My sweet rainbow rocket pops, we couldn’t be more delighted to announce that the animal shaped purse collection is continuing to grow in new (and downright adorable) ways. 

We’re talking purse families. 

Nothing less than animal-shaped purse families.

Of course, we’ve had collections of cat purses, flamingo purses, and dinosaur purses for a while now, but we are expanding our offerings to encompass not just wicker bags, but elegant wicker clutches, coin purses, and purse charms for handbags. That’s right, the whole shebang! 

So if you’ve fallen head over kitten heels for the now-retired Viv the Unicorn or Belle-phant the Elephant, there are all new (and equally lovable) styles to add to your animal shaped purse family. 

And as we’ve started making more styles, it’s become clear that we need the verbage to discuss them properly. We’ve mentioned that a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance. We’ve even waxed poetic about the wisdom of wombats - but there are so many animal group names out there that you simply don’t (and NEED to) know. 

Because animal group names are the BEST. And we will be using them liberally to discuss our growing animal shaped purse families at Wicker Darling.

So get ready to fill your thinker with all manner of animal family names - before we introduce you to our fabulous animal shaped purse families themselves! 

100+ animal group names you might not know

You may know about a pack of wolves or a flock of birds, but there are many - MANY - animal group names that you’ve probably never heard of. Some are silly alliterations, others are just downright preposterous. 

And that’s why we love them.

We love unusual animal group names so much, in fact, that we’ve decided to share over 100 of them with you today!

1. A congregation of alligators

2. A candle of anteaters

3. A shrewdness of apes

4. A roll of armadillos

5. A cauldron or cloud of bats

6. A sloth or sleuth of bears

7. A swarm, colony, bike, cluster, erst, grist, or rabble of bees

8. A sounder of boar

9. A gang or an obstinacy of buffalo

10. A fluffle of bunnies

11. A caravan or train of camels

12. A glaring, clowder, clutter, pounce, dout, nuisance, or glorying of cats

13. A dash of cassowary

14. A coalition of cheetahs

15. A bed of clams

16. A quiver of cobras

17. A crackle of cockatoos

18. An intrusion of cockroaches

19. A cast of crabs

20. A bask, congregation, or float of crocodiles

21. A murder of crows

22. A herd, pack, gaggle, or terror of dinosaurs

23. A pack, mute (hounds), cowardice (curs), or kennel of dogs

24. An arc, cote, dole, dule, flight, or piteousness of doves

25. A flock, badling, brace, safe, sord, sore, skein, waddling, paddling, or raft of ducks

26. A fling of dugongs

27. A memory, parade, or herd of elephants

28. A cast of falcons

29. A business of ferrets

30. A charm of finches

31. A school or shoal of fish

32. A regiment, flurry, or flamboyance of flamingos

33. A leash, earth, or skulk of foxes

34. An army of frogs

35. An implausibility of gnus

36. A herd, tribe, or trip of goats

37. A gaggle, plump, or wedge of geese

38. A tower of giraffes

39. A whoop of gorillas

40. A horde of hamsters

41. An array of hedgehogs

42. A bloat or thunder of hippopotamuses

43. A charm of hummingbirds

44. A cackle of hyenas

45. A mess of iguanas

46. A prowl or shadow of jaguars

47. A party or scold of jays

48. A smack, bloom, brood, or fluther of jellyfish

49. A troop or mob of kangaroos

50. A convergence of kinkajous

51. A pounce of kittens

52. A loveliness of ladybugs

53. An exaltation of larks

54. A conspiracy of lemurs

55. A leap of leopards

56. A pride of lions

57. A risk of lobsters

58. A richness of mink

59. A labour of moles

60. A committee or delegation of mongooses

61. A troop or barrel of monkeys

62. A blessing of narwhal

63. A consortium of octopi

64. A passel of opossums

65. A team or yoke of oxen

66. A romp, family, or raft of otters

67. A parliament of owls

68. A claw of panthers

69. A pandemonium of parrots

70. An ostentation of peacocks

71. A brief, pod, pouch, scoop, or squadron of pelicans

72. A drift, drove, sounder, team, or passel of pigs

73. An aurora, celebration, or pack of polar bears

74. A prickle of porcupines

75. A pod, school, herd, or turmoil of porpoises

76. A town of prairie dogs

77. A litter of puppies

78. A colony or warren of rabbits

79. A gaze or nursery of raccoons

80. A rhumba of rattlesnakes

81. A colony or mischief of rats

82. An unkindness of ravens

83. A crash of rhinoceroses

84. A shoal of seahorses

85. A rookery of seals

86. A shiver of sharks

87. A surfeit or stench of skunks

88. An audience, squad, or shoal of squid

89. A dray or scurry of squirrels

90. A chattering or murmuration of starlings

91. An ambush or streak of tigers

92. A knot of toads

93. A rafter, gang, or posse of turkeys

94. A bale or nest of turtles

95. A huddle of walruses

96. A gang or sneak of weasels

97. A gam or pod of whales

98. A wisdom of wombats

99. A blessing of unicorns

100. A cohort, dazzle, or zeal of zebras

I could - and would simply love to - go on, but I’ll stop there for today.

