Miss L Fire recently had a virtual catch up with Jas, founder of the amazing accessories brand, Wicker Darling, one of our featured brands in our Valentine's Giveaway, to get a little more insight into her creative life.

Your purses are just amazing and unique – WAY above and beyond ‘just’ vintage inspired pieces. How did you get started making such unique and no doubt, massively difficult designs?

I’ve loved quirky, novelty bags since my teens, but it was only in my late 20s that I started to develop a real love for vintage and wicker - and especially figural wicker - designs! A few years back, when I first dyed my hair pink, I decided the obvious choice for my next purchase would have to be a wicker flamingo. I spent months googling and generally on the lookout for one, with no success whatsoever, and it basically went from there.

I just figured if I wanted (but couldn’t find) a wicker flamingo, I wouldn’t be the only one. I had some experience working with manufacturers on clothing, and figured it couldn’t be too different. I was wrong, it was an entirely different experience - I’m almost glad I went into it so naively, because if I’d known all the challenges I’d face along the way I’m not convinced I’d have gone through with the idea!

* Unfortunately the full article is no longer available since Miss L Fire closed in late 2021.