Why have a purse dog when you could have a DOG PURSE (or, hear me out, both)?? Sausage dog purses, scottish terrier purses, cute little bone coin purses for your wicker pupper? We've got all that and more at Wicker Darling.

It’s no secret that I love booping a good snoot, and a dog is usually quite pleased to oblige. (I mean, especially if that dog is made out of wicker.)

There is just something so goofy and heartwarming about doggos and puppers, so I thought they deserved their very own appreciation post.

Before I get into my own retro purses in the shape of dogs, let’s take a moment to discuss why dogs are so great in general. 

Why dogs (and dog purses) are just the best

There is nothing quite like a dog. The panting tongue. The floppy ears. The goofy grin and the bounding gait. Whether big or small, fluffy, wirey, curly, or even hairless - there is a dog for everyone to love.

My own dog Freya was an irreplaceable part of our family until she passed away in April 2021. She was the sweetest, most noble floof you ever would meet, and she wound her way into everyone’s heart with her smooches and cuddles. 

She truly was a best friend to us.

And dogs have been a human’s best friend for years. And I mean YEARS. Longer than we first thought. 

We originally assumed that Paleolithic humans tamed the first wild wolves and started our domestic bliss of a partnership. But now, there is evidence that human-dog relationships started at least 26,000 years ago!

Talk about a commitment. 

Dogs help us see. They herd our livestock, guard our homes, and protect our cities. Dogs pull sleds, perform search and rescue, and assist in hospitals. And no matter where they are or what they are doing, dogs work so hard to be the bestest fur babes.

Dogs are always down to do whatever you’re doing.

Going for a walk? They’re in.

Need to drive somewhere? They want to ride shotgun.

Want to lounge on the couch with a tub of ice cream? They are your #1 snuggle buddy.

And dogs are also your #1 fan. They are so, SO excited for you to return home. EVERY SINGLE TIME. There is just nothing better than returning to your adoring pup after a long day and being showered with joy and kisses.

We simply don’t deserve dogs.

And now, studies are showing that dogs may even help us live longer by decreasing stress and loneliness and encouraging us to be more physically active.

I repeat: We do not deserve dogs!

But that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve dog purses. I think we deserve as many of those as we want! A dog purse is bound to put an instant smile on your face - and the face of anyone who sees it. 

So it’s a good thing I have a line of artisan dog accessories for you to admire.

8 perfect puppers you need in your life

From retro handbags, to chonky clutches, to adorable mini coin purses, here is our kennel of goodness and love: the dog purse family.  

1. Chorizo the sausage dog handbag

Chorizo the sausage dog Wicker Darling handbag standing on a green background

Chorizo the sausage dog handbag is the OG dog purse at Wicker Darling. While he is now in happy retirement, he has spawned a whole pack of animal-shaped purses for your enjoyment. 

He also started the very cheeky sausage-inspired string of names for our following dachshund accessories - and he deserves recognition for that. 

Chorizo is a natural wicker stretch-limo of a dog, with rattan handles and a red leather collar. He measures about 50cm from boot to snoot, and stands at a very respectable 20cm tall. The belly? 43cm around. (We all know dachshunds are more about length than girth.) 

2. Frank the Black sausage dog purse

Frank the Black Wicker Darling sausage dog purse standing on a green background

Chorizo fared so well as the head of our dog purse collection, that I knew there had to be more, and so, Frank was born. 

Frank is a fetching black and tan dachshund purse, in the same size and style as our OG Chorizo, but with his own distinct sensibility. He even has beautiful black leather handles, which set him apart from his predecessor. 

Frank’s patches may look a bit scruffy, but that’s part of his hand-painted charm. And this dog purse is nothing if not charming. Take him out for a promenade and you’re sure to be the talk of the park. No one can resist a sweet salchicha! 

3. Bangers the sausage dog clutch

Bangers the sausage dog Wicker Darling clutch with strap on a pink, blue background

Not all of our dog purses at Wicker Darling are sausage dog handbags. No, some of them are sausage dog clutch purses! Bangers is one of them.

Just look at him. So svelte. So slim. And still so sausagey. 

If you’re searching for an evening bag, a cross body bag, or a dog purse that will never weigh you down, then this sausage dog is for you!

Bangers the sausage dog clutch looks a bit like daddy Frank, but in a much daintier package. He is also a black and tan dachshund, but he measures 36cm from end to end, 25cm from head to toe, and 31cm in circumference.

He comes with a red cotton collar and a 120cm chain strap instead of our standard leather one, which makes Bangers unabashedly vegan. But he isn’t the only vegan designer purse in our dog collection!  

4. Mash the sausage dog clutch

Mash the sausage dog Wicker Darling clutch on a pink, blue background

Okay, okay, mash is not a sausage, but our sausage dog Mash was released right alongside Bangers as a set. (You see what I did there?)

Mash also happens to be vegan.

