mummy bowling


Mummy bowlingGiggles Galore


If you haven’t been mummy bowling, it’s time to change that. 

And, even if no one is hosting such an event near you, you can easily set one up yourself! All you need is some bowling pins (or water bottles) and something to wrap them with - whether that be gauze, white fabric, or toilet paper. 

Once your bowling pins have been sufficiently mummified, you can add googly eyes or decorate them with a marker. Then - it’s time for bowling!

While we don’t recommend taking your spooky purse up for your throw, they will be most delighted to cheer you on from the sidelines. 

4. A spooky craft party 

If you’re still feeling crafty after mummy bowling, there are SO many spooky craft ideas to get you in the mood for Halloween. 

Get together with friends or family to create some creepy lanterns for the walkway, or make a fun Halloween wreath for your door! Your Halloween purse will look perfect on display during the event. 

Not sure who to craft with? The answer is EVERYONE. In our day-to-day lives, most of us just don’t get enough opportunities to be creative anymore - and people of ALL ages can appreciate a good craft party. 

Plus, you can whip up some spooky snacks while you’re at it. The ideas are endless. 

5. Visiting a haunted house


Halloween haunted house


If you’re ready to get REALLY spooky, then it’s time to head to a haunted house! Whether it’s your neighbourhood vamp, or a professional establishment, the people running the haunted house are sure to get a kick out of your spooky purse. 

6. Finding your way through a corn maze 


Corn maze


While corn mazes are still few and far between in Australia - they do exist! And it’s a classic spooky season activity from America that everyone can have fun with. 

If you want a little extra creep factor, schedule your visit at night. But, for those who truly want to show off their spooky purse, a daytime trip is best. 

7. Trick-or-treating


Two people wearing Halloween attires in the corn field going for trick-or-treat


A spooky purse makes a great addition to a Halloween costume, so why not take it trick-or-treating? It will get EXTRA attention as you go door-to-door, and may even earn you some extra treats. 

You can even use your spooky purse as your candy basket! Just don’t fill it TOO full, now. 

8. Sitting in the cafe 


Pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin pie on a Halloween themed table


While this is not a spooky event in the usual sense (unless the barista uses the wrong type of milk in your latte, that is), a cafe can be an ideal place to show off your spooky handbag. 

This is especially true if the cafe has some spooky-season flare, like halloween decorations, or pumpkin spice lattes. 

9. Going on a ghost hunt 

Ghost hunts have become a popular fringe activity the world-over, and they are the perfect sort of outing for a spooky purse. 

You can find ghost tours all over if you dig hard enough, but the best still tend to be in the States. (Another reason for me to visit!)

10. Attending a Halloween party 


Adults wearing Halloween costume during a Halloween party


And, of course, one of the best activities to enjoy with your spooky accessories is a Halloween party! These events are quite literally designed for showing off all things spooky. 

Plan your costume around your spooky unique accessories, or just bring them along for the ride! (They will fit right in.)

But which spooky accessory should you bring? Let’s take a look at our creepy (but cute) collection.

Our favourite spooky purse designs at Wicker Darling

Get a load of these fang-tastically spooky accessories. 

Jack the Lantern the jack-o’-lantern purse


Wicker Darling's Jack the Lantern the jack-o’-lantern purse


You can’t celebrate Halloween without jack-o’-lanterns, and now, you can even have a jack-o’-lantern purse!

Meet Jack the Lantern, the adorable new addition to our spooky purse collection. Jack is all smiles, but that grin is hiding a secret - it’s actually a removable coin purse! 

Jack is one of our most specious designs yet, so he will be easy to store all your treats and trinkets in. Maybe you can take him out trick-or-treating? I’m sure you’ll get EXTRA treats. 

Rhys the red dragon purse


Wicker Darling's Rhys the red dragon purse


Meet Rhys the red dragon. While this dragon purse is not in any way a spooky purse, per se, he has that magical something that lends well to a Halloween celebration. 

