My wonk-a-doodle-doughnuts, you’re unique, you’re sassy and you’re one of a kind - and that’s exactly why you need some hand-painted purses in your life. 

You can already see that the Wicker Darling lineup is just chock-full of unique purses that are the perfect flamboyant accessories to show off your style and personality, because you’ve got both in spades! They are fun, fabulous and can be absolute works of art as well - whether that’s hanging on your arm or gracing the floating shelves of your living room wall.

 ...but what is it about these stunning beauties that is so darn special? 

Why I’ll tell you what! 

6 reasons hand-painted purses are so special 

6 Reasons Hand-Painted Purses are so Special

There are so many reasons (besides how darn cute they are) to love our handmade wicker bags and here are some of my favourites. 

1. Hand-painted purses are one-of-a-kind 

Want a purse that truly stands out from the crowd? Then a hand-painted purse is the perfect accessory for you. Because they are made by the skilled hands of an artisan crafts person, each and every one of these unique purses will be slightly different from the rest. And we love that.

Because it means you can rest your pretty head at night, fully assured that no purse on EARTH will be exactly like yours. No same-outfit drama here - only dreams of dashing suitors and cute ensembles!

If anything, the slight differences in hand-painted purses give them more character and make them even more endearing. Take Flamingo Montoya, the flashy flamingo purse for instance - you never know exactly how his stripey snoot is going to show up, but you always know it’s going to be FABULOUS. 

2. Hand-painted purses are perfect decor pieces

Hand-painted purses don’t just look great on your arm, they’re also the precise home decor you’ve never known about but always needed. I mean, they are literally pieces of ART.

Someone spent hours lovelying perfecting your pretty Percy Peacock purse from the tip of his judgey beak to the end of his seed-beaded tail (say that 10x fast - I dare ya!)

So my gosh you’d better DISPLAY him! He’s all about being the centre of attention anyway.

Belle-ephant the Elephant would just be perfect for your boho decor, and you know Markus the Sharkus would go swimmingly with your beach house furniture and that nautical-inspired sitting room you’ve pinned a thousand times. 

Not to mention that no self-respecting cat lady would say no to some painted purses in the shape of cats proudly perched on their shelves. And lucky for you, we have cat purses a-plenty for you to choose from. It goes without saying, you can be a crazy wicker purse lady without being a crazy cat lady, but if you’re both, we love you all the more for it!

From the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom there’s not an alcove that isn’t brightened by a cheeky animal-shaped hand-painted purse. 

3. Hand-painted purses provide jobs for artisans

One of the best things about our handmade handbags is that they uplift incredible artisan men and women. When you buy a hand-painted purse, you’re choosing to support small businesses and artists over large corporations.

Many of the people making our hand-woven wicker wonders are mothers and older women who have been given the opportunity to work from home and provide for their families because of your purchases - which means your pre-order is as much a gift to them as it is to you! 

Plus, on top of creating employment opportunities for artists, purchasing a hand-painted purse helps to keep art traditions alive.

Now don’t you just feel warm and fuzzy about purchasing a unique wicker bag - or two - or three from our irreverent collections? 

4. Hand-painted purses are limited-edition items 

Because they are made by hand, hand-painted purses aren’t produced in mass quantities like bulk-produced machine made purses. That means that you’ll be one of the few people walking around with a similar style - and as we mentioned before, even those will be slightly different. 

This also makes them the ultimate wicker collectors item. And that’s just another reason why, at Wicker Darling, we make each of our ridiculous styles in limited numbers. We WANT our collections to stay exclusive. That way, if you do happen to snatch one of our designer wicker bags during a pre-order or re-stock event, it will always be something to show off. 

And finally, when you order your very own wicker creation from Wicker Darling, you’ll receive a hand-numbered and signed authenticity card - so you know you’re getting the real deal. 

5. Hand-painted purses are a more sustainable option

Investing in a hand-painted purse is a good way to promote the slow fashion movement. We mentioned that these bags are thoughtfully made in limited quantities, but that also means there isn’t a large amount of unsold stock that would end up in a landfill. 

Plus, hand painting requires very little resources and energy compared to big machines that serve the same purpose. Did I mention that the wicker we happen to be painting on is a quite sustainable option?

Finally, we sure are picky when it comes to quality standards. These bags are built to last - they’re meant to endure your love for them and all the outfit options awaiting. Which is to say, forever.

So it’s really a no-brainer here.

6. Hand-painted purses are the ultimate conversation starters 

Just try stepping out of the house with a bunny rabbit purse that’s been crafted out of wicker on your arm without getting OOHS and AAHS and compliment after compliment. Who wouldn’t love a chonky bun with a cute little carrot coin purse!? 

People will squeal and cross the room just for a closer look at your too-cute-to-believe animal handbag. Trust me, it happens all the time. 

You’ll get all sorts of quirky queries when you don one of the distinctive wicker bags from Wicker Darling. And it’s just the sort of attention you both deserve. 

Hand-painted purses are the perfect conversation piece - they’ll give your office party something fun to chat about and will give you a boost of confidence everywhere you go. So just buy one already! 

All about the hand-painted purses at Wicker Darling 

Wicker Darling Hand-Painted Purses

Wicker Darling handbags are lovingly hand woven and painted in two small family-owned businesses in the Philippines. The artisans specialise in traditional Filipino wicker methods - and purchasing one of our fabulous wicker purses helps to pass those traditions on. 

We try to use the most sustainable practices possible for our handmade handbags. The rattan material is sourced locally and collected by hand to reduce the carbon footprint. Even the material itself is sustainable, as rattan is a rapidly renewable material, needs very little resources to grow, and helps protect the local trees. 

We spend hours and hours going over the minute details of each purse design - deciding the best colours, hues, wicker forms, handles and closures. We use the highest quality materials and really think about mixing form and function to create a beautiful, long-lasting work of art.

A Wicker Darling purse is an investment - we know that. You are paying for quality, for the time of our artisans and for a collectors item unlike any other. But not to worry, we want our designer wicker handbags to be affordable too - that’s why we offer free international shipping and flexible purse payment plans for all our designs. 

These one-of-a-kind pieces are worth the money and time they take to create. You’re not only paying for a wicker bag, you’re paying to support small businesses, put food on the tables of Filipino artisan men and women and give me funds to keep creating ridiculous new designs every month! (You never know what critter I’ll come up with next.) 

And Wicker Darling is more than just a store - we’re a family. It’s a family we invite you to join! We look after our own here at the Wicker Darling family, from inside deets on new purse launches, to flash restocks, to styling tips, to everything you could ever need to know to care for wicker baskets and purses

Get your very own hand-painted purse today 

Wicker Hand-Painted Purses - Wicker Darling

We are incredibly passionate about the handmade bags we make in the Philippines and dream up here in Australia - and we love to share them with the world. A hand-painted purse is infinitely more special than an off-the-rack handbag, and it’s a purchase we know you won’t regret. 

We have genuine love for our unique handbags and want your purchase to last you for years to come. Which is why we know you’ll appreciate the high-quality materials and beautiful craftsmanship that arrives at your doorstep.

So come shop for your very own wicker bag. You know your arm candy will be unlike any other on Earth - just like you my ridiculous darling.