There is simply nothing better than a holiday. The colourful decorations, the festive music, and most of all - DRESSING UP. Any holiday is a fabulous excuse to dress up (not that I need one), and no holiday outfit would be complete without a holiday purse. So it’s a good thing we have plenty of them at Wicker Darling! 

And I’m not just talking about the Christmas holidays here, although we do have a Christmas purse available in our line up. I’m talking about celebrations year round, from Easter purses to spooky purses

Whether you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day purse for your special someone, or Halloween purses and Christmas purses as treat yourself gifts, we have a holiday purse design that is just the ticket! 

We also have plenty of cute stocking stuffer ideas if you need some smaller accessories to go along with a holiday purse present! 

But enough talk, surely you want to SEE our holiday purse designs. So here they are in their festive finery. 

12 holiday purse designs worth celebrating

I have to admit, it took me a while to start designing holiday purses. I figured people wouldn’t want to purchase bags they couldn’t wear year-round. And BOY was I wrong. There have been so many requests for holiday purse designs, and I have come to learn that some of you really DO wear them all year long.

For others, I’ve learned there is simply great joy in decorating your home and wardrobe with festive accessories at the turn of the season. Thus, holiday purse designs are here to stay at Wicker Darling, and you can expect many more of them in the future.

For now, here are my favourite holiday purse designs in our current collection. 

1. Joan the pink triceratops purse

You may be looking at this triceratops purse and wondering what the heck it has to do with a holiday purse.

Hear me out. 


Wicker Darling's Joan the pink triceratops purse on a colourful background


Somehow, at Wicker Darling, dinosaur purses have become synonymous with Valentine’s Day. That is, we’ve released a new dinosaur purse every year around this time. (Which is also why we happen to have a lovely list of dinosaur valentine puns for you.)

Because this had become such a trend, I decided to really lean into it and design the most Valentine’s Day worthy dinosaur yet. And thus, Joan the pink triceratops purse was born! Not only is she pink, she came with a bright red scarf, making her the perfect Valentine’s Day purse. 

Of course, if you would be happy to settle for any pink purse around Valentine’s Day, then I have a whole BUNCH of pink purses for you to peruse! Pink is my favourite colour, after all. 

2. A heart coin purse

If you just want to celebrate a whole lotta love this Valentine’s season, then why not opt for a cute heart coin purse? This lovely little heart will turn any bag into an instant Valentine’s Day purse, and will go well with any of your current handbags (they don’t HAVE to be pink). 


Wicker Darling's heart coin purse


Our heart coin purse is made from sturdy red leather and features a zip closure and metal clip for ease of use. Clip your heart on your school bag, belt loops, key ring, or anywhere you please. Perhaps you just want one very large statement earring. The choice is yours! 

This mini coin purse is an in stock option, which means you can snatch it up for yourself or your loved one RIGHT NOW. 

3. Harvey the white rabbit purse

Nothing says Easter quite like a bunny rabbit purse, so it’s a good thing we have some at Wicker Darling. While the connection between Easter, bunnies, and eggs is tenuous at best, we simply need to shrug our shoulders and enjoy the hopping good time. 

One way to do that is with Harvey the white rabbit purse


Wicker Darling's Harvey the white rabbit purse on a vibrant background


Harvey has plenty of spring in his step, and will add some Spring to any outfit. This white rabbit will make you the centre of attention at any Easter get together, and any sunny-weather picnic too. 

He even comes with his own adorable carrot coin purse. So you won’t have to worry about him going hungry. 

4. Easter the rabbit purse 

I lied. Nothing says Easter quite like an EASTER Bunny purse. Thus, may I present, Easter the bunny purse? He is literally the most egg-cellent holiday purse to celebrate Easter with. Just look at him. 


Wicker Darling's Easter the rabbit purse


That pastel yellow body. That floral Easter egg coin purse. He’s PERFECT. And, he is even a vegan designer purse. With wooden bead handles and fabric tags (not a scrap of leather in sight) he gives our animal lovers something to rejoice. 

5. Jack the jack-o-lantern purse

After all that bunny cuteness, it’s time to move into something spooky. That’s right, it’s time for Halloween purses! The first spooky holiday purse on our list is none other than an iconic jack-o-lantern purse - because nothing says Halloween like a jack-o-lantern does!


Wicker Darling's Jack the jack-o-lantern purse


So naturally, I needed to design Jack the Lantern, the jack-o-lantern purse. While it’s not the punniest name I could have come up with, I have plenty of funny Halloween puns to make up for it. 

This year’s Jack the Lantern purse sold out in NO TIME, but there is a good chance that he (or a similar design) will be making a reappearance in future spooky seasons. 

Not only is he super special and extra roomy, he even comes with a removable coin purse grin! What’s not to love? 


Wicker Darling's Jack the jack-o-lantern removable coin purse grin


6. Vince the black cat purse

Next on our list of Halloween purses is Vince the black cat purse. While he is named after my own childhood cat, and not a famous witch’s familiar, the end result is the same. SPOOKY KITTY. 


