Animal handbags have been a microtrend in the fashion world for years. Even some of the best-in-the-business designers have been known to release a few animal handbags throughout the years. But over here at Wicker Darling, we LIVE for them! 

And if you’re an animal handbag fan, boy oh boy, are you in for an absolutely scrumptious treat.

Because there’s some serious arm candy to be had here. 

Yes, we all know that animal print fashion comes and goes throughout the seasons. This week, everyone’s in cheetah print, next month it’s Zebra! No matter who you are, where you are, or what your age is, we have all donned a print (or five) throughout the years. 

But what if we told you, you could take your love for animals a tad further in the fashion world? 

At Wicker Darling, we are all about the vintage, retro fashion life! We aren’t afraid to go against the grain, push the boundaries and bring you lovely muffins that which you might not yet know your heart desires. 

A handbag that’s merely animal print? That’s good.

But why not a wicker animal handbag that is in the actual shape of that animal you love so much? Now that’s great.

And it’s no longer the stuff of just dreams, gorgeous.

Let us introduce you to your next obsession! Here are just a few cute animal handbags too scrumptious to scroll past!

1. Chile the Flamingo

Pretty in pink, Chile the Flamingo handbag is yearning for the freedom to be your very own partner in crime. Perched on the perfect squared base, don’t be afraid to set him on the table for all to adore - trust us, he’ll love the attention. 

Armed in high quality, hand-painted pink wicker, this durable-yet-dainty darling will be with you for years to come - provided you give him all the love and care for your wicker bag! Lined with cotton to keep your precious pearls safe, take your pick from either gorgeous leather or matching rattan handles to drape over your wrist. Chile the Flamingo, your new favourite animal handbag will be ever too glad to hang out. Chile stands tall at around 13 inches from his base to the tip of his precious head, and 11 inches from beak to bottom. 

Wear this pink wicker animal bag with your favourite pencil skirt and a matching pink hair sash for a day out on the town. When you’re not prancing around with Chile, perch him up on your mantle to disperse his pink magic throughout your home. Chile is about to go into retirement - you’ll only see him here and there on super-special occasions - but you can check out our whole flock of flamingo purses for even more looks you’ll love.

2. Ita the Ibis

With all the fires of fashion and the grace of a painted saint, Ita the Ibis certainly brings a touch of regality wherever she roams.

Ita the Ibis is fully lined in cotton with a pretty pocket in the lining for when those earrings get too much - we’ve all been there! 

This stellar bird handbag stands approximately 13 inches from base to tip of her perfect head; 11 inches from beak to bottom, and 8 inches from side to side. Her opening is approximately 5 by 5 inches, and her storage capacity is as big as her precious little heart.  

From the grocery store, to your next big ball, there’s no limits to where you wear your Iba, sweet nudibranches! Fashion is yours, own it unapologetically, and that includes our animal handbags! She’ll look demure with a black and white sundress or a monochromatic head-to-toe look. But, that said, we are witness to the fabulousness that occurs when she’s juxtaposed against bright colored clothing, too. #justsaying

3. Chorizo the Sausage Dog

Dearest darlings, your eyes do not deceive! Ever have the yearning to take your precious pooch with you wherever you meander? Chorizo, our beloved Sausage Dog will gladly take the honor of being your loyal legman.  

This dapper doggo can be adorned with either wicker rattan or leather straps - your choice! With his red faux leather collar, and a snazzy gold hoop, Chorizo the dog handbag is always dressed to impress! 

Fear not, his storage capabilities are as adequate as a bottle of champagne for one! Perfect for your nick nacks, scaddle wacks and the unnecessarily large smartphone we all seem to have. His body measures 14 inches end to end, with his little floof head sitting at around 6 inches long. He stands diligently at 8 inches toe to shoulder, and his belly bums circumference is approximately 17 inches. Chorizo’s storage opening is about 5 x 4 inches,  lined with perfect pink cotton, with a small internal pocket for your goodie gats. 

Chorizo’s classic wicker exterior makes him a dream for wicker fanatics, and now for the animal handbag enthusiasts too! Dress up or down, we’ve seen him look great with a simple pair of jeans and a tee - to a full on 50’s-inspired retro dreamfull color outfit!  

4. Tallulah the Toucan

Say hello to your newest BBBFF(Bird Bag Best Friend Forever). Tallulah the Toucan is a plus sized bird, and a perfect animal handbag for when you need extra room. 

Perched on her sturdy base to keep her clean from mucky floors and table tops, you couldn’t ask for a better betty to take along with you everywhere! 

The original release of Tallulah was our biggest bird yet, measuring in at 57cm from tip of her resplendent beak to the end of her sturdy tail, and 30cm from head to base. Two 22 inch black leather straps added to her dapper appeal.

