Get your gifts for vintage lovers here, my darlings. Whether it’s a late holiday party, birthday bash, or random Tuesday just-because, we’ve got the goods you need when you’re in the giving mood. In fact, I have compiled a list of the absolute best gift ideas for women, men, and all the handbag-loving people among us. 

Now, I want to clarify that these gift ideas are not only for purse people. They are also some of the best gift ideas for women, men, and any humans who are animal lovers, vintage lovers, and lovers of unique, novelty, or ridiculous things (slowly raises hand in agreeance). Which amounts to quite a large number of us. 

But there’s more that needs to be said. 

These are truly vintage wicker purses and accessories for the people. ​​While our products garner a lot of attention from people who identify as women, they can be loved by ALL PEOPLE. This is a very important fact. And something we at Wicker Darling are immensely proud of. 

I repeat: ANYONE can love and cherish a Wicker Darling pet. 

For the sake of brevity, we may say gifts for women, men, and humans. And when we do, we truly mean each and every single human reading this. If you have a love of the quirky and outrageous, we love you. And this is your community.

Our guide to the best gift ideas for purse people

While the Wicker Darling Year-End Bag Bonanza has already come and gone, there are still some fabulous year-round options if you want unique gifts for vintage-lovers.

As you know, the handbag pre-order process has become a rite of passage for those who want to own a vintage wicker purse from our collection. And you may also know that we always like to keep things interesting. So that’s why our list of best gift ideas for women, men, and humans feature our latest, always in-stock items! 

You read that right.

Always. In. Stock. 

We’ve been working night and day to bring the Wicker Darling community more ways to flaunt their love of vintage. More fabulous accessories to accessorise with. And more ways to gift your vintage-lover with a little something when the mood strikes (no special occasion needed).

Now, things are in a bit of a flurry around the workroom these days thanks to our current world-wide situation (a one virus-that-shall-not-be-named). Shipping has become a little less timely here in Australia and we can never be 100% sure when the Post will come pick up our parcels.

So although you have a better chance of snatching up these in-stock items than a sneaky flash-restock bag, it’s still important to think fast. If you think that one of our best gift ideas for women, men, or humans is the best gift for your human, snatch it up right here, right now.

1. Beautifully embroidered clutches

This wouldn’t be a guide to the best gift ideas for women, men, and humans who love purses if we didn’t start with our newest arrivals! A divergence from our usual figural wicker fare, we’re now proudly offering stunning stitched clutch bags.

Some events call for elegance. Or at the very least, they call for not slinging a full-size cat or sausage dog purse on your arm. In such cases, a clutch is best. So it’s a good thing I’ve designed some!

If you are looking for the best gift ideas for women, men, and humans who are vegan, you’re in even more luck. Because there isn’t a single stitch of leather to be found on many of our clutches. Instead, these artisan pieces are a woven material and hand-embroidered with Australiana prints and tropical scenes. Just perfect for a night on the town or a beach-side vacation! 

We have some cheeky macaw prints in three different colour options (natural, black, and hot pink) to suit your giftee’s style, and some even cheekier birds to be found in our “Rude Clutch” where the birds are not so much flying as...flipping. If you know what I mean. 

So whether your darling giftee is all sass, all elegance, or the perfect mix of the two, we are sure there will be a clutch in our collection that will match their sartorial sensibilities.

Finally, these clutches have thin metal chain straps that can be tucked inside when not in use. They also feature robust magnetic closures to keep your belongings secure, with stunning stone clasps in a variety of colours. This is to make the clutch easier to open for people with fumbly fingers like me. 

And, if you want to give a Wicker Darling clutch some extra attitude, you could even attach one of our cute mini coin purses or silk scarves to them. (Just think of all the fun gift combinations!)

2. Quirky silk scarves

Speaking of, another new addition to the Wicker Darling collection is a line of silk scarves. They feature gorgeous bespoke designs made exclusively for our community by the lovely Laura of Obscurio & Co

A mulberry silk square is one of the best gift ideas for women, men, or humans who need a versatile vintage accessory in their life. Silk scarves are timeless, effortless, and fabulous in every season. And they can be worn hundreds of different ways. We even have a whole blog post on how to tie a silk scarf - satiating your headwrap and neck scarf need and giving you some handbag accessorising options.

