My little lumps of love, if there is any bit of wisdom I can give you, it is this - everyone needs at least a few clutch bags in their collection. Because some occasions simply don’t call for a full-sized handbag. 

Although we have great love for our wicker purse collection at Wicker Darling, certain situations call for a bit more nuance and…well…less chonky proportions. Which is where a small clutch bag comes in. Designer clutch bags can bring a touch of elegance to any event. And if you know how to hold and style a clutch bag to the correct effect, it will lend elegance to you, too!

Our OG handmade clutch bags 

Our first line of clutch bags was all about elegance (with some sass thrown in, of course). And, of course, it was chock FULL of birds. If you’ve seen the state of our bird purse collection, then you know I have a THING for our feathery friends. Hand woven, hand dyed, and hand embroidered, these clutch bags are truly something special - celebrating macaws, toucans, magpies and more with a refined but whimsical flare. And of course, once I found my clutch bags to be a success, I set out to design some figural clutch bags to add to the collection!

Figural designer clutch bags for every occasion

Want a figural elephant clutch? How about a small clutch bag in the shape of a turtle? Well, I’ve got all that and more for you here at Wicker Darling. Whether you’re looking for a spooky purse like our vampy bat clutches, or a magical one like our unicorn clutch, there are designer clutch bags for everyone to enjoy here. 

Each small clutch bag is made with expert care and attention to detail, and you can rest assured that your clutch is built to last into coveted vintage status. Best yet, the majority of our clutch bags are vegan designer purses - made from natural fibres and fabrics with metal hardware and crossbody straps - so you can feel extra good about treating yourself. 

May your day be as mischievous as a raccoon's heist, seizing moments of wonder and adding them to your collection.