Everyone knows by now that I love a good pun, so how could I possibly resist funny Halloween puns? (Hint: I CAN’T) I simply adore spooky season. It’s a creepy, fangtastically good time. And, above all else, an excuse to dress up. 

I’ve written pun blog posts in the past, like my FINEapple pineapples puns, and even some surprisingly popular dinosaur valentine puns. So now, naturally, it seems like the time for some funny Halloween puns!

Because Halloween isn’t all about horror - it’s also about embracing your inner child, revealing your deepest fantasies, and HAVING FUN. So, my shiny candy apples, it’s time to spread some shrieks and howls of mirth with a list of funny Halloween puns. 

I’ll have you laughing until your coffin with puns about witches, skeletons, ghouls, candy, pumpkins, and even a sprinkle of Halloween love puns. You name it, I’ve got it here for you! 

111 funny Halloween puns to make you howl

Here is a list of my favourite Halloween puns. In typical Wicker Darling fashion, some of them are suitable Halloween puns for kids, and others are decidedly dirty Halloween puns. Proceed with caution!

Funny Halloween puns about witches


Witch facing full moon


I enjoy witchy vibes year round, but they’re perfect for spooky season. And now, you can be both bewitching and hex-tra hilarious with these funny Halloween puns about witches. 

1. Life’s a witch, and then you fly! 

2. Halloween isn’t the same if I can’t be witch you.

3. Witch-ing you a Happy Halloween!

4. You are 100% that witch.

5. Witch better have my money!

6. Lifestyles of the witch and famous.

7. That’s just witchful thinking.

8. Time to witch upon a star.

9. Bow down, witches.

10. You’re looking brew-tiful tonight.

11. There’s nothing wrong with being a basic witch.

12. Keep calm and carry wands.

13. Hope your Halloween is hex-tra special.

14. I’ll be-witcha before you know it!

15. You can’t always get what you wand.

16. I wanna get witch you.

17. I’m so thankful that we’re broom-mates.  

Funny Halloween puns about ghouls and ghosts


Two halloween ghosts looking through a glass window with spider webs


Not all of us are that witch. Some of us are simple ghoul-friends. And for all you boo-tiful spirits out there, here is a list of spook-tacular puns about ghosts.

18. Where my ghouls at?

19. You’re the ghostess with the mostest. 

20. Ghouls just wanna have fun!

21. If you’ve got it, haunt it.

22. I’m just here for the boos.

23. You look boo-tilicious!

24. Time to get sheet-faced

25. Shake that boo-ty.

26. Demons are a ghoul’s best friend.

27. Fasten your sheet-belts, it’s about to get crazy!

28. I’m too old for this sheet.

29. You’re giving me deja-boo.

30. You look FA-BOO-LOUS.

31. It's time to boo-gie!

32. You're my best ghoul-friend.

33. We are squad ghouls.

34. You go ghoul!

35. I hope you can handle your boos!

36. More boos, please!

37. Get your sheet together.

38. This is no time to lose your sheet.

39. You are absolutely BOO-tiful.

40. These boo-ts were made for haunting.

41. I’m a haunt mess right now.

Funny Halloween puns about bats/vampires


A bat flying in orange sky with full moon


I know you’re just oozing with excitement for this one - puns about vampires! So I won’t keep you hanging. Here are some funny Halloween puns about our suck-ulent friends. 

42. Fangs for the memories.

43. Have a fang-tastic Halloween. 

44. So long, suckers.

45. You make me absolutely batty.

46. You’re just my blood type.

47. You’re bat to the bone.

48. I might have to wing my costume this year.

49. I go batty for Halloween.

50. I’d write more vampire puns, but they suck.

Funny Halloween puns about skeletons


A skeleton in an old truck next to plants and flowers


Next up on my list is funny Halloween puns from a special some-boney. Parents, you can rest in peace - all my skeleton puns are safe Halloween puns for kids! 

51. Bone-appetit!

52. Let’s have some skele-fun!

53. Skeleton puns are oh so humerus.

54. We were bone to be wild.

55. Let’s have a skele-TON of fun tonight.

56. I have tibia honest - Halloween is my favourite. 

57. Spooky season is skella rad.

58. This party isn’t all it’s cracked up tibia. 

Funny Halloween puns about candy


Halloween baskets filled with halloween corn and pumpkin candies


Halloween isn’t all about ghouls and giggles - it’s also about CANDY. I mean, who doesn’t hoard a Halloween stash? Here are some sweet little puns about our favourite confections. 

59. If I hear a good Halloween pun, I simply can’t Reese-ist it.

60. Twix or treat!

61. After all this candy, I’m gonna need to exorcise!

62. We’ll be goblin candy all night long.

63. Trick or treat yourself to some candy.

64. It's Crunch time.

65. I hope my puns have you Snicker-ing.

Funny Halloween puns about pumpkins


Several glowing pumpkins in the dark


If there is one symbol that indisputably represents Halloween, it's the jack-o’-lantern. And, luckily, I have plenty of very gourd pumpkin puns up my sleeve - and none of them are even seedy. Here are some funny Halloween puns about pumpkins to get you rolling. 