Our debut designs are smaller silk squares inspired by the tropics and Amalfi lemons (still very much featuring flamingos). But you can also expect to see more scarves in different shapes, sizes, and colours, from long rectangular silk scarves to chic, colour-blocked squares. We want to make the designs as versatile as possible, letting your gifttee enjoy them on their own or with any of our vintage wicker purses.

A Wicker Darling silk scarf will work just as wonderfully on a flamingo purse or toucan purse as it will on a pineapple or dinosaur purse. And, of course, if your giftee should choose to use their silk scarf to dress up a bag that is NOT from Wicker Darling… well, we’d support them wholeheartedly! 

3. Reusable tote bags

If you came here looking for the best gift ideas for women, men, and humans who are purse-obsessed, then there is a good chance that the person you are shopping for cares about taking care of their collection. 

Which is why a purse raincoat would be the perfect gift. Hear me out. 

Many purses - wicker and leather included - don’t like to be caught out in the rain. In fact, water can completely ruin a once-adored accessory. That’s why I decided to design these reusable tote bags, which double as wicker bag rain covers. 

They are fun, lightweight, super compact when closed up, and large enough to hold even our chonkiest handbags when open. They are also multi-use. Your giftee can use one as a beach bag, grocery bag, YOU NAME IT. 

And, when you purchase a reusable tote from Wicker Darling, you are actually receiving a set of not one, not two, but THREE tote bags. All in different colours and styles to suit your person’s preference and mood - and all with the same convenient dimensions. This way, they can store one bag in the car, one at work, or one inside their actual purse, which is rather convenient for a spur-of-the-moment shopping spree.

These reusable tote bags make you a very thoughtful gift-giver indeed.

4. Versatile gift certificates

No one knows what a person wants better than the person themself. 

So the safe bet (especially where international shipping times are involved) is always a gift certificate. And so, Wicker Darling offers flexible gift certificates in any dollar amount you desire. You can buy one outright with a card or via Afterpay, if you reside in Australia.

A smaller amount can help your wicker lover get their mitts on our adorable coin purse collection or a silk scarf that’s won over their heart. Or, you can gift a larger sum to ensure they get the wicker bag of their dreams.

New designs roll in each month at Wicker Darling. We are always dreaming up quirky seasonal styles, cute chonky creatures, and of course, new siblings for our ever-growing dino family. And let’s not forget that flamingos are our thing. Our very first design, the whole reason for the existence of this brand, was a flamingo. And thus, flamingos will always remain a recurring theme in our product lineup. 

That makes a Wicker Darling gift certificate one of the best gift ideas for women, men, and humans who simply can’t get enough of these pink birds.

We also have some vegan handbags, vegan mini coin purses, and some other sneaky surprises rolling in. Giving your lovely purse-lover a Wicker Darling gift certificate will help them snatch up that limited-edition surprise release STRAIGHT AWAY. 

Last but not least, our gift certificates are accessed online, making them absolutely ideal last-minute gifts.

So I rest my case: a gift card is one of the best gift ideas for women, men, and humans who love purses. Why? Because it gives your vintage-obsessed giftee an opportunity to purchase any product their heart desires. 

Get that gift shopping underway!

My delightful squeaky tub ducks, all this (rather enjoyable) reading will have been for nought if you don’t actually purchase something. Even with all the best gift ideas for women, men, and humans who love purses now swimming around in your skull, you must choose.

If you’re on a time-sensitive search to secure the best gift for women, men, or humans, we absolutely recommend upgrading your order to express shipping. You can email us at if you would like to request an express shipping quote (it’s usually around $12 AUD for international shipping). It’s actually MORE expensive for some parts of Australia depending on your distance from Melbourne, because our country is just so special like that. 

And, if you are in one of the countries that has recently suspended express post services (yes, this is a thing, please look it up and check!), regular post with tracking and free international shipping is an option we always offer. 

We love some surprise gifting and spreading general joy at Wicker Darling. During the holidays, I literally plan out a different Christmas outfit to wear every single day of December. And I never turn down an opportunity to do a cheeky seasonally-themed wicker bag design.

I’m positively delighted you’re gift shopping here - and know your giftee will be just as delighted to receive their new Wicker Darling piece.