Tallulah also featured a super wide opening (14cm x 13cm), and her internal compartment was wide and deep enough to comfortably fit your wallet, a smart phone, and a chunky set of keys. She is lined in a beige linen, with two side by side pockets, handy for stashing spare change, lipstick, and other smaller items prone to deviously disappearing in the depths of your purse. This next release of our stunning animal handbag will be slightly smaller, and with looser lining to take full advantage of her storage abilities. 

Use pops of yellow and orange in your look to make this animal handbag stand out even more! Besides, you know how we love our matchy-matchy. 

5. Lola the Llama

Get ready, chooks. Your Llama lover dreams are coming true! Our dearest Lola, adorned in her thing-of-dreams wicker animal handbag aesthetic, is guaranteed to help you steal the show on every occasion!

Our Lola Llama handbag stands tall at approximately 14 inches from ear to toe, and 11 inches tail to breast. Her internal compartment is lined in black cotton* with an internal fabric pocket for stashing your secrets, and her lid is approximately 5x5 inches. Lola is adorned in a leather saddle and harness and leather handles approximately 22 inches long, and she is ready to carry everything you need!

For her next almighty release, would it be telling if we gave you the sneakiest clue that she might be coming in a new color? 

Wear this quirky animal handbag wherever you please. We’ve seen how great she looks paired with a simple cardi, and a colorful printed skirt with matching pink hues.

6. Pink-Haired Unicorn


When you think about unicorns, what are a few words that come to mind? Majestic? Hope?  Enchantment? Magical and mystical?

Here’s another phrase to keep in mind - my new wicker bag! That’s right, lovers, we’re bringing you another member of our unicorn animal handbags! 

We’re firm believers in pink not being just a color, but an attitude. So best believe this one is coming in full sass mode and ready for action!

Similar to her cousin Victor, this pink Unicorn lass will stand at around 14 inches from base to tip of ears; 13 inches from nose to bottom, and 8 inches from side to side. Her handles are approximately 21 inches end to end, and crafted from a tan colored leather. And as always, there is adequate room for all your essential carry ons. 

In a field of horses, be a unicorn! 

7. Flamingo Montoya

Last but not absolutely not least, we’re showcasing the grand high master himself, Monty - Or Flamingo Montoya, if you’re nasty. Mr Montoya is the life of it all with his bright fuschia pink exterior, demanding all the attention in the room. 

This animal handbag features loose lining to take advantage of the internal shape of the bag. That’s right, from your phone, notebook, pens and dibble dabs, Monty will keep ‘em all safe.

Flamingo Montoya weighs in at under 500 grams - what he weighs after you have dropped in your treasure chest of necessaries, isn’t our business. 

Regal gold hardware attaches his two classic nude leather handles; a bonus 52 inch leather strap (adjustable; can be shortened to 47 inches) can be clipped onto the hardware at the handles to allow for shoulder or crossbody wear of the bag. The handles are 22 inches long end to end, comparable with our other designs. Monty's body is 10 inches from neck to tail, 7 inches crosswise, has a circumference of 24 inches, and is 15 inches from base to the tip of his head.

For his next great appearance, Monty’s coming to town in a different color… Any guesses, cheerey cherubs?

There is zero limit to where you can wear Monty to, or what you can wear him with. A powerful peach with her flamingo friend can take over the world any darn day!

Take home your very own handmade wicker animal handbag

Every single Wicker Darling animal handbag will be delivered with a soft, branded pink dust bag for optimal storage, a dainty rose gold logo pendant, and a matching accessory created by another proudly Australian designer. You’ll also receive a hand-numbered and signed collector card, from us to you, with love. 

All of our wicker animal bags are meticulously handcrafted by our talented team- a small family owned company in the Philippines! Every single wicker bag is handmade using traditional weaving techniques, which help to keep the local traditions alive and thriving. The rattan material is sustainably sourced by local farmers, to minimize our carbon footprint! 

If you’re looking to invest in an excruciatingly cute animal handbag look no further! 

We always feature our latest pre-order offers on our homepage - so check it out and snag your animal wicker bag today! We can’t wait to have you join our fun-lovin’ cooky family!


Scrumptious noodles, remember, to secure your Wicker Darling our process works slightly differently. We have you pre-order when we open each listing - stay up to date with this and production progress by joining the Wicker Darling newsletter! You can also view updates in our Instagram feed and stories.  

Once our pre-orders close, a team of talented traditional artisans will hand weave, hand paint, and hand finish each and every one of these limited edition animal  handbags. 

Worldwide complimentary shipping is offered with all pre-orders, and covers your tracking number and full insurance! Customs and other tariffs are the responsibility of the customer.