No fruit brings a smile to my face quite like a watermelon does. They’re juicy, they’re vibrant, and they have built-in seed embellishments. Which is what makes watermelon accessories so much fun! (And is the reason there is a growing line of watermelon accessories in my collection.)

It all started with our punny and lovable watermelon purse Walter Melon. And when I say watermelon purse, I really mean more of a picnic basket! Walter was massive, but much-beloved. And, as such, I thought it made sense to bring some watermelons back in all new styles.

Meet our collection of watermelon accessories

Here is our adorable collection of handmade watermelon accessories - woven with love from us to you! 

Our Mini Melon satchel


Wicker Darling's Mini Melon satchel with red strap


Meet the Mini Melon. This watermelon purse is every bit as fabulous as our OG Walter Melon bag, just in a slightly more manageable size for everyday wear. Because not everyone wants to lug a woven picnic basket around all day. 

But a crossbody watermelon satchel on the other hand… that’s a winner! 

This gorgeous little bag is ultra-colourful, with a two-toned green rind, yellow pith, and vibrant red fruit centre. And, of course, no watermelon purse would be complete without the seeds! The hand painted seeds really add a special character to this purse.

As previously stated, this happy little watermelon is made in a crossbody style, with a bright red leather strap. Of course, the strap is completely detachable, so you can customise the look of your watermelon accessories. 

Our handwoven watermelon earrings


Wicker Darling's handwoven watermelon earrings


Now, we aren’t all about purses at Wicker Darling (though they ARE what we’re known for best)! We also have a beautiful line of handwoven fruit earrings thanks to our collaborations with Casa Bonita Lifestyle.

And, one of those pairs of earrings is watermelons! Our watermelon earrings add that extra bit of cheer to your ensemble, and are sure to make onlookers smile. They are woven by hand from iraca palm, and those little stitched seeds are simply too cute to handle!

Wear them on their own, or with your watermelon outfit and satchel! 

Our fun fruit salad earrings


Wicker Darling's fruit salad earrings on a light blue background


If watermelon earrings are enough on their own, why not mix your watermelons with other fruit?

Our fruit salad earrings are the perfect example. These hoop earrings come in three different sizes, and all three of them feature itty, bitty watermelons! 

Side by side with pears, strawberries, pineapples, and more, these watermelon earrings are just begging to be loved. Who could resist!? 

Grab a juicy slice of summer

Every season is summer when you have a watermelon purse. These cute summer purses evoke smiles and sunshine like magic! 

If you’re wearing them in actual summer, they are the perfect addition to a picnic in the park (and a fabulous muse for your summer nail art ideas). 

But, let’s be honest, I love watermelon accessories all year round. And the same can be said for our other zesty fruit purses and accessories.