Spooky season is upon us again, and what better way to celebrate than with unique accessories? Cute Halloween accessories are the easiest way to elevate your looks - from your Halloween costume itself, to your witchy on-the-town getups. 

But what unique accessories should you wear? Well, my curious cauldron slingers, I have plenty of perfect ideas to match with your spooky season outfits and costumes. Because let’s be honest, a statement bag can truly make or break your outfit. And we’re here to create some spooky, seasonal magic! 

15 unique accessories to enhance your spooky season ensemble 

While I have many wonderful and wacky wicker purses and bags in my collection, there are a few in particular that would be best for spooky season. 

Whether the item in question is a spooky purse itself, or is simply perfect for pairing with a specific costume, you’ll find all your cute Halloween accessories here! 

Best yet, each item on our list of spooky accessories is lovingly hand-made from the finest of materials, and the retro wicker style makes them the best gifts for vintage lovers as well as spooky season aficionados. 

1. Jack the Lantern the jack-o’-lantern purse


Wicker Darling's Jack the Lantern the jack-o’-lantern purse


When you think of the most iconic Halloween imagery, you probably picture a jack-o’-lantern. Which is precisely why a jack-o’-lantern purse should be your top priority when looking for unique accessories this spooky season.


Wicker Darling's Jack the Lantern the jack-o’-lantern purse with coin purse


Jack the Lantern makes the perfect Halloween home decor, and will certainly be appreciated all season long if you take him for a spin on the town. 

When it comes to Halloween itself, it doesn’t matter WHAT you are dressing up as. A jack-o'-lantern purse will always match.

2. Vince the black cat purse 


Wicker Darling's Vince the black cat purse on a vibrant background


If you’re dressing up as a witch, you need a familiar. And what better familiar than a black cat? Black cats are synonymous with spooky season, so why not add some black cat bags to your collection of unique accessories?

For example, Vince the black cat purse would make a wonderful witchy companion. He can hold all your witchy words and ways - and even some of your Halloween candy. Plus, cats are fabulous year round. When he isn’t busy being the Salem to your Sabrina, Vince is very happy to settle for being a pampered house puss. 

3. Fortuna the black cat coin purse 


Wicker Darling's Fortuna the black cat coin purse on a colourful background


Since we’re talking about black cats as unique accessories, why not opt for a cute coin purse? When it comes to mini spooky accessories, Fortuna the black cat coin purse is top of the class. Of course, she absolutely knows it too - she was the very first coin purse design to completely sell out.

If you were lucky enough to snatch her before she scrammed, then you simply MUST clip her to your favourite purse this spooky season. She was born to shine at this time of year. 

4. Batholomew the bat purse


Wicker Darling's Batholomew the bat purse


Jack-o’-lanterns and black cats aren’t the only unique accessories that scream spooky season. A bat purse will absolutely do the trick.

Whether it’s fear of vampires, diseases, or the dark, bats certainly seem to send a chill through the hearts of many people. Of course, the bat purses at Wicker Darling will leave you with a very different impression.


Take Batholomew the green-eyed bat purse, for example. He clearly makes the cut for cute Halloween accessories. Of course, bats are great accessories for the entirety of spooky season, and will look lovely with any vampy or witchy wardrobe.

Batholomew was so beloved that he started a wave of bat accessories - some spookier than others. 

5. Battie Page the bat purse


Wicker Darling's Battie Page the bat purse on a vibrant background


Meet Battie Page the red-eyed bat purse. Named after the queen of dark pin-up herself, Battie is a bit of a vamp. 

If you are a goth, rockabilly girl, or witchy vixen, then Battie Page will be JUST your style. In fact, I don’t see the point in saving her only for spooky season. 

This bat purse is your year-round aesthetic. 

With her beady red stare, Battie is slightly more sinister, so if you are looking for unique accessories for a vampire costume - this is the one! 

6. Elizabat Bathory the bat purse


Wicker Darling's Elizabat Bathory the bat purse


You didn’t think I could stop with just two bat purses, did you? No, no, we need a whole cauldron of bats at Wicker Darling! So last, but certainly not least, in our lineup of bat clutches is Elizabat Bathory.

Elizabat the orange-eyed bat purse looks very Halloween-y indeed. I mean, with an orange and black colour scheme, it’s really hard NOT to! While Elizabat may look a bit more demure than her sister, Battie Page, don’t be fooled. This bat is hiding a dark secret. 

That is, she is named after an infamous Hungarian serial killer. 

Of course, Elizabat will be perfectly well-behaved in your own home. (If you want her to be.)

7. Batholomew Jnr. the bat coin purse


Wicker Darling's Batholomew Jnr. the bat coin purse


There is one more bat on our list of unique accessories, and that’s Batholomew Jnr. the bat coin purse! This lovely little batty is completely vegan, too!

