Are you constantly on the lookout for a new wicker handbag to pair with your reverent and downright adorable outfits? You might just be a crazy wicker bag lady. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, we'd CELEBRATE it. 

But how do you know if you are one? And what makes a Wicker Darling wicker bag the best purchase for wicker lovers worldwide? 

I’m here to break down exactly what constitutes a crazy wicker bag lady (I would know, I am one) and why the Wicker Darling family is the perfect place to call home if you are one. 

What makes a Wicker Darling wicker bag so special? 

Wicker Darling designer handbags are not only the cutest wicker critters around, they’re also lovingly hand-woven and hand-painted purses by women-led, family-owned ateliers in the Philippines. 

And I couldn’t love that more.

That means when you purchase a mighty fine Midori Llama handbag, you’re helping to put food on the tables of some kick-ass Filipino artisan women, and promoting sustainable practices in the process. 

We’re all about sustainability at Wicker Darling, so all our wicker bags are made to order in limited numbers so we never waste any materials. Because of this, your wicker handbag will always be a unique, limited-edition accessory. 

And, even though these handbags are dreamt up and designed in Australia before being lovingly handmade in the Philippines, we ship them worldwide - for FREE! Whether you’re from the US, the UK, or the Ukraine, you will have no problem getting your mitts on a Wicker Darling handbag (so long as you are ready for some quickfire clicking during our pre-orders, that is).

So, if you’re looking for a fun wicker animal handbag, you’ve certainly come to the right place. This is THE place to be for the wicker obsessed. 

Is that you? 

If you’re always looking for the next wicker bag for your collection, it might be time to examine if you are, in fact, a crazy wicker bag lady. Props to you if you are - we’re a pretty fun bunch. 

6 signs you might be a crazy wicker bag lady

If you are a crazy wicker bag lady, it will usually be quite obvious to you (and everyone around you). But, just in case, here are six signs you may be blessed with a wicker obsession. 

1. You’re always falling for a new wicker animal 

Whether you’re a crazy cat lady, a bunny babe, or a dino diva (or all three at once - you go girl!) there is a wicker bag just for you. 

That means you can be a crazy WICKER cat lady - and we are ALL about that. Snatch up a cat purse and you can show off your kitten craze. Pop a dinosaur purse into your collection and  you’ll be the queen of the Holocene. 

But I know I personally could never choose just one animal to adore, which is why my wicker bag collection has grown so swiftly! I’m always thinking up cute and ridiculous creatures to transform into wicker creations. 

And there is just something extra special about an animal set in wicker. Who could resist those cute beady eyes and chonky curves!? 

If you find yourself salivating over almost every pre-order at Wicker Darling, I have news for you - you’re a crazy wicker bag lady. Congratulations!  

2. Knowing how to care for wicker is second nature to you

If you love wicker handbags as much as I do, then you absolutely know how to care for wicker by now. You know to check the weather before bringing your wicker bag outdoors, and give your wicker pet a good brushing every now and then - just like you would a fur baby. 

But if you are new to the world of wicker - and have just discovered your love of figural wicker handbags - or somehow missed the memo on proper wicker care, I can break it down for you with a few simple tips. 

To prolong the lifespan of your wicker bag you should:

  • Try to avoid prolonged sun exposure

A trip to the beach is just fine, so you don’t need to worry about your wicker pet there. But, if you’re looking for a permanent home for your wicker pet, try not to place it in an area with direct sunlight. (No matter how much Oscar the Cat seems to enjoy basking in a spot of sun.) 

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can not only cause the beautiful hand-painted colours of your wicker bag to fade, it can also harm the integrity of the rattan material. 

  • Remember that wet wicker is sad wicker. 

You wouldn’t want Flamingo Montoya to be sad would you!? You just wouldn’t do that to that dapper face! Well then, you should treat your wicker pets like you would your freshly styled hair-do.


I always make sure to check the weather report, and if it looks like a torrential downpour is on the way, I choose a non-wicker accessory. Of course, if it’s just light sprinkles, there is plenty of room for a small umbrella in your wicker bag. 

Now, a little bit of water is alright if you need to spot clean your wicker pet, but try to do so with just a slightly damp rag. Any excess moisture could spell disaster for Victor the Unicorns colourful mane. 

