We know our whimsical wicker bags are simple MUST HAVE items, but we never want purchasing one to cause a kerfuffle with your finances. That’s why we offer multiple flexible purse payment plans - so you can invite a wicker purse into your home on your own terms. 

Hide it from your other half, if you must, but there won’t be any conflict with your conscience.

We made Wicker Darling in the hopes to provide the highest quality figural handbags at more affordable price points than some other designer handbags on the market. But we understand that “affordable” is relative when it comes to wicker collector’s items. 

We’re also all about sustainability - for both the environment AND your bank account. We believe in slow fashion and durable, lasting pieces you can love for years to come. 

And we try to strike a balance between all our values. And that’s why we believe it’s worth investing in one of our unique handbags in Australia

And, when you do decide to pre-order a one-of-a-kind designer handbag from our menagerie, we’ll give you some options to make your wicker friend more budget friendly. 

You can choose to pay: 

  • Up front in full
  • With Afterpay
  • Or with one of our very own purse payment plans (there are three of them)


But before we get into the details of our payment options, let’s make sure you know the ins and outs of our pre-order on unique purses

Why pre-order? 

The Wicker Darling pre-order system is an absolute gift for everyone involved. I mean, we know our bags are cute and all, but we don’t want them causing panic attacks here. 

Pre-orders level the playing field. 

No more stressing that you’ll miss out on your favorite animal or dinosaur purse if it drops while you’re at work or in class. No more staying up at night because you’re in a different time zone. 

Our pre-order periods usually range from two to four weeks in length, so they give you time to consider your purchase so that you are financially and emotionally prepared to commit to adding a wicker pet to your family. 

Goodbye buyer’s remorse - no one has time for you!

We want you to be able to spend time considering your purchase, just like we take time designing and creating them for you. In fact, pre-orders really take the pressure off of us too!

We don’t have to guess how many bags to make when you pre-order. We know exactly how many homes these ridiculous wicker pets will rest their heads in. And that’s a good thing too - there is nothing sadder than a homeless animal. Even those of the wicker variety.

Pre-ordering our designer handbags ensures there is no waste from unsold stock, and that none of these rattan cuties end up in a landfill somewhere (I can’t even stand to think about it!).

Now, you’ll need to be patient. This is not fast fashion here.

We employ traditional Filipino artisans and use locally sourced materials to keep our bags sustainable - and help local communities in the process!  

Whether you choose Charlotte Bronte-saurus, Flamingo Montoya, or any of our new arrivals for your collection, your purse will have been lovingly woven and painted by hand. 

To find out when your pre-ordered purse is scheduled to arrive, you can check in on your wicker friend on our Wicker Darling updates page. 

These bags are worth the wait because they are investment pieces. But that doesn’t mean you need to invest in them all at once. 

If you’ve been drooling over our latest featured bag, but aren’t quite financially prepared when pre-sale first drops, fear not! You can alleviate some of the budget burden with our purse payment plans or Afterpay.

Not sure which purse payment plan is best for you? Read on my radiant cream puffs!

What is Afterpay?

Afterpay has a bit of a reputation in Australia, but it’s okay if you haven’t heard of it. For one, it only works for our Australian customers. It can also be a bit of a bummer for your credit if not used responsibly. 

But now that we have that disclaimer out of the way, let’s talk about what makes it so convenient, as well as how Afterpay works

Afterpay is a bit like layby. It allows you to spread out the cost of big purchases into four equal payments every two weeks. What’s more, you don’t have to pay ANY interest on your purchase. 

So, if you have your eye on a $500 handbag, you will simply pay $125 every fortnight. 

Phew! That sounds a little easier.

And, the really great thing is that you can get your designer wicker purse before you’ve even finished paying for it. Seriously! That’s what Afterpay is all about: shop now, pay later. 

If you want to use Afterpay as your wicker purse payment plan, then simply select Afterpay as your payment choice at checkout during pre-order and you’ll be redirected to the Afterpay website to set up your payments. 

Now, you can certainly use Afterpay on designer bags to snag one of our wonderfully quirky wicker critters, but there are other - dare we say BETTER - ways to do it too. 

Because in case you needed even more reasons to buy a handmade handbag, we’ve got three of them.

Enter the Wicker Darling purse payment plans. 

Wicker Darling’s fabulous purse payment plans 

Our purse payment plans might seem a bit confusing at first, but they’re actually quite straight-forward. (They need to be. We process them manually.) 

You have three purse payment plan options through Wicker Darling: 

  • 8 x weekly payments

  • 4 x fortnightly payments

  • 2 x monthly payments

Which payment plan will you get? 

Why, that’s really up to you and your budget. 

That’s right, you CHOOSE which purse payment plan you want.

But how to begin? 

How to sign up for a purse payment plan 

To request a payment plan, you need to fill out the ‘payment plan request form’ linked in the shop listing.

You’ll just need to tell us your full name, the country you live in, and the payment plan you want - as well as some contact information so we can keep in touch as needed about your new wicker family member.

As you are filling out the form, there are some SUPER IMPORTANT BULLET POINTS you’ll need to take notice of to ensure we all understand the payment system - and this is a pre-order. 

But this is important too!!!

The payment plans are only available for the first two days of the pre-order period. 

Because pre-orders are GENERALLY on the 24th-28th of each month, the purse payment plans are available by request on the 24th and 25th. 

After the two days, the payment plan request form will disappear - POOF! 

So, if you know you want to sign up for a purse payment plan, it’s crucial to fill out the form during those dates and secure your pre-order with a small deposit. Then, you can pay off the rest later! 

How your deposit works 

Your deposit relies entirely on the purse payment plan you chose.  

Meaning, this down payment doesn’t have a set number, it’s just the first payment in the set. For example:

  • If you chose the 8 x weekly payments plan for a $500 bag, then the deposit is just $62.50. 
  • If you chose 4 x fortnightly payments then the deposit would be $125.
  • And, last but not least, the 2 x monthly payment plan would require a deposit of $250. 

I will send out the invoices on the 26th of the month, and you have until 5pm AEDT on the 28th (the pre-order cut off date) to pay your first deposit.

There. Simple!  

How to qualify for our purse payment plans 

Listen up. Are you ready? 

You don’t have to do a single thing to qualify. That’s because I trust you sugarplum! 

That being said, if you sign up for a purse payment plan and just decide not to pay your invoice without even the courtesy of an explanation email… Well then darling, you might not be so welcome in the Wicker Family anymore. 
Just as choosing the purse payment plan is up to you, we may choose to turn a blind eye to future wicker purse requests! 

But we know it won’t come to that. 

Big purse energy - small purse payments 

Now there’s simply no excuse. You need Iva Cockatoo in your wardrobe. There’s nothing stopping you. 

Your quirky little wicker will light up your life and spark the most fascinating conversations - and now you can add your little friend into your home in a budget friendly way. 

Sign up for the Wicker Darling purse payment plan of your choosing or (heaven forbid), if you miss the payment plan deadline, then there is always Afterpay. 

When you need some wicker, you NEED SOME WICKER. We completely understand. And, if you’re ready to get going on adding to your wicker collection, you can shop our wicker purses right now!