Wicker Darling's Vince the black cat purse on a vibrant background


Granted, I don’t personally find much to be spooky about black cats. All cats can be spooky little demons when they want to be, and purring cloud floofs on occasion. But over the years, black cats have become a symbol of the Halloween season.

There is nothing bad luck about this black cat purse. Vince is lovingly hand woven and painted, and will be a vintage family heirloom if you let him. He will guard your possessions for generations to come! 

Plus, a cat purse is cute ANY month of the year, so you’ll get great use out of a black cat bag. 

7. Battie Page the red-eyed bat purse

Want something extra vampy for your spooky season wardrobe? Why not snatch a bat wing purse? Miss Battie Page the red-eyed bat purse is named after the queen of dark pin-up herself, and this sultry little purse will add that extra oomph to any goth or pin-up look. 


Wicker Darling's Battie Page the red-eyed bat purse on a colourful background


While I intended my bat purse designs to be seasonal, it turns out there are a great number of fashionable individuals in my Wicker Family for which this bat purse is THE everyday aesthetic. Which is absolutely delightful. 

Whether you’re a rockabilly diva or just spooky-season obsessed, this saucy bat purse will be the perfect addition to your collection. 

8. Elizabat Bathory the orange-eyed bat purse

Because bat purses have been such a resounding success with our loving customers, I decided to create another bat design for 2022. Thus, Elizabat Bathory the orange-eyed bat purse hit the shelves just in time for spooky season!


Wicker Darling's Elizabat Bathory the orange-eyed bat purse


Elizabat Bathory is Halloween personified with her orange and black colour scheme. She also has a spooky something going on with her namesake, since her inspiration is none other than Elizabeth Báthory, the infamous Hungarian serial killer. 

Don’t worry, Elizabat won’t drain you dry in your sleep. In fact, she is very good at keeping your money (and other important possessions) quite safe. 

9. Batholomew Jnr. the bat coin purse

Our very first holiday purse design at Wicker Darling was actually a green eyed bat purse named Batholomew. I only made a smattering of these purses, as I didn’t expect many people would want a seasonal holiday purse.


Incredibly wrong, in fact. Bartholomew turned out to be an extremely popular design which prompted multiple re-releases and, ultimately, a mini coin purse successor. 


Wicker Darling's Batholomew Jnr. the bat coin purse


Meet Batholomew Jnr. the bat coin purse. While he is not nearly so large as our full-sized bat purses, he certainly retains the same character. In fact, due to his unique hand-dyed nature, he may even have some EXTRA character to him! 

Made from woven plant materials and lined with cotton, Bartholomew Jnr. is completely vegan-friendly, and ready to adorn any purse you please come spooky season. 

10. A candy corn coin purse

If you’d like your spooky season to be a little less spooky and a little more sweet, maybe you’d prefer a candy corn coin purse? This adorable and colourful little number adds a bit of Halloween fun to any outfit. 


Wicker Darling's candy corn coin purse


I dare say, aside from the jack-o-lantern, candy corn is THE symbol of Halloween time. Pop this cute coin purse on your handbag and everyone will instantly know what you’re celebrating. 

And, while candy corn itself can be quite divisive (almost as much as pineapple on pizza and licorice), no one can deny how CUTE it is. Since you don’t need to put this coin purse in your mouth (in fact, please don’t), we know it’s something that everyone can enjoy!

11. A bone coin purse


Wicker Darling's bone coin purse


Last but not least in our spooky collection is a figural bone coin purse. This coin purse can add some cute-but-creepy factor to your accessories. And, when it’s no longer spooky season, you can use it on your dog or dinosaur purses! 

Just another versatile accessory for your collection. 

12. Jingle Bell the reindeer bag

Now I know when you searched for holiday purse designs, the vast majority of you were really looking for Christmas purses. So here we are. The bag you have all been waiting for. The pièce de résistance. A reindeer bag


Wicker Darling's Jingle Bell the reindeer bag


Joy to the world, for Jingle Bell is here to celebrate another holiday season. Jingle Bell the reindeer purse may be our sole Christmas design at the moment, but she is truly holding her own for the holidays. 

This festive Christmas reindeer purse will look equally good on your arm or add Christmas cheer to any room of your home. (Except the bathroom. Wicker TRULY doesn’t like the humidity.) That being said, if you plan to go dashing through the snow or rain, I recommend using one of our reusable tote bags as a handbag raincoat to keep Bell nice and dry.

Jingle Bell spreads holiday cheer in her own right, but she is made extra festive through her red leather straps and jingle bell collar. Wear her on your shoulder, or use the cross body strap instead. She’s extra versatile like that. 

It’s time to celebrate with our handmade handbags!

So there you have it! Holiday purse designs to enjoy in every season. And, while I realise we’ve given the summer a miss with the holidays (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, that is), we do have plenty of cute summer purses to enjoy as well.

Truly, we keep you covered YEAR ROUND at Wicker Darling. Let it be known!

Of course, we release new, limited-edition, handmade handbags and accessories every single month around here - so if you like our holiday purse designs, but find them all sold out, never fear! There are always new unique purses and bags just right around the corner.