My visions of vintage voluptuousness, it is time to rejoice. You can get a cute, animal-shaped limited-edition, handmade purse delivered straight to your door for FREE. (No matter WHERE you live.)


Our wicker animal bags like your favorite globe-trotting family member - but UNLIKE your younger sibling or perhaps your own four-legged fur baby, they NEVER ask you to foot the bill! 

When I first created Wicker Darling, it was with the purpose of providing designer wicker handbags at affordable prices for vintage lovers of Australia and beyond. 

Well, really it was because I wanted a pink flamingo purse, but the other reasons still stand.

But don’t be fooled. Free shipping doesn’t mean fast fashion. No, no, no, no, no.

At Wicker Darling, we are proudly part of the slow fashion movement. We want to ensure that our wicker is sustainable. And we’ve streamlined every part of the order process to make that a possibility. 

But what is the journey of your handmade purse like before it ends up at your doorstep? Well, you’re about to find out! 

From design to delivery: the journey of your handmade purse 

The handmade purses from Wicker Darling are investment items, and they are worth every minute you wait for them. 

From the moment I dream up the design for the newest wicker animal handbag, to the moment it lands in your arms, each step is meticulously thought through and carried out, so you can get the very best - and most ridiculous - quirky purse possible. 

Before your handmade purse gets woven together, I take the time to think of the function, balance, and durability of each piece. 

I choose the colour, length and material of the handles (some of our bags are even vegan!) and think through d-rings and tassels and magnetic closures and anything else that could possibly help the quality of your wicker schmoop. 

And once I am satisfied, the design gets past to our extremely talented women over at the atelier in the Philippines. 

Handmade purses made in the Philippines 

That’s right. Although I sell these handbags online in Australia, they are made by hand in the Philippines! (By some really bad-ass women I might add.)

I work closely with two small, family-owned and women-lead businesses who hire local artisans to artfully construct our rattan handbags

The rattan we use for our handmade purses is locally grown and sourced, so not only does it cut back on our carbon footprint, it also provides jobs for the local communities. 

Our wicker weaving wonder women constantly shock me by taking my (rather rudimentary) drawings and transforming them into the exact vision I had in my head. Heck, sometimes they come up with something even better! 

What I’m saying is, there is true talent behind these handmade purses, and the ladies at the atelier deserve some serious recognition! 

And because they put so much hard work into our handmade purses, we want to make sure none of that effort goes to waste. We don’t want to overtask our workers, and we certainly don’t want these wicker works of art to end up collecting dusk in a store room (or worse, in a landfill). 

It is precisely for these reasons (and quite a few reasons more, I might add) that we have chosen a pre-order only system of sale at Wicker Darling. 

Have patience with pre-orders 

Alright my feisty fillies, I know you are chomping at the bit for your first glimpse of your whimsical wicker floopsiedoo - but you MUST WAIT. 

Although I usually think patience is a waste of time, in this case it really is a virtue (I promise).

In fact, we polled the Wicker Family and you by-and-large preferred the pre-order system to in-stock releases. And, for those of you who our new to this party, here is why:

  • Pre-orders make it easier to snatch up your favourite handmade purses. Pre-ordering your handmade purse means you won’t need to sit at your computer screen with sweat rolling down your back and clicker finger at the ready to try to beat out the other would-be wicker mothers. 
  • It gives everyone around the world a chance to become a wicker bag lady. Women world-wide are drooling over these wicker curves, and it wouldn’t be fair if we released them when people in other time zones were working or getting much deserved beauty rest.
  • You have time to prepare for your wicker pet. The pre-order period (which is generally about five days in length) gives you time to carefully consider your purchase and assess your finances, so you don’t make an impulse decision. 
  • It also gives you time to responsibly budget for your new bag. Speaking of finances, buying through pre-order allows you to take advantage of our two purse payment plan options
  • Pre-orders help us stay more sustainable as a brand. After the orders are placed, I know EXACTLY how many flamingo purses or dinosaur purses to make, and there won’t be any waste of materials or effort. This also keeps our costs as low as possible - which is why we can give you free international shipping! 
  • Pre-orders amp up the exclusivity of your designer bag. You will know exactly how many handmade purses are in the batch (and in existence) and be reassured that your purse club is an EXCLUSIVE one. 

