My ooey-gooey gumdrops, the fervent search for a flamingo purse was what started it all at Wicker Darling. I looked high and low and near and far for a beautiful pink feathery (ahem, wicker) friend for my wardrobe - but to no avail. There simply wasn’t an aviary accessory fit for me. 

And so, I created one. 

The original designer wicker handbag at Wicker Darling was Chile the Flamingo. From the tip of his two-toned beak to the end of his rosaceous plumes, Chile was everything I wanted and more - and I wanted to share him with the world. 

Over the years many a lovely handcrafted pink flamingo purse has come and gone at Wicker Darling and they continue to be some of your favourite wicker bags as well.

From our cheeky Chile the Snow Flamingo, to our fiery Flamingo Montoya, there always seem to be a few flamingos flying through our pre-order queue throughout the year. 

Personally, I can think of nothing better than flaunting a wicker flamingo handbag, but I want to make sure we are all onboard with that notion. 

Now I don’t think you shall take much convincing. Take one look at our whimsical flamingo purses and they pretty much speak for themselves. But, nonetheless, I do want to put in a good word - or 12 - for them. And here they are! 

12 reasons you NEED a flamingo purse

You don’t know it yet, but you absolutely MUST have a flamingo purse in your life - like YESTERDAY. Since we’ve no time to waste getting this pretty pink birdie in your home, here are my top 12 reasons why I’m simply smitten with flamingos (and you should be too). 

1. Flamingos are oh-so-cute

The beautiful pink feathers, the soulful eyes, the graceful long necks and the curved black bills - what’s not to love about a flamingo? They are just freaking adorbs! 

Flamingos are whimsical, wacky and cute. If you’re anything like mean, that means they’re pretty much just you in a nutshell. And it’s great to be able to display your personality so loudly and adorably with a designer flamingo purse. 

You can choose to put this pretty pink purse on your person, or even use this flamboyant bird as home decor! 

2. Your flamingo purse will show off your style

Flamingos know how to stand out in a crowd, just like you. We love how unique your style is. It’s what makes you so endearing and enigmatic (on top of your fabulous witty personality that is).  And you’ll be the center of attention even more than usual with a flamingo purse on your arm. 

The handcrafted handbags from Wicker Darling are always conversation starters - and the flamingo purse is what started the very first convo! 

Final fun fact: There are only six species of flamingos in the world, and are the only members of the Phoenicopteridae family. Phew that’s a mouthful. 

It all goes to say that flamingos know a thing or two about being unique themselves, and can only add to your intrigue as you strut your stuff down the street in your quirky vintage pin-up fashions. 

3. Flamingos aren’t ashamed to flaunt their proportions

We love a girl who isn’t afraid to rock what she’s got. A girl who may not look like the rest of the flock - but looks so much more smashing because of it.

Flamingos have the most ridiculous portions out there (besides Tallulah the Toucan that is, but you can see how well her bold looks have worked out for her). And you know what? They are GORGEOUS. 

Lecky, necky, awkward, beautiful, practically cartoons of themselves, and I AM LIVING FOR IT. 

So the next time you feel like you might just be a little TOO unique, remember there is No. Such. Thing. 

You grab that flamingo purse right off the shelf and strut your stuff cause you’re a goddess. 

4. A flamingo purse is perfect for your pretty-in-pink wardrobe

I am unashamedly obsessed with the color pink. Pink is EVERYTHING. And since you can never have too much pink in your wardrobe, it’s lovely to have a purse that plays right into your color scheme. 

Flamingo Montoya and the rest of the flock are ready to pair with your bold fuschia lip, your hot pink kitten heels, and your stunner pink heart sunglasses. Bring on ALL the pink. I promise your flamingo purse can handle it. In fact, the two of your will be thriving in pink paradise together. 

If you’re even slightly a pink-a-holic like me then you NEED a flamingo purse in your collection. 

Honestly, I could stop the blog post right at this point, but I won’t leave you hanging like that.

5. Flamingos truly are what they eat 

Many people assume flamingos are pink because of the shrimp they eat or because they simply woke up one day and chose fabulousness, but that’s not entirely true. The reason for a flamingo’s gorgeously in-your-face pink plumage is beta-carotene. 

That’s right, the same beta-carotene that makes tomatoes red and carrots orange. Well, it just so happens that beta-carotene also exists in the plankton, algae and crustaceans that are a flamingos go-to meals. 

If a flamingo isn’t getting enough beta-carotene, they will seem more gray or white in color - and are actually born grey (it just goes to show things do get better with age). 

They say you are what you eat - and for our fabulously outfitted pink friends, that couldn't be more true! We absolutely love that for them. 

