It’s no secret that we are colossal fans of dinosaurs at Wicker Darling. Just take a look at our dinosaur accessories. And while we have quizzed you in dino trivia and launched new lines of goodies (have you seen these cute dino mini coin purses?!?), it is now time to properly introduce you to the whole dinosaur accessories family. 

As with any good family, our dinos are ridiculous, lovable, eco-conscious, and built to last.

AND this family is destined to grow. I am constantly toiling away, dreaming up new dino ideas and testing whether or not I can turn them into reality. 

For example, I’ve been working on a Tyrannosaurus Rex purse since before the release of our very first dinosaur accessory...but alas, I’ve never quite been able to figure out the proper balance - and we know that stubby T-rex arms do absolutely nothing to help break that fall. 

Not to fear, I’m as stubborn as they come, so I’m STILL trying to make that one work - but I’m also experimenting with other prehistoric possibilities. One of which MIGHT just be joining us shortly. 

And so, today I would like to give you a formal introduction to all our dinosaur accessories to date. 

There is a reason (or maybe 5 or 6) that I spend so much time thinking about dinosaurs. 

Dinosaurs are entirely special. Their mythic proportions. Their scales, their horns, their teeth and claws. Their clubs and spines and crests. It’s difficult to look at a dinosaur skeleton and not feel a deep sense of awe. 

My deep love of dinosaurs may even be part of the reason I’m so enamored with birds (which, as we know, are descendants of our mighty dinosaurs). 

It is this love of these enduring and absolutely inspiring giants that brings me back to the drawing board again and again with new dinosaur designs. These designs are meticulously thought out (and crafted) and you know when a dino arrives on your doorstep, a whole lot of love has been poured into it. 

Wicker Darling dinosaur accessories are so much more special than the average terrible lizards. And this is why. 

What makes your Wicker Darling dinosaur one of a kind? 

When you purchase a dinosaur handbag from Wicker Darling, you are making an investment. An investment in your wardrobe, the environment, and the lives of artisans. 

You see, buying one of these dinosaur purses is about so much more than looking cute and ridiculous. Each one of our bags is lovingly handmade and painted by artisans in the Philippines. Our ateliers are small, family owned businesses, and your purchase not only helps put food on the tables of all involved in the construction of your dino - it also keeps traditions alive. 

Rattan weaving is an age-old tradition in the Philippines, and one that we are so proud to foster with irreverent figural handbags. Your hand painted purse will be unique, of artisan craftsmanship, and will be made using the very strongest and highest quality materials. 

Rattan is a sustainable substance, and we have it sourced locally in the Philippines, so the creation of your dinosaur handbag helps to cut back on our carbon footprint. 

Each dino handbag is incredibly unique, from the small differences in painting and weaving, to the limited batch numbers, to the iconic authentication cards. No two purses are exactly alike, and you can be sure your style of handbag will remain deliciously scarce. 

Your show-stopping handbag will be the most fabulous conversation-starter for years to come - because your Wicker Darling dino is built to last. Bar any hurricanes or Ice Age-inducing meteors, this handbag will be your faithful companion all throughout the Holocene. 

So are you ready to meet all these fabulous dinosaur friends? No matter which of our dinosaur accessories you choose, you will look like a complete sass-o-saurus.

5 dinosaur accessories to die for 

Five. Yes, that’s right. I said FIVE.

If you’ve been doing any counting of our dinosaur accessories at Wicker Darling, then you would see that is one more dino than expected. That’s because we have a SAUR-iously big announcement coming up shortly. 

I’m here to properly introduce you to the WHOLE dinosaur bag family - a family that is destined to keep growing. So here are the sauropods and ceratopsids you love, plus a special surprise. 

1. Charlotte Bronte-saurus 



When Charlotte Bronte-saurus hit our shelves, she was Earth-shattering. And we aren’t just talking about her size. At the time of her release, Charlotte was not only the number one best seller of our dinosaur accessories, she was our best selling handbag PERIOD. 

This is for very good reasons.

One, because clearly many of you have fabulous taste, and understand how delightful dinosaur accessories are. 

And two, because Charlotte is simply the most adorable stomp-a-saurus to ever grace our planet with its presence. 

We are so incredibly honoured. 

For those of you who don’t know Charlotte very well yet, let me formally introduce her!

Charlotte is our resident brontosaurus purse, with a tree-toppingly long neck and a resplendent waistline. This thunder lizard is 18 inches from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail, and an additional 18 inches around her midsection.

This stunning sauropod is dark green with a light green belly, tan leather handles and shockingly pink interior lining. A complete crowd-pleaser, Charlotte Bronte-saurus was (punnily enough) named by one of my devoted followers. 

And, because she is so well-loved, we are bringing Charlotte Bronte-saurus back as a limited restock item very soon.


If you didn’t get a chance to get a brontosaurus purse of your very own, then keep your eyes peeled for this massively important restock. She will be gone before you can say METEOR! 

