Bird purses completely rule the roost here at Wicker Darling. They were how this business started, and they simply aren’t going anywhere. 

That’s partly to do with my borderline obsession with birds, yes. But outside of that, I really do think a figural bird purse is a singular accessory that every self-respecting student (and human) needs. 

Why is that? Well let me tell you. Then, I will introduce you to our eccentric and ever-growing flock of wicker bird handbags. 

Why you need a bird purse at school

Birds are smart, sassy, bossy, and timeless. You can put a bird on anything and it will elevate it. If you don’t love birds, you at least have to respect them. I mean, they can FLY for goodness sake. They’re pretty incredible.

And a bird purse will help you fly through your school year too. With a quirky avian accessory like the ones from Wicker Darling, you will always stand out from the crowd. These limited-edition show-stoppers will make you the centre of campus gossip (in a good way).

Everyone will want to know where you got your bird purse, and the best thing is, no one will be able to get one just like it. You will be ICONIC. 

Of course, while all our bird accessories are equally eye-catching and fabulous, they each have distinct personalities. So, I thought I would help you understand their unique attitudes a bit better by showering them with yearbook awards. 

The yearbook awards for our lovable bird purses

We’ve thought long and hard about what awards to give our fabulous accessories - and we think these just about fit the bill.

Most Likely to Be Caught Sleeping in Class: 


Wicker Darling's Hooty the owl purse


Hooty the owl purse

We can’t all be early birds, and who can blame a true night owl like Hooty the owl purse for nodding off in class? A daytime school schedule simply goes against his nature. 

Of course, he’ll be happy to tag along with you to any of your lessons - just so long as you don’t expect him to pay attention.

Hooty the owl purse is the perfect day-to-night bird purse for your school wardrobe. In fact, he THRIVES at night. With his svelte proportions, he is entirely at home in a crowded event or dancefloor.

Hooty is just the right size to store all your essentials, like your smartphone, keys, card, cash, and an unbeatable tube of lippie. 

When he is up-and-at-em, nothing gets past this wise bird purse. Just look at those big bright eyes - taking it all in. Who knows? He may even impart some of his wisdom to help you through your studies… And, if not, at least you two will look darn cute together on campus. 

Most Likely to Own the Most Hand Mirrors: 


Wicker Darling's Percy the peacock purse


Percy the peacock purse

Is vanity really a sin? Percy certainly doesn’t think so. This peacock purse is nothing if not self-obsessed - and everyone still fawns over him - so he doesn’t understand what the big deal is.

Want to bask in a bit of that preening glory? Well then, you'd better pop this peacock purse on your arm. Then you will be the centre of attention by association - I promise. 

No one could miss the stately crown, judgy eyes, and splendid tail feathers of this bird purse. Percy is a star, and he knows it, and soon the whole school will know YOU are a star too. (Otherwise Percy simply wouldn’t be seen with you.)

Life of the Party: 


Wicker Darling's Gary the Major Mitchell cockatoo purse


Gary the Major Mitchell cockatoo purse

Gary (Gazza) the Major Mitchell cockatoo purse knows how to have a good time. He never takes himself too seriously, and will say “yes” to anything at least once. 

If you’re looking for a partner to hit up Greek Row, sip beers out on the terrace, or bob your head to the latest tunes, this is your bird purse. 

Gary is the centre of attention at simply any event. So, if you are a social butterfly - and need a social bird purse to match - Gary is always up to the task!

With his beautiful ombre paint job, and resplendent sunny crest, this cockatoo purse is not to be forgotten. He’s a real VIP if I do say so myself.

Most Likely to Plan Her Wedding While Single: 


Wicker Darling's Persephone the white peacock purse


Persephone the white peacock purse

We all know at least one person with an extensive Pinterest board of wedding dresses, cakes, and colour schemes. A person who is not yet engaged, and may or may not even be in a relationship. 

When it comes to our bird purses, Persephone the white peacock purse IS that person. Persephone was BORN to be a bride, or at least to walk down the aisle with one. 

Want to look your loveliest, most feminine self? Persephone is your girl. With a pearl crown, and hand beaded and sequined blush feather wings…she is grace purse-onified. 

Most Likely to Be Your Boss:


Wicker Darling's Macawley Bagkin the blue and gold macaw purse


Macawley Bagkin the blue and gold macaw purse

Macawley Bagkin, the blue and gold macaw purse, gets what he wants. He asserts himself with singular focus, and no one wants to stand in his way. 

Sure, he’s stunning, but don’t let his cheery colour scheme fool you. Take one look at his face and you know he means business. He’s got a real mean mug. 

At Wicker Darling, we have no doubt that Macawley Bagkin could run the whole show if he chose to. Wanna rule the school? Well, then this bird purse will know just how to get you there. 

