"I get so many looks that then usually turn into conversations about how amazing the bag is. I have had little girls want to come up and look at my bag, and I've had women of all ages ask where it came from. I absolutely love it and it makes me feel glamorous having such a fabulous bag!"


"I always get comments about how people have never seen such a thing before. Usually happy smiles. You can't have a bad day when your companion is a pink flamingo, or a bin chicken!"


"I have to allow an extra half an hour to stop and accept all the compliments I receive on my fabulousness. It's a small price to pay."


"I've had lots of people say they love my bag. She really brings a smile to people's faces."


"The wicker bags are attention seekers. I get a minimum of five people asking about them every time I take them out, it's never about me! My bags make me feel quirky and more approachable."


"Everyone wants a closer look at the bag and often people exclaim how amazing it is from across the room!"


Image of Wicker Darling customer with Belle-ephant bag

"I purchased Belle-ephant the Elephant earlier this year and I adore her! I love this bag! I feel like I am carrying around a work of art! The first time I took Belle-ephant out in public I still had one leg in the car as a woman walked by and complimented her - she was not even out in the world for 10 seconds!! I always have people admiring Belle-ephant when I take her to the shops and I love being able to tell them about Wicker Darling. Your business practices are wonderful and having shopped with you twice now (so excited for Oscar the Tux) I can safely say that both payment plans and direct purchases are a breeze. I cannot wait to purchase Mary the Triceratops next!"


"When I take a Wicker Darling purse out in the wild, they become instant celebrities. Anyone who seems them will usually pull others over to see my purse."


"I usually hear quiet murmurs. 'Look at that bag!' 'That's so cute!'. Sometimes people will loudly exclaim bag appreciation. I love hearing these things, cuz it makes me feel very stylish and cool, but also because I genuinely love my purses."


"I think of them as FUNctional art, and I get a kick out of bringing joy with something I really love." 


"People always stop me to tell me how cute my flamingo is. One time I had someone run up to me at Target and scream "IS THAT YOUR PURSE?!?!?! OH MY GOD I LOVE HIM!"


"Before I got my Wicker Darling bags people would comment on my dresses. Now Tallulah the Toucan and Violet the Unicorn hog all the attention. I don't mind, they're a bit ridiculous but so am I."


"I've never been one to shy away from attention, which is most definitely a good thing because if I'm carrying any WD bag I'm going to get swamped with compliments. I can't tell you how many times I've had to show folks the website before they'll let me finish my shopping!"


"Ita may be a bin chicken, but she is allll class. Wicker darling bags are the perfect fun accessory for my sewing creations, and so very addictive. The quality is amazing and the fun and care put into each one makes them truly worth the investment."


Customer testimonial for ita the ibis