2. Mary the Triceratops 



Meet Mary the Triceratops, our OG dino design. Although she is currently basking in her retirement, she has sparked a whole range of dinosaur accessories, including two other triceratops designs. 

Our original triceratops purse is a rather refined shade of robin’s egg blue in her studio photos, though in most lighting, she is a dashing aquamarine. She’s just complicated like that. 

Mary has bright aqua leather handles, and is a ground-shakingly girthy 19 inches around her tricera-tummy. We assure you, she’s simply big boned - at a whopping 21 inches from snoot horn to tail tip. The iconic horns and splendid frilly crown of the triceratops have never looked better than in wicker, and dare we say, she’s doing her namesake proud.

Mary stands for Mary Anning, the famed female paleontologist from the 1800s who shook up the male-dominated field and did some truly ground-breaking work on Jurassic marine life. Her first fossil discovery was at the ripe age of thirteen. And did I mention she discovered the very first pterosaur!?! 

Mary Anning was simply a force of nature, and so is our wicker-y Mary. She has inspired a whole legacy of dinosaur accessories.

You go girl!

3. Patricia the Triceratops 



At Wicker Darling, we don’t like to make too many of any of our designs. We know that part of the appeal of a Wicker Darling handbag is its uniqueness and scarcity, and if we kept bringing bags back every time someone loved them, they just wouldn’t be as special anymore!

So, when a lot of love is bestowed upon a retired bag again and again, instead of bringing said bag out of retirement, I reinvent the design. 

Sometimes this means the physical wicker structure gets a change up, and sometimes the purse just gets a new paint job. In the instance of Mary the Triceratops, we thought her proportions were perfect, and didn’t want to do a thing to change them. 

As such, it was down to colour!

We thought long and hard about what colour our new triceratops purse should be, and decided on LILAC. This lovely lilac triceratops purse is named Patricia, after Dr Patricia Vickers-Rich, an Australian professor of Palaeontology and Palaeobiology. 

Patricia the Triceratops shares the same lovely curves of Mary, and was just as adored by our dinosaur-loving fans, I assure you. But she wasn’t the only triceratops in the works...

4. Benedict the dinosaur coin purse



Shortly after the release of Patricia the Triceratops, I completely shook up the concepts at Wicker Darling by releasing stand-alone mini coin purse designs for you to mix and match with your handbags. 

One of these was a dinosaur coin purse. A triceratops, in fact. 

Benedict the Dinosaur is the absolute perfect accessory for any dinosaur lover. You can attach him to any of your existing dinosaur accessories using his handy gold metal clip. Or, you can add him to non-dinosaur accessories to make them extra fabulous. 

He would even look lovely on your belt loop or luggage tag. He’s versatile like that. 

Benedict means ‘blessed’ in Latin, and that is exactly what YOU would be to have him amongst  your dinosaur accessories. He is a smashing shade of green leather, and is simply the cutest triceratops I have ever seen.

I dare you to show me one that’s cuter. 

Benedict has a trusty zipper closure, and is just the right size to hold all your smallest necessities, from coins to lippie to keys. He would make the most wonderful addition to any purse strap or keychain. 

5. Emily Bronte-saurus



I bet you’re chomping at the bit to know who our newest member of the dinosaur accessories family is (but I assure you, this dino chomps even harder). 

Meet Emily Bronte-saurus, the lovely little sister of Charlotte. She is named, of course, after Charlotte Bronte’s actual little sister, the incredible author of Wuthering Heights

Emily refuses to be outshined by her sister, and is determined to make a name for herself in our dinosaur family. I don’t think she has anything to worry about. With her true colours showing, Emily Bronte-saurus is an absolute showstopper.  

This purple and red brontosaurus purse has the same frame and measurement as her sauropod sister, but just oodles of extra personality. She would like you to know that SHE is the purple dinosaur that should be desired. Not anyone off some children’s show nonsense. 

Emily shares tan handles and a pink interior as family traits with Charlotte, but her bright colours just make her extra whimsical and cool. We love her, and are so excited to welcome her into our dino-family with open arms. 

But wait....

There’s more. 

Brace yourself for a surprise of Jurassic proportions 

Now I know I’ve already dropped the bomb of one beautiful new dinosaur purse, but more is on the way! I have TWO more dinosaur bags that I am extra excited to share with you, my roasty little turnips, but you will simply have to wait for these special sauruses to show up. 

Now, we all know dinosaurs have a very skewed perception of time, but we’re not talking millenia here. And it might not be JUST around the corner either. 

But you will certainly know when the newest members of our dinosaur accessories come stomping their way towards our workroom. They will be shaking things up on a massive level long before they are available for preorder. 

A brand new dinosaur purse design is just on the horizon. I can see it now. 

This daring dino is an absolute stunner, and it’s sure to be another chart-topper for the books. It’s loud. It’s colourful. And those on our mailing list will know about it first.

Get ready to roar!