Your search for your new favorite vintage wicker purse ends here. If you’re drawn to fashion, accessories, and all things that are eccentric and vintage-inspired -welcome to the family, you a lover of ridiculous things! 

We absolutely understand the struggle in finding key wardrobe apparel and styling items in this niche. When we narrow it down to vintage-inspired wicker purses, the pool of options gets even smaller! 

In fact, finding the perfect, any-kind-of-purse can be a challenge! They’re either just not your style, too small, not functional or just plain “meh”. 

In this article, we’re going to cover a few tips on how you can find the ultimate vintage-inspired wicker purse that’s fun, timeless, high quality, and exceptionally unique - everything your little precious heart desires and more!

But first… what is your ideal vintage wicker purse?

Let’s start on your hunt for the most magnificent purse by outlining your ideal vintage wicker handbag. A purse is much more than just an accessory- It is an investment, a statement, the holy grail of accessories, and last but not least, a companion! 

You carry a handbag every day, so it has to be something you absolutely love. I’d imagine you’d want it to be unique, quirky, classic, and comfortable. Perhaps an important aspect of your vintage wicker purse includes their size to accommodate your essential carry ons? What closure would you like it to have? Are you looking for something bright and vibrant in color? Or a vintage wicker purse that’s in a true wicker neutral tone that you can jazz up with adornments when you’re feelin’ fancy?

Or perhaps you’re looking for an extraordinary accessory that’ll swoop in and jazz up your already stunning themed wardrobe for the majestic Instagram feed or upcoming photoshoot?

Let’s take a look at different vintage styles

Right, my glow worms, before we jump into vintage wicker purses, let’s go through the different types of vintage fashion out there, shall we? Whether you’re already an avid lover of vintage style or fashion, or you’re looking to dip your toe in the vintage lover pool, I’ve got you! As avid lovers of vintage accessories and vintage-inspired clothing, I’m here to show you that vintage-inspired style is for everyone!

From print, color, high-waisted skirts, and accessories, vintage or retro fashion can be worn your way! That’s the beauty of fashion, isn’t it? Accessorize and wear it whichever way makes you feel your very buzzin’ best. Let’s explore some of the ways the Wicker Darling fam flashes their vintage-inspired style their way. 

Pretty in prints


This lovely lady shows us how to use quirky and playful prints on a ’50s inspired skirt and crop to perfection! Love a good eccentric print – who doesn’t, am I right?

No need to CTRL V your love of prints, many modern day stores supply vintage fashion with prints of your dreams! In fact, after the strict colors of the 1940s, prints came back in a big way in the 1950s. 

The cut of this skirt gives it that added 50’s flair, and pairs wonderfully with a matching crop, whilst the novelty print on this cute custom outfit screams vintage vixen!

Flared skirts for your fancy


Now, if there’s one thing we can all associate vintage fashion with, it's a flared skirt. How about this oh-so-chic boat-neck dress with its flirty flair? Showing us how, when paired with a matching pump, you can elevate your look to be modern yet inspired by a classic, retro cut. *chefs kiss* A simple, classic vintage look that’s paired wonderfully with a Wicker Darling classic animal handbags, Montoya the Flamingo, in all his wonderful pink wicker glory.

Color, color, and more color!

The brighter, the better! This vivacious 1940s inspired beauty is the epitome of a summer vision! 

The bright garment juxtaposed against Victor the Unicorns’ white wicker, shows us how a fun, modern summer dress is elevated into a vintage-inspired fashion dream. 

Hats, hair, and long dresses


Straight out of a vintage dream and demonstrating fancily how it’s done. This wonderfully printed dress accentuates her waist beautifully - a big trend in the 50’s- combined with a matching red hat and shoes. 

Her sensational outfit pairs with a vintage wicker purse adding some phenomenal fifties flavor.

Colorful cardigans!

Cardigan sweaters are a staple in fashion today because they're so practical and we have

From the 1940s to1960s cardigans became a staple since they could be worn well with any style of skirt, and we Darling’s keep the tradition alive!

Again, a dreamingly vintage look is achieved, with a colored cardigan, curled faux-fringe, sassy matchy-matchy headband, and of course a vintage wicker purse to pull it all together effortlessly.

Pick a vintage-inspired wicker purse for every occasion

Attention all fellow retro, pin-up fashion, and wicker lovers! Who says you can’t have a vintage wicker purse for all occasions? Definitely not this furbaby loving family!