Our packs and pounces of animal shaped purses

Now that your mind is filled with more plural animal prose than you could possibly remember - it’s time to discuss the animal groups that matter. 

That is, our animal shaped purse families. 

Love doggos? Mystical unicorns? Wise elephants? Beaky flamingos? You’re in luck. Our animal shaped purse families include all those amazing critters - and then some!  

I’ve been working like a mad scientist to design a whole selection of animal shaped purses and accessories of all shapes and sizes. From mini coin purses to chonky wicker totes. That way, if you are a crazy cat lady, you can have big cat, little cat, orange cat, black cat, and even vegan cat accessories. OH MY! 

Because when you love an animal, you can never have enough animal shaped purses to show off your passion. I mean, why have one unicorn when you could have a blessing of them!?

And, this way, I can keep some cat, dog, dino, and other animal shaped purses and accessories in stock and available at all times. 


Of course, we will still be keeping many of our designs as pre-order only, and those designs will continue to be limited-edition artisanal creations. But SOME of our animal shaped purses and accessories will be ready for you to snatch up any time you so choose, making them the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, and ANY days you just need some extra quirk in your life. 

So, without further ado, here are some of our favourite animal shaped purse families at Wicker Darling (with more families on the way)! 

Our flamboyance of flamingo purses 

A flamingo purse started it all at Wicker Darling, so naturally, we now have a flamboyance of them. It all began with Chile the Flamingo, the purse of my dreams that I just couldn’t find - so I made him. 

But I couldn’t possibly stop there. No, a thirst for pink flamingo accessories cannot be quenched by simply one bag! So next came the iconic Snow Chile, then the sassy Flamingo Montoya, and soon after, Annie the Anniversary Flamingo.

While I expect to continue adding full size flamingoes to our flock of bird purses, I also have begun to add some small editions to our flamingo purse family - like our adorable flamingo coin purse and wicker purse charm! 

Our clowder of cat purses 

Say hello to our glorying of cat purses. And how glorious they are!! From Orangey the Cat to Oscar the unsinkable tuxedo tom, to the gorgeous ombre Armel, named after my dear friend. 

We all know there is NO such thing as too many cats, so new cats will always be on their way!  

Case in point, I’ve recently released a vegan purse in homage to my childhood black cat Vince. 

And, for some bitty kitty cuteness, we can’t get enough of our Fortuna the Cat coin purse or our cat purse charm. But there’s more to come, kittens! 

Our pack of dog purses

Sausage dog. Weiner. Salchicha. No matter what you call them, dachshunds are iconic. Which is why I’ve made wicker dog purses (Frank and Chorizo) and coin purses (Salami) in their honour! 

But stretch-limos aren’t the only playful pups we enjoy around here, and the pack is going to grow exponentially at Wicker Darling. You’ve already seen a glimpse - in the form of our rather distinguished scottie dog coin purse. 

Well, dog-lovers rejoice. We have more full-size, clutch, coin purse, and purse charm canines on the way. I mean, have you SEEN my sketch for the corgi purse with the heart shaped bottom? YOU’RE WELCOME.  

Our blessing of unicorn purses

Everyone loves a unicorn. They are regal. They are magical. They are graceful and sweet and happy to hold all your essentials. Yes, if you are going to buy any animal shaped purse, a unicorn purse or clutch is a good bet. 

You will have fantasy fanatics flocking to your side to admire the glorious mane and splendiferous horn of your unicorn purse. And now, this animal purse family is magically multiplying. 

Viv the Unicorn and Victor the Unicorn got a new little sister in the form of our mystical Victoria the Rainbow Unicorn clutch. She’s PERFECT.

We love unicorns so much around here, that you just might see some blessings big and small trot into our workroom. 

Our herd of dinosaur purses 

Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to spotlight our incredible dinosaur purse family. Largely named after the talented Bronte family, and some seriously amazing female palaeontologists, our dinos have truly left a mark on the world - and our hearts! 

Our dinosaur accessories include wicker triceratops purses in three beautiful colours, and two adorable coin purses - one each of triceratops and brontosaurus. 

Now you may be wondering - WHERE ARE THE CARNIVORES!?

Well I’ve been working on one for quite a long time, and it just might join the herd in the near future!

More animal shaped purses are on the way!

My assemblage of accessory-collecting anthropoids, brace yourself for a crush of new and growing purse families, each more adorable and ridiculous than the next. 

I have parades of elephants, fluffles of bunnies, and all sorts of fun animal shaped purse families headed your way. So GET EXCITED. 

With our larger range of offerings, you know we will always have some in-stock options to treat yourself with. And of course, keep your eyes peeled for our regular monthly pre-order drops - because this year has an enviable line-up of artisan wicker handbags!