This wicker sausage dog clutch is woven from rattan that is left in its natural, unpainted state - making Mash a decidedly beige dachshund. (And really, what else would we expect from mash?)

Mash has the same dimensions as brother Bangers, and the same red cotton collar and long chain strap. But let’s talk about what’s on the inside. 

This dainty dog clutch has a gold metal kiss lock, magnetic closure, and a beautiful pink fabric lining and gusset. He’s a stunner, and a prime example that men look fabulous in pink too. 

Mash looks great on his own, and will also pair nicely with look-alike Frank or brother Bangers. (You can never have too many dogs, right?)

5. Salami the sausage dog coin purse

Salami the sausage dog Wicker Darling coin purse on a pink background

So now, it’s time to move on to another aspect of our dog collection: our mini coin purses.

Meet Salami, the dachshund coin purse. Salami is a chocolate brown leather dachshund who will loyally carry all your bits and bobs for you. 

Salami is hand-stitched and painted, and features a sturdy zipper and gold metal clip so you can attach her to any of your bags. She will be SO excited to tag along for the ride. 

6. Chipolata the sausage dog bag charm

Chipolata the sausage dog Wicker Darling bag charm on a yellow, blue background

Now, if you want the teeniest, tiniest, sausage dog of all time, you’re in luck. Chipolata is our resident wicker dog bag charm - and she is just a doll. 

Chipolata is hand-woven like the rest of our wicker wonders, and let me tell you, with her miniscule dimensions - that is a feat! She is vegan-friendly, but not the most wicker bag friendly.

That’s because wicker-on-wicker violence is a very real thing. 

If you clip Chipolata to one of your wicker bags that is hand painted, she will bounce along as you walk and could knock some paint off your bag.

As such, I recommend clipping Chipolata to a non-wicker bag. Or your backpack. Or your key ring. Or even your belt loop! You decide. 

Now, after all this, you may be assuming that every single dog accessory at Wicker Darling is a dachshund. But you would be wrong! 

7. Morris the Scottish Terrier bag

Morris the Scottish Terrier Wicker Darling bag on a light blue, violet background

Meet Morris, the stately Scottish Terrier bag. Morris has a face that ANYONE would love. Those old man eyebrows. The distinguished beard. And look at that red polka-dot scarf! Morris is simply the most dapper dog bag I ever did see. 

This black wicker bag is 41cm from nose to tail, 38cm from ear to toe, and 50cm in circumference. He has black leather handles, which serve to elevate his look even further - a true designer dog bag. 

Morris takes no nonsense, but he does accept snacks. You’ve been warned.

8. Scottie the Scottish Terrier coin purse

Scottie the Scottish Terrier Wicker Darling coin purse on an orange, pink background

I wouldn’t leave you hanging with just ONE Scottie dog, now would I? That’s why my next coin purse dog was indeed a Scottish Terrier coin purse.

Scottie the Scottish Terrier coin purse is just as dapper and distinguished as handbag Morris. There really is something special about the Scottie dog silhouette! 

Scottie is made of black leather, and I’ve even added the distinctive shaggy eyebrow on there for you. (You’re welcome.) 

This coin purse would look fabulous clipped to Morris, or any of your bags, backpacks, or carry-on suitcases! Anything you can dream, my dear. 

BONUS: An adorable bone coin purse

White Wicker Darling leather bone coin purse on a violet background

Want a sweet treat for your dog accessory? Why not give them a bone? Our leather bone coin purse is the perfect addition to our dog collection at Wicker Darling. 

Doesn’t it look simply adorable on Morris? Doesn’t your pup deserve a treat?

You can even store a treat for yourself in this handy coin purse. (Who said it’s just for coins?)

Take home a new best friend today!

I hope you have your eyes set on a very special dog purse now. And if you don’t, rest assured that more dog purse designs are on the way. (A corgi purse with a heart-shaped bottom, anyone?) We’re sure one of these pups is meant to be your bestie. 

Of course, just because these dog purses are YOUR best friend doesn’t mean they will be your dog’s best friend. In fact, your dog might not take kindly to a new canine companion - wicker or otherwise. 

I’ve heard some rather unfortunate things through the grapevine, involving chewing and peeing, that you really don’t want to experience for yourself. 

So remember: adorable photoshoot of your dog next to your dog purse while you watch like a hawk? 


Unobserved dog-purse play time while you go on a spin of the town? Ill advised. 

Putting your dog IN your dog purse? Absolutely tempting fate. 

While my wicker purses are sturdy, they are only rattan after all, and I don’t recommend putting anything heavy with claws, teeth, and a wet tongue in them. 

As long as you know how to care for wicker baskets and bags, these dog purses will stay loyal ‘til the end - just like their furry namesakes. They are lovingly hand-made to last with only the finest materials. Oh won’t you take one home with you? 

And, who knows, maybe (even after all this) you’re really more of a cat purse person? We don’t discriminate at Wicker Darling - we have unique purses and bags for absolutely everyone.