Clip Batholomew Jnr. to any bag, backpack, or keyring for INSTANT spookification.

8. A candy corn coin purse


Wicker Darling's candy corn coin purse


Ready for another all-around great Halloween coin purse? It’s bright, it’s polarising, and it’s questionable at best for your health…it’s candy corn!

You cannot see a piece of candy corn without thinking of Halloween, so put this candy corn coin purse on LITERALLY ANYTHING  and you will be good to go all season. And, unlike our leather coin purses, this pretty little sweet is completely vegan. 

9. A bone coin purse


Wicker Darling's white bone coin purse


In terms of unique accessories for spooky season, bones are incredibly versatile.

Dressing as a skeleton? A dog? A Flintstones character? Well then, naturally you need a bone coin purse. This white leather coin purse can be adorable or terrifying depending on how your style it - so make your look your own!

Plus, if you have a dog purse, a bone coin purse is perfect for year-round wear. 

10. Aramis the mouse coin purse


Wicker Darling's Aramis the mouse coin purse with coins


Next on our list of unique accessories for spooky season is Aramis, the black mouse coin purse. Aramis is a lovely leather coin purse that will make some admirers squeal with joy and others squeal with fright. (Rodents seem to be just as polarising as candy corn!)

But there is no denying that Aramis is adorable. He would make the perfect home decor during spooky season. Just imagine him perched on your table among your spooky snack spread.

Of course, he would also be cute year-round attached to a cat purse

11. Rhys the red dragon purse


Wicker Darling's Rhys the red dragon purse


Thanks to HBO, dragons are kind of a big thing this season. And whether you’re dressing as your favourite dragon rider from House of the Dragon or Game of Thrones, a dragon purse is the PERFECT addition to your costume.

Of course, Rhys the red dragon purse is also an ideal accessory for a wizard or Hobbit costume too! While he’s more adorable than spooky, not all Halloween accessories need to have creep factor.

Who could resist that face or those outstretched arms? He just wants a hug!

12. Harvey the white rabbit purse


Wicker Darling's Harvey the white rabbit purse


You might not immediately think of Halloween when you see a white rabbit purse…but hear me out. A little white bunny can blend seamlessly with many costumes.

For example, if you’re looking for unique accessories to go with your magician costume, this bun is the one! Or, if you want to dress as a knight from Monty Python and The Holy Grail, then a bunny could make a hilarious companion.

Our beloved Harvey the white rabbit purse would also be excellent for pairing with a Mad Hatter or Alice in Wonderland costume. After all, I can’t think of a more iconic white rabbit role on TV. 

13. Heart coin purse 


Wicker Darling's Heart coin purse


While we’re still on the subject of Alice in Wonderland, we can’t skip talking about the Queen of Hearts. This savage tyrant makes for SUCH a good Halloween costume. And, being the Queen of Hearts, a heart coin purse would be the ideal choice when looking for unique accessories!

A heart coin purse would also work well with any sort of adorable costume, like a princess, or a unicorn, or a Care Bear. YOU NAME IT.

Another fun idea would be adding a heart coin purse to your Tin Man costume. After all, just because he’s missing a heart on the inside doesn’t mean he can’t wear one on the outside! 

14. Bubbles the fish purse


Wicker Darling's Bubbles the fish purse


Looking for unique accessories for your mermaid costume? Why settle for a clamshell when you can have a whole fish purse!

Meet Bubbles the fish purse. He is clearly a mermaid’s (or merman’s) best friend. And, of course, he would also work very well for an Ursula costume!

There is no need to limit yourself to merpeople with this purse though. A fish purse would go with any under-the-sea costume, from a jellyfish costume to a giant squid! Just don’t ACTUALLY get him wet. Watery wicker is a recipe for disaster at the best of times. 

15. Arianrhod the owl coin purse


Wicker Darling's Arianrhod the owl coin purse


Meet Arianrhod. (Yes, I know her name is a mouthful.) But as the Celtic goddess in charge of weaving cosmic time and fate - I would say she can call herself whatever she wants! 

And this owl coin purse is not only ADORABLE, but also an exemplary choice when looking for unique accessories for spooky season. Because while Arianrhod might not look so spooky on her own, she is an owl after all, which makes her one of the things that go bump in the night.

AND - she would be the perfect choice for any Hogwarts inspired costumes. After all, you need an owl to carry your important mail! While delivering a package would certainly ruffle Arianrhod’s feathers, she would be more than happy to carry your coins and keys come Halloween. 

Get your unique accessories here!

Whether they are spooky accessories or downright adorable ones, you’ll always find unique purses and bags at Wicker Darling. I make a point of designing the quirkiest and most irreverent bags I can - and I’m sure you appreciate them all the more for that. 

From silk scarves and handmade brooches, to wicker handbags and bag charms, there is never a lack of unique accessories in our collection.