6. Your flamingo purse is the picture of vintage

Vintage vixens rejoice! A flamingo purse is a vision in retro. Plastic lawn flamingos became an American cultural icon, and fun garden trend world-wide, after Don Featherstone (that name though!) dreamed these beauties into being in 1957. 

The plastic flamingo may be iconic, but at Wicker Darling we believe in slow fashion. Why buy a plastic flamingo when you could have a vintage wicker purse that looks like one? 

The next time you go for a cruise or jet-set to Palm Springs, you can bring your pretty wicker flamingo bag along for the ride and channel those vintage Palm Springs vibes. 

7. Flamingos are proud feminists 

When it comes to equality in gender roles, flamingos could teach the world a few things. They’ve got equal parenting down to a tee. 

Flamingo moms and dads take turns with just about everything, from incubating and rotating their eggs, to protecting the nest and feeding their feathery child. 

Sharing the workload is definitely something we can all get behind, and you can show your support with your designer flamingo purse. 

8. You can revel in the social animal you are

Flamingos are highly social, and enjoy the company of their friends about just about all else. 

Best yet, these gregarious bubblegum geese have friendships that are deep and long-lasting. In fact, many flamingos make their friends for life. They seek out their bird buddies in flocks from anywhere to thousands to over one million birds! 

Talk about a social commitment! 

You being the socialite you are, the flamingo has the perfect attitude for your every party and event, and your flamingo purse is the perfect party accessory.  

9. Flamingos have the right attitude towards life 

Flamingos know what’s up. They are truly resilient birds that can thrive in the hottest of tropics, the coldest of mountains, and everywhere in between from mudflats to lagoons. 

They eat upside down, perform elaborate visual displays, and do it all while balancing on one leg.

And you know what? They are so gosh darn happy about it. Flamingos are happy as long as they have plenty of food and water and are surrounded by friends. 

We should really all aspire to be more like flamingos. Happy as clams. Looking ridiculous. Eating all we want. And not giving a hoot about anyone else. (Except when we want to be social that is.) 

10. It’s all in a name

I don’t know if you knew this, but a flock of flamingos is called a flamboyance. A FLAMBOYANCE. 

How deliciously perfect is that? 

We just love that our feathery diva of a pink flamingo handbag is cut from the same flamboyant cloth (ahem, sustainable wicker and rattan) as you! 

Even the name “flamingo” itself is a stunner. It comes from the Latin word “flamenco” (yes, that’s right, the sassy Latin dance!) which means “flame coloured.”

I couldn’t think of a more perfect name for such a bold little bird - since “pink colored” just doesn’t seem to have quite enough flare for this dashing dude. 

11. Flamingos are all that is love, friendship and fun! 

Flamingos have deep symbolism in many cultures around the world. And trust me, all of it is good!

In Egypt, flamingos are associated with the sun god Ra, an image of flame, emotions, and inspiration. 

In Peruvian stories, flamingos are depicted as the protectors of humankind. 

Many other cultures consider flamingos as a symbol of healing and love. Those with a flamingo spirit are said to be vibrant and outgoing, well-balanced and resourceful. 

The beautiful pink feathers of flamingos are associated with friendship, tenderness, harmony, and romance. 

Well how sweet is that? Don’t you want a flamingo of your very own now? Good thing you can get one in the form of a wicker bag!

12. You’ll look extra well-travelled - just like your flamingo

Have you been bitten by the travel bug my dears? Well then, my wanderlusters and jet-setting jujubees - you’ve found your soulmate of an animal in the flamingo. 

Flamingos live all over the world, from the glacial lakes of Patagonia to the plains of Kenya, the mudflats of India, and the sunny white sand beaches of Aruba. 

These beauties live on five of the seven world continents. They even used to live in Australia, though sadly, the only one left is our very own Chile at the Adelaide zoo. 

Chile might be the only flamingo we have for a while (unless another pink nomad wanders over from Asia) so you may just have to snatch up a flamingo purse in the meantime.   

Because these birds are so remarkably worldly, when you have a flamingo handbag dressing up your fabulous outfit, you can show that YOU are too. 

Find your sassy soulmate in a Wicker Darling flamingo purse 

And so my dearest darlings, my sweet schmoopsykins, while we certainly have no shortage of all sorts of animal handbags, I hope you can see why you simply must have a flamingo purse in your life. I know it was an absolute need for me. And I’m sure at this point many of you feel the same way. 

Lucky for you, you won’t have to source small family-owned companies and bad-ass artisan woman weavers to make your flamingo purse - because I’ve already put in that work for you! 

All you have to do is swirl over to my shop and put in a pre-order on a wicker purse

And if you see that my exquisitely crafted, handmade, darling flamingo designs are all sold out, have no fear! These feathery fellows are on a regular rotation here at Wicker Darling. So, while flamingos are scarce, they always migrate back to their old haunts, and I’m sure one will be roosting in your room before you know it!