So now that you know a little more about WHY we offer pre-order on our handmade purses, it’s time to discuss how you actually go about ordering one! 

Dashing through debut day 

When the day finally comes to get your hands on a Wicker Darling handbag, it’s important to know your options! 

We offer flexible payment plans to help you fit our handbags into your budget, and even accept Afterpay. If you want to know more about how Afterpay works for our designer bags, you’re in luck - we’ve written an entire blog post on the subject! 

We even have our own in-house payment plans that allow you to spread out the cost of your purse over four payments - so you never need to break the bank for your wicker cutie. 

When you fill out the request form to sign up for our payment plan, please pay close attention to all the dates listed. The first payment will be due before the pre-order cut off date, and we will not accept late payments. 

As such, it’s best to be prepared when it comes to financing your wicker handbags. Maybe even set some calendar reminders (although we will, of course, send you invoices). 

Keep in mind that we do not offer ‘change of mind’ returns or exchanges. When you pre-order a purse from us, you are making a commitment to give a good home to your animal handbag, so please don’t abandon it! (I don’t know why you’d want to - there are all sorts of fun places you can go with your quirky purses!)

If you happen to fall in love with another handbag a month or two after your purchase, it simply means you need TWO handbags. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Once your bag has been ordered and accounted for, it’s time for the waiting game to begin. We know it’s hard to wait for your cute wicker friend, but it will all be worth it in the end. Just keep watching those updates, and your hand-painted rattan handbag will be on its way to you before you know it. 

Ready and raring to ship! 

The day has finally come. Your purse is on it’s way!

Rest assured, we ship the whole worldwide. If you don’t see your country listed on our shipping form, please let us know and we’ll add it in!

Shipping on ALL orders is free, no matter what handmade purse you purchase or where you are shipping it. 

And, this free shipping includes tracking and insurance in case of loss or damage during transit. (Although we do this with the best intentions, we actually don’t have a say in whether Australia Post will choose to pay out said insurance.)

To find out when your bag has shipped, please join our mailing list (and/or turn on notifications for our Insta) and we will send out updates on shipping schedules for each batch of handmade purses. 

If your bag is early, or running a little behind schedule, we’ll be sure to let you know - so keep scanning your inbox! 

And, if you happen to be changing addresses in the meantime, please, please, please email as soon as possible so we can make sure your wicker animal doesn’t end up homeless!

If you do email us, please let us know which specific handmade purse(s) you are waiting on (as well as your new address of course) and we will update your order to make sure your designer wicker bag safely arrives. 

Home is where the handbag is 

Your new designer wicker bag will arrive at your doorstep safe, sound and ready for a promenade.

Your purse will look fabulous on display in your home, or with any colourful or animal-inspired outfit. You two are going to be INSEPARABLE. 

If there does happen to be an issue with your wicker handbag, please contact us immediately. We may be able to offer a replacement if there is a genuine defect or damage, but remember, some of what you might consider defects are really just quirky cute characteristics of your purse’s handmade craftsmanship. 

Every bag will have minor differences in the leather work, finishing, and painting details - that’s just part of the beauty of handmade designer handbags! The artisan craftsmanship ensures that your purse is like no other purse on Earth - and that’s incredibly special. 

Ready to buy purses online with free shipping? 

No matter where you are or where you go, you can always get Wicker Darling purses with free shipping. It’s just one more thing to love about our already incredibly loveable wicker handbags. 

So shop away my wicker-obsessed vintage vixens! We’ve got new styles coming in (or old favourites returning) every single month, so there is always something to adore over here. With flexible payment plans, no interest and free international shipping, there is absolutely no reason I can possibly think of not to buy more, more, MORE!

So hop on over to our store and snatch up a wicker animal purse today!