  • Store your wicker bag in a safe place. 

Although your wicker pet and your furry pet might seem like best friends, it’s best to store your wicker bag in an area your dog, cat, or curious bun cannot reach - you never know when they might come to a disagreement. 

  • Try not to hang your wicker handbag if you aren’t using it. 

Although the handles on a Wicker Darling wicker bag are sturdy and built to last, we want them to last AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. That means not putting strain on the handles unless you’re taking your wicker handbag for a spin around town. 

  • Give your wicker bag a good dusting

Most wicker upkeep doesn’t require any water (or even any cleaning supplies). All you need is a paintbrush, feather duster, or toothbrush! You can gently brush (not scrub) most stains away from your wicker bag without harming the pretty paint job. 

Well there you have it. If you didn’t know how to care for your wicker bag already, you certainly do now! I don’t want to hear any excuses, ladies and gents. 

3. You’re always telling people how sustainable wicker is 

It’s no secret I’m a big proponent of the slow fashion movement. When people ask meis wicker sustainable?” I’m more than happy to talk their ear off about it for the better part of an hour (sorry, not sorry). 

Wicker is wonderful for the environment. That’s because it’s made from swiftly renewing materials like bamboo, rattan, and seagrass. 

These materials require very little water (and no pesticides) to grow, and can protect trees and prevent soil erosion. On top of that, bamboo, seagrass, and rattan produce more oxygen and soak up more carbon than trees! 

Best yet, most wicker materials are locally sourced and woven by local artists, so you are supporting craft traditions and artisan communities - AND cutting down on your carbon footprint while indulging in a wickedly cute wicker companion. 


If you’re also on the sustainable train and blowing that whistle to spread the news near and far that wicker is sustainable - you might just be a crazy wicker bag lady.

4. You have the perfect wicker bag for all your vintage outfits 

Oh hey there, I see you in that stunning retro ensemble (and I wish I could see the rest of your closet). You practically wrote the book on styling - and slaying - in unique handbags made out of rattan. 

You can never have too much wicker, and if you have a beautiful dress in your closet that doesn't quite go with any of your current wicker bags, you know it’s time to purchase a new purse! 

Or, if you’re anything like me, you may have gotten to the point where you are so obsessed with your wicker collection that you no longer match your wicker bag to your outfit, but your outfit to your wicker bag. 

That’s right - I’m sure you’ve gone shopping for socks, shoes, dresses and brooches JUST to pair with your figural wicker handbag. And if you have, you’re in good company. 

5. You think of your wicker pets as family

You might be a crazy wicker bag lady if your wicker handbags not only have names, but are well-loved family members.

Do your wicker bags have prime display locations throughout your home? Do you greet them when you walk in the door? Do you think of your bags as having their own distinct personalities?

HELLO. Crazy wicker bag lady - check. 

And as a crazy wicker bag lady myself, I wouldn’t want it any other way. My wicker babies are an inseparable part of my family, and I cannot wait for that family to grow and grow and grow because there is always room in my heart for more wicker. 

6. Your love of wicker extends beyond wicker bags

When it comes to wicker, there’s no such thing as too much - and I’m not just talking about wicker bags either. When you are a true wicker lover, you love ALL things wicker. A chair? A laundry hamper? A coffee table? A full garden patio set?


Your wicker furniture can be natural or painted, and you can switch out the cushions for different moods and seasons. Wicker is just so incredibly versatile. 

Not only that, but wicker is cute, comfortable, easy to clean, great for the environment, and just gosh darn perfect for every surface of your home - so wicker it up!

Does this sound like you? Then it’s time to buy more wicker! 

No matter where you’re resting your tush to pine over wicker, we can deliver a glorious wicker partner to you. And, because we offer free international shipping - and generously flexible payment plans for our wicker handbags - there is NOTHING HOLDING YOU BACK.

Let your crazy wicker bag lady out in FULL FORCE. 

At Wicker Darling, we have a new wicker bag (or two) featured for pre-order every month, so there will always be a new wicker cutie to snatch up. 

So, are you ready to add to your wicker menagerie? If you’re really the crazy wicker bag lady we both believe you to be, you’d best pop over to the Wicker Darling wicker bag store to see what glorious wicker stump muffin is featured today!