66. Just having a gourd time!

67. Give 'em pumpkin to talk about.

68. Oh my gourdness, that costume is divine!

69. You’re the pick of the patch, darling.

70. What you said really stuck a gourd with me.

71. We are pumpkin' out Halloween puns like never before!

72. You look drop dead GOURD-geous.

73. You’re way ahead of the carve, my dear.

74. Go big or gourd home!

75. Our group is complete #squashgoals.

76. Life is gourd with friends like mine.

77. Feeling gourd just like you should!

78. You don't know jack-o'-lantern.

79. I love pumpkin spice a latte.

80. You’re the pumpkin of my eye.

81. Man, we got LIT last night.

82. What can I say, I’m the total pun king.

Halloween love puns


A sweet couple in Halloween costume smiling at each other over a candle lit dinner


Who says Halloween can’t be romantic? You can charm the pants of someone during spooky season, and you don’t even need to be a witch to do it. (Though I’m sure it helps.) For all you lovers and lurkers out there, here are my favourite Halloween love puns.  

83. It was love at first bite.

84. Will you be my boo this Halloween?

85. You’ve been eerie-sistible since the day we met.

86. Our love caught me totally off gourd.

87. You’re the Romeo to my Ghouliet.

88. Everything I brew, I brew for you dear.

89. Oh my gourd, I think I love you.

90. You’re the spoo-key to my heart. 

Dirty Halloween puns


A Halloween couple dancing in a haunted Halloween barn with lots of pumpkins


As promised, I needed to add in a few dirty Halloween puns on my list - some of which are raunchy and others just delightfully hexy. As such, these are clearly NOT Halloween puns for kids. You’ve been warned!

91. Here’s to a wonderful hex life.

92. Call me a pirate and give me that booty.

93. I want to bone you all night long.

94. Hey ghoul, I’ll make you moan under that sheet.

95. I’m a freak in the sheets.

96. Show me your boo-bies.

97. Let’s make Halloween a Moan-day. 

More funny Halloween puns


2 women and 3 men in Halloween costume having fun


You didn’t think I was done, did you? There are plenty of other Halloween puns that don’t quite fit in with the ghouls and goodies. Whether they are about monsters or general seasonal spook, here are some more Halloween puns for your reading pleasure. 

98. You look absolutely spook-tacular.

99. Best fiends forever.

100. Orange you excited for spooky season?

101. Happy Hallow-wine.

102. Eat, drink, and be scary.

103. Howl YOU doin?

104. You’re a true Hallow-QUEEN.

105. You’re the mummy of the year!

106. We’re just creepin it real.

107. It’s time to get this party startled!

108. Happy Howl-oween!

109. You’re so Franken cute!

110. Are you a monster? Because you look Frankenfine.

111. You’re truly a breath of fresh scare.

Spooktacular purses to pair with your puns

You’ve done it. You’ve survived a list of 111 funny Halloween puns. And if you’ve made it this far, you are clearly a punny individual. As such, we must have similar personalities, and I think you’ll appreciate what Wicker Darling is about.

And, on top of puns and general irreverence, we are about purses. Quirky wicker purses. And, at this time of year, SPOOKY purses. 

During spooky season, there are so many activities where a spooky purse is the star of the show. Activities where your conversation-starting purse will be the perfect excuse for unleashing your new Halloween puns on the unsuspecting world. 

So here are some of the unique accessories at Wicker Darling to help inspire your next punny onslaught! 

A bat purse


Wicker Darling's Batholomew the green-eyed bat purse on a colourful background


Whether you’re hanging with your friends, or spending the night out dining on the town, a bat purse is the perfect accessory for spooky season. And, at Wicker Darling, we have FOUR of them. 

That’s right, meet our bat purse collection: We have Batholomew the green-eyed bat purse (our OG bat), his sultry sister Battie Paige the red-eyed bat purse, Elizabat Bathory the sinister orange-eyed bat purse, and even a vegan bat coin purse - Batholomew Jnr. 

A black cat purse


Wicker Darling's black cat coin purse


Of course, bats aren’t the only creepy (but adorable) critters we associate with spooky season. Black cats have become quite the spooky symbol over the years, in no small thanks to the Salem Witch Trials. 


Wicker Darling's Vince the black cat handbag on a vibrant background


But our black cat accessories at Wicker Darling will only bring GOOD luck, whether or not you decide to cast spells with them. With Vince the black cat handbag or Fortuna the black cat coin purse on your arm, you’ll look absolutely bewitching. 

A jack-o’-lantern purse 


Wicker Darling's Jack the jack-o’-lantern purse


What would any spooky purse collection be without THE Halloween icon included? Meet Jack the jack-o’-lantern purse. He is quite literally the epitome of Halloween fun. 

Jack is one of our larger designs - perfect for storing all your Halloween candy. And he is packing a few tricks and treats of his own. For example, his cheeky grin is actually a detachable coin purse! 

A spooky season coin purse 


Wicker Darling's candy corn coin purse


Even if your purse already HAS a coin purse, like our lovely Jack, I’m of the mind that you can never have too many coin purses. Indeed, you can use a mini coin purse for so much more than just coins. 

So, of course, I decided to design a few more coin purses to go along with Halloween bags. Take, for example, our lovely candy corn coin purse. Who could possibly resist this sweet, colourful goodness!? This coin purse will add instant Halloween status to any handbag.


Wicker Darling's bone coin purse


And, if you just want to add a little extra creep to your clothing, why not try a cute bone coin purse? This figural coin purse is creepy with a skeleton bag/costume and just plain adorable when clipped to a dog purse. It’s very versatile, indeed. 

Let’s fill the night with cackles

With this list of funny Halloween puns, and a spooky unique purse on your arm, there will be absolutely no stopping you at Halloween parties. The crowd will simply DIE of laughter. It’s a fact.

So get out there and spread some snickers and shrieks with the world.