At Wicker Darling, we have a profound love for all things fun, quirky and unspeakably ridiculous - so naturally, we go more than a little bit crazy for a good pun. Just look at the names of some of our wicker bags! From Charlotte Bronte-saurus to Moby Wick to Fineapple the Pineapple…

Aren’t we so punny?

And it’s that last purse on the list that really inspired us to dole-whip up some perfectly fineapple pineapple puns for you. You can use them for your own amusement (we know we will) or share them as greeting cards, home decor, home screen backgrounds on your phone, you name it! 

Here are our favourite fruity puns inspired by our extra-fine Fineapple the Pineapple purse

30 juicy pineapple puns for your enjoyment

 1. Let’s live pineapply ever after.

 2. I’m feeling so freaking fineapple.

 3. I pine for you.

 4. If you were a fruit you’d be a fineapple.

 5. Well excuse me your pine-ness.

 6. You are so ananasome.

 7. You’re the piña to my colada.

 8. Tropic like it’s hot.

 9. That’s just Hawaii roll.

 10. You’re lookin’ absolutely PINE.

 11. You’re the pineapple of my eye.

 12. Pineapp-arently it’s your birthday!

 13. This is a piña co-LOT for me.

 14. A pineapple a day keeps the worries away.

 15. Piña cola-DUH!

 16. I pineappsolutely adore you.

 17. Hey there fineapple, you’re cute to the core.

 18. You’re giving me all the peels.

 19. Free the pine-nipples!

 20. I’d like to pineapp-ologize.

 21. A pineapple never falls far from the tree.

 22. You’re looking simply fineapple!

 23. Nice anan-ass!

 24. Don’t be a pain-apple!

 25. Pineapples. Because apples aren’t pine enough alone.

 26. Let’s go ananas!

 27. When life gives you pineapples just add rum.

 28. How'd you like them pine-apples?

 29. When life’s a beach, make piña coladas.

 30. Don’t worry, you’ll be fineapple.

Had enough punapples? Then it’s time to switch gears and talk about our pinap-PURSE. 

Meet Fineapple the Pineapple wicker purse (and our other summer-y purses)

My lovers of juicy, tropical goodness. Fineapple the Pineapple is a designer wicker pineapple purse just MADE for you.

The gorgeously textured skin. The sunny yellow core. The regal crown. Our wicker pineapple purse has a delightful circular handle, as well as a bright green leather cross body strap and closure. This pineapple purse has it all, honey! 

Fineapple exudes all the majestic sunshiney goodness a pineapple purse should, and is finely crafted from the highest quality materials. In fact, Fineapple the Pineapple is handmade by some extremely talented artisans. 

This is one Philippine-apple

All our bags at Wicker Darling are hand-crafted in the Philippines. The material of these rattan handbags is sourced, harvested, cured, and woven locally, and helps to provide jobs for local artisans while cutting back on our carbon footprint. 

In fact, most of the employees in the small, family-owned ateliers we partner with are AH-mazing women just like you! 

When you purchase one of our limited-edition wicker purses, you’re helping them put food on their tables, keeping artisan traditions alive, and providing yourself with the best accessory in your arsenal. 

That’s what I call a win-win!

And, if you’re feeling inspired to snatch up a wicker purse of your very own, then I’ve got some good news for you.

We have a lot more options for your summer wardrobe than just pineapples!

Bring on the tropics 

My pun loving people, I have a whole FLOCK of tropical birds just dying to meet you. 

Our beautiful bird purses are truly a work of art in statement bag form. They make fabulous home decor, and will make you the centre of attention the second you walk out the door! 

Take Tallulah the Toucan for example. No one would ever accuse a toucan of being dull or boring. This colourful chonk of a bird will liven up absolutely any outfit in your closet, and she goes particularly well with happy yellows, greens, and jungle prints. 

And then there is Iva Cockatoo who is just downright cheeky. This sassy satchel has just as much crowning glory as our pineapple purse, and will be the talk of the town! 

Need something a little more ridiculous? Well why didn’t you say so!?

We have plenty of fantastical flamingo options for you. Meet Chile, Monty, and Annie, our resident flamingos. There will always be flamingos flying off the shelves at Wicker Darling. If you take a look at our logo, you will see that these feathery pink beasts have permanent place in our hearts.

That’s because a flamingo purse was the whole inspiration for Wicker Darling! If it weren’t for my very particular need (NEED!) for a pink flamingo purse, you wouldn’t have a wicker pineapple purse to ogle in the first place. 

You’re welcome. 

Flamingos are the perfect wacky accessory for any vintage vixen. If you don’t have one in your closet, then you’re simply doing yourself a disservice! So for goodness sake, please snatch one up when it is available for pre-order.  

Now, the best thing about our wickery flock is that these birds (and all our designer wicker purses) fly straight to your doorstep for FREE. That’s right, a little louder for the back...FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!

Don’t say I never did anything for you. 

A fruit-ful endeavor

If you’re dead set on sticking to fruit, we still have options for you. The juiciest lewk of the summer belongs to none other than our extra vibrant Walter Melon the Watermelon. This watermelon purse is ripe for the picking and ready to be your main squeeze! 

Walter Melon is dazzling - with glittering black beaded seeds, a bright red upper, and two-tone green base. He has a green wicker handle, and also a green leather, cross-body strap option, so you can style him any way you want him.

And, shut the front door, the interior of this purse is GINGHAM. That’s right friends, this is THE go-to picnic basket of cute summer purses.

Speaking of which, Walter Melon is a sizable wicker bag. You can fit all your picnic essentials and then some in this gorgeous garnet gem. 

But, if Walter Melon isn’t quite your taste either, then fret not. I’ve got some juicy design ideas brewing right now! 

And, no matter which of our ridiculous purses you end up choosing, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd splendiferously.

You’re a fineapple any you slice it 

My squishalicious sauceberries, you’ve clearly got a great sense of humour - and if you’ve read this far then you have good taste too. You simply can’t go with adding any of our wacky wicker creations to your over-the-top personality. 

And, if you want some tips on how to style your unique handbags, then we have those in SPADES. Plus, you can pop on over to join the Wicker Family and see what they are up to with their designer wicker bags. 

You’ll also be the first to know when a new purse hits the shelves, because as sure as summer sun we’ll be dropping new fruity and furry styles every month!