There are so many reasons to be excited about a dragon purse, and he is just as excited about you. See how he reaches for a hug? You couldn’t possibly deny him. 

Batholomew the bat purse


Wicker Darling's Batholomew the bat purse


Batholomew the bat purse was our very first spooky season design. When I created Batholomew, I wasn’t sure how a clearly seasonal purse would perform - and he was a resounding success! Thus, you can thank Batholomew for our current spooky purse offerings.

This beautiful green-eyed bat purse is as adorable as he is spooky, and is the perfect accessory for all spooky season events, 

BUT there was a bit of a mix up at the atelier, and a glorious mistake was made. A vampy sister bat named Battie Page. 

Battie Page the bat purse


Wicker Darling's Battie Page the bat purse


When your artisans give you a red-eyed bat purse instead of the expected green, you RUN WITH IT. 

The red eyes gave something a little extra saucy and sinister, and made this bat purse perfect for the pin-up rockabilly style. Thus, we decided to name her Battie Page after the Queen of Pin-ups herself! 

As with Batholomew, I had underestimated how many people in my wicker family would want to wear a bat purse year round. 

So I decided it was time for ANOTHER BAT PURSE! 

Elizabat Bathory the bat purse


Wicker Darling's Elizabat Bathory the bat purse


I decided to get even more sinister when designing my latest bat purse. This, my lovely doves, is Elizabat Bathory the orange-eyed bat purse - named after a very macabre woman, indeed.

Her namesake, Elizabeth Bathory, was a Hungarian countess and serial killer who tortured and killed more than 600 women!

Not to worry of course, Elizabeth the bat purse would never deem to harm you. She is very loyal to her minders. 

Batholomew Jnr. the bat coin purse


Wicker Darling's Batholomew Jnr. the bat coin purse


If you thought I was done designing bats, guess again! I couldn’t stop without a cute coin purse for the collection.

Meet Batholomew Jnr. the bat coin purse. Named, and styled, after our Batholomew bat clutch, Batholomew Jnr. is a wonderful addition to our vegan coin purse collection. 

Fortuna the black cat coin purse


Wicker Darling's Fortuna the black cat coin purse


Fortuna the black cat coin purse was an instant favourite in our spooky purse collection - she sold STRAIGHT OUT! 

But of course, we still wanted to mention her in her glossy glory. Who doesn’t love a black cat around Halloween time? This black leather coin purse is an adorable addition to any wardrobe, and simply made to be a witch’s lucky familiar. 

Aramis the black mouse coin purse


Wicker Darling's Aramis the black mouse coin purse


Want a black leather coin purse that doubles as a Halloween house decoration? Look no further than Aramis the black mouse coin purse. This black leather coin purse would look lovely on display for your Halloween party. 

A candy corn coin purse 


Wicker Darling's candy corn coin purse


If you’re snatching up a Jack the Lantern purse, I have the perfect sidekick for you - this adorable candy corn coin purse

This yellow, orange, and white candy has become synonymous with spooky season - and while the enjoyability of the actual candy has sparked as much debate as pineapple on pizza, no one can deny how delightful this coin purse is!

Clip the candy corn coin purse onto any purse for some instant Halloween flare, or add it to your belt loop for a stroll around town. (That’s sure to get the people talking.)

A bone coin purse


Wicker Darling's bone coin purse


Last but not least is our versatile bone coin purse - perfect for adding to dog purses, dinosaur purses, and - of course - anything skeleton or zombie related. 

Just be sure to keep this bone coin purse away from your actual pupper - or it might go missing! 

Get your creep on!

It’s time to spread some seasonal fear - and what better way than with a spooky purse? Of course, these purses might inspire more squeals of adoration than actual terror, but you’ll be winning spooky season just the same. 

So snatch up your unique purses and bags and hit the town. There is witching to do and only a short time to do it!