Most Spirited: 


Wicker Darling's The Australiana clutch


The Australiana clutch

I’ve never met a more spirited (yet elegant) accessory than the Australiana clutch. This clutch bag features Australiana prints that just SCREAM Aussie pride. 

From the rainbow lorikeet to the sulphur-crested cockatoo, to the delicate galah, and the golden wattle flowers, everything about this clutch purse is 100% Australian. 

So, if you want to show that you are a loud and proud lover of all things AUS, it’s important to know how to hold a clutch bag so the design is on full display. 

The Australiana clutch is the perfect school-to-soirée accessory. It fits effortlessly into every theme and dress code - and it’s drop-dead gorgeous to boot. 

Most Unpredictable Swoopy Boyz:


Wicker Darling's The magpie clutch


The magpie clutch

Walking past magpies is like playing a game of “Duck, Duck, Goose.” You never know when you’re going to have to run for your life. Well, the magpie clutch has two of these sharp-beaked judgemental beauties. 

They will eye your adversaries. They will assess your professors. They may even sass you from time to time. But they will loyally guard your possessions - shiny or otherwise. 

Who needs a guard dog when you have these gorgeous birds on your arm? No one, that’s who. 

Biggest Gossip:


Wicker Darling's Pelican Bill the pelican bag on a colourful background


Pelican Bill the pelican bag

They say loose lips sink ships, and Pelican Bill the pelican bag could sink a whole armada. Don’t let his dapper appearance fool you. Pelican Bill is a man about town - and he cannot wait to share his adventures with the neighbourhood. 

Luckily, I’ve thoughtfully included a zipper closure on his amply sized bill, so he can keep your secrets (and all of your coins) contained. 

This seafaring bird purse is the perfect companion for a stroll on the boardwalk or a day out sailing. Though he may have the gift of gab, Bill’s biggest skill is his sea legs. Just keep that zipper closed up tight and you should be fine. 

Most Likely to Post Tweets from the Beach: 


Wicker Darling's Toucan Tango the toucan purse on a colourful background


Toucan Tango the toucan purse

Not all of us are scrambling to join the rat race. Some of us like to take it slow and enjoy the finer things in life. And Toucan Tango the toucan purse is just that sort. 

Toucan Tango loves to show his true colours - in a tropical photoshoot, that is. This bird purse is your best bet for a beachside vacation with a piña colada in one hand and a bestseller book in the other. 

Of course, Toucan Tango isn’t just one note. He will entertain you with more toucan jokes than you could possibly imagine, and is always down for a good jungle trek.

He’s sassy, he’s cultured, and he’s not above lounging all day. (Just don’t get him wet at the poolside. He may like the look of water, but he doesn’t actually want to go IN.) 

Most Likely to Start a Charity:


Wicker Darling's La’Wren Bagall the Splendid Fairywren purse on a colourful background


La’Wren Bagall the Splendid Fairywren purse

La’Wren Bagall the Splendid Fairywren purse is simply the sweetest little shmoop. Just look at those little round eyes (and the even rounder body). Every inch of La’Wren Bagall is lovable. 

Now, this bird purse is rather shy, and he simply wouldn’t be found at any house party, but he is the nicest little bird you ever will meet. He is a fabulous listener, and will always be happy to carry your things for you. He’s just lovely like that. 

If you’re looking for a dependable and adorable sidekick, La’Wren Bagall is ready and willing to assist you. 

Strongest Clique:


Wicker Darling's flamingo purse on a colourful background


Our flamboyance of flamingo purses

No one can mess with the flamingo purses at Wicker Darling. They have reached icon status. That’s right, if you’re looking for a flamingo purse, Wicker Darling is THE place to get it.

In fact, I started this company for the sole reason of obtaining the perfect pink flamingo purse. (Goodness knows I couldn’t find it anywhere else - I tried.)

So, having scoured the globe for the best flamingo purses, I can say with surety that our wicker flamingos are simply unparalleled. 


If you can get your hands on one of our coveted flamingo bags, you’ll be in good with the in-crowd. (Because no purse is more popular.)

Ready to turn your academy into an aviary? 

There will always be birds at Wicker Darling. And that’s a fact. So if you see that many of these beautiful birdies are SOLD OUT, never worry. That’s simply because most of our animal handbags are sold on a pre-order only basis. 

This keeps each of our styles unique and scarce - but there will always be new styles. We drop two or three new styles every month, in fact. And, there is a good chance that a bird will come flying through the workroom on a regular basis.

On top of that, we always have some in-stock bird accessories like our flamingo coin purse, flamingo bag charm, and various bird clutches. So, if you are in dire need of some bird bling RIGHT NOW, I’ve got you covered. 

So what are you waiting for? Start that school year off right with a brand new bird purse. But remember, these beauties sell out fast, and the early bird gets the bag.