Flamingos will always have a special place at Wicker Darling, which is why, for our fourth anniversary, we debuted this spectacular flamingo silk scarf. 

For those who don’t know, flamingos are what started it all at Wicker Darling, or more specifically, my utter NEED for a pink flamingo purse that couldn’t be found. 

And now, we have so many flamingo purses in our collection - and the collection continues to grow. Joined by unique flamingo accessories of all sorts. Like our pink flamingo scarf, for example. 

But just how did this gloriously flamboyant flamingo print scarf come to be? Let’s take a look at the making of our anniversary flamingo scarf. 

Behind the scenes of our flamingo silk scarf


Wicker Darling's flamingo silk scarf


While I, Jasmine, am behind the design of all our wicker purses, mini coin purses, and more at Wicker Darling - scarf prints are not so much my forte. Which is why I enlisted the help of a very special Australian designer, Laura Richter from Obscurio & Co. 

If you’ve ever admired the colourful Wicker Darling Instagram feed, or thought our newsletters really hit it out of the park, you have Laura to thank! She’s been instrumental in helping us with our vibrant branding. And, we also collaborated with her on our designer silk scarves. 

One of them was our anniversary scarf! This flamingo silk scarf is a whopping 36 by 36 inches, as opposed to the mere 23 of our other silk scarves. We wanted the maximum surface area to display this stunning print. 

The flamingo print scarf features three different species of flamingo in all their glory, and heaps pink on pink on PINK (which is something I always love). Of course, the blue, lavender, and shock of bright foliage add some much-needed contrast to the vintage-inspired print, and I really think Laura has outdone herself with this one. 

It’s a stunner. 

After Laura and I collaborated on the design, we had it made from the softest mulberry silk from a SEDEX and BSCI compliant company. So it’s a feel-good scarf all around! 

Add our flamingo silk scarf to your collection


DIY flamingo purse wearing Wicker Darling's flamingo silk scarf


I’m of the belief that everyone needs more flamingos in their life - and a flamingo scarf is a great way to add them to your wardrobe!

If you aren’t sure how to tie a silk scarf, never worry. I’ve got a whole guide on that for you, so you can learn how to use your flamingo silk scarf as a hair wrap, wrist wrap, handbag accessory, and more. 

This flamingo silk scarf is the perfect accessory for your Wicker Darling flamingo purses, but there are countless ways to enjoy a good silk scarf. With a print as beautiful as this, you can even mount it on your wall as a unique home decoration! 

Of course, if you’re really hankering for some flamingos, I have to admit that all our designer silk scarves may or may not feature them. (Yes, I might be that obsessed.) As such, you have multiple flamingo print scarf designs to choose from. So shop away you lovely lemon drops!