Our Wicker Darling family lives for the bold, the daring, the functional art, sassy statement piece suited for any darn outing you wish! Whether it’s for a mandatory shopping or lunch date with your favorites, a quick trip down to the local store, or for a day at the office, your next Wicker Darling is waiting for their designation! 

Every single vintage-inspired wicker purse should have the ability to be worn with any outfit or event, and not need to skimp out on the purse essentials. 

No matter what your day job is, you don’t need to have a dreary satchel for work. In fact, I believe that vintage wicker purses should be made with the intention to brighten everyone’s day! 

If you’re stuck on how to pair your vintage wicker purse with your wardrobe, here are a few style goddesses to show you how it’s done for any occasion! Here are some honorary mentions from the Wicker Darling family themselves, showing how they have paired their vintage wicker purses with just about any outfit.

Your vintage go-to work wicker purse

If you’re someone who loves to add a bit of flair to your outfits, why not don one of your vintage wicker purses to reflect your personality and phenomenal fashion sense? 

The high waisted skirt with the color matchy-matchy we love so much- pairs to absolute evolution with Mary triceratops vintage wicker purse. Still fun, still funky, still workwear… only much more wondrous! 

A superb chic workwear look shows how to keep it casual whilst donning one of her quirky vintage wicker purses- Victor the Unicorn! Peep the custom saddle - to die for!

Your vintage every day betty bag


Ready to exchange your current everyday bag for something that exudes wonder and awe? Look no further, sugar! Here are two examples that might work, depending on what your everyday needs/wants/dreams are. 

Beautiful, bold, and brilliant this vintage look with the original Chile the Flamingo vintage wicker purse is ready for the runway. You know how we love your matchy-matchy, and this is a splendid example of how it can be achieved effortlessly. 

The denim pencil skirt, the matching belt, and pumps coupled with the natural wicker finish of Marcus the Sharkus… An everyday look of my darn dreams! You don’t need to don a flared skirt to be vintage, nor do you have to have any particular outfit to wear your next vintage wicker purse. That’s what makes it so wonderful- it’s for everyone and everywhere!

Your special occasion wicker purse

Have a special event coming up, or perhaps a photoshoot, and want to match your astounding attire with a purse that’s equally as sensational? Fear not precious petals, we’ve got what you need. 


Have you ever seen anything more beautiful? The cinched waist with the contrasting colors, a perfect picture with the perfect purse on the even more perfect precious peach!

This is a wonderful example of how to elevate your next photoshoot with a vintage wicker purse. 


Go ahead and strike the ‘there's no such thing as never too much pink’ ratio of pink and flirty pose with your bestie!

From head to toe, I couldn't help but give this look everything my little heart desires for that next special updo. Tangy pickles of joy, there are zero limits on how to style your vintage wicker purse. 

Finding high quality vintage-inspired purses

Something to keep in mind when looking at purchasing a vintage-inspired wicker purse is making sure of its authenticity. Wicker handbags must be made of the highest quality and produced at the hands of talented artisans who appreciate the vintage-inspired purse styles they bring to life.


A handmade bag’s quality with premium materials, combined with manual artistry promises excellent quality. 


Try checking out one of Wicker Darling’s vintage-loving wicker purses. Each one is shipped to you with a soft, branded pink dust bag for storage, a rose gold logo pendant, and a hand-numbered and signed collector card. In our opinion, every inch of these bags is made with love and care for wicker handbags.  

Another point to be aware of when you’re on your search for the ultimate vintage-inspired wicker purse is to know what material is being used. Real wicker will last for a long time. It won’t bend, tear or unravel. 

Real wicker made from material such as rattan, will feel firm and durable, and smooth against your skin. Let’s keep our forearms supple and sassy, shall we?

Find a vintage wicker bag that says something about you

Beautiful raspberry drops, being true to your very own sense of style is the secret to finding your perfect vintage-inspired purse. Instead of basing your option on trends, invest in an accessory that makes you feel nothing less than the fabulous bean you already are. An added bonus is that not only will our vintage-looking wicker bags make you smile, chances are they’ll turn heads and frowns upside down, wherever you prance.

Not to toot my own horn but each Wicker Darling design has its own eccentric style and flair. They’re art, they’re conversation starters, and amongst so much more they’re fun and amusing accessories that bring joy to everyone around them.

If you’re looking to invest in a high quality vintage-inspired wicker purse that is guaranteed to razz your berries, I am thrilled you ended up here with us! Whether you’re looking to extend your current collection, or simply find yourself a one-of-a-kind, novelty darling, jump on over to our shop page to browse our original menagerie and more. I can’t wait to have you join our vintage lovin’, crazy-tailed family.