Frequently Asked Questions

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When do new designs get released? Can I see what’s being released in the future?

2-3 new designs are released each month, and are usually announced early in the month via our mailing list, then later on Instagram. These might include a new design, restocking of an older design or releasing it in a new colour! 

You can get sneak peeks of upcoming releases via our newsletter.

Why do you retire older designs?

One of the best things about a Wicker Darling bag is knowing it’s a (delightful) rarity to see them in the wild. 

Unlike a mass produced piece you’ll see everywhere, they’re designed to be limited edition and exclusive. Each one even comes with a hand-numbered collectors card!

That’s why we typically retire our older designs once they've been released a couple of times (or if the first release was particularly huge).

We’ve also been known to release retired designs, with a fresh look, so if you have your heart set on a past bag, keep your eyes peeled.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes! We have AfterPay available for customers in Australia, NZ, UK, US, Canada, Spain, Italy and the UK, and PayPal Pay in 4 is available for PayPal customers.

When will my order be sent/ arrive?

In stock items are collected from our warehouse once a week for shipping, pending Australia Post availability. 

As we’re based in Australia, it can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks for your order to make its way to you.

If I order a product, what currency will it be in?

As an Australian business, we charge AUD.

Please use the currency converter on our website to see prices in your local currency. 

Note that these prices fluctuate daily due to international exchange rates. We have no control over these fluctuations, and prices remain the same in our local currency.

I've ordered X as a gift, can you please tell me if the recipient has already ordered it?

We're happy to help with this, within reason, however please be aware if we feel the request for this information may compromise someone's privacy, we may decline to answer. 

I want to buy a bag as a gift for someone, can you please make sure they don't buy it themselves?

We love that you're doing this! However, there's nothing we can do to stop them from purchasing for themselves. 

We're unable to tell them they’re sold out (when they're clearly not). 

While we're happy to not blab to the recipient, we're unable to intervene should they choose to make a purchase themselves.

Postage and Shipping

Do you post internationally?

Yes, we post worldwide!

If your country isn't listed, please let us know and we'll add it.

Please note customs tariffs, taxes or duties are the responsibility of the recipient. We are unable to mark down the value of your purchase on custom declarations, please do not request we do so.

How much is postage?

Free worldwide, tracked and insured postage is included with every order.

Want to upgrade to express postage? Email us immediately after placing your order, and request an express postage quote for your location. 

Please note customs tariffs, taxes or duties are the responsibility of the recipient. We are unable to mark down the value of your purchase on custom declarations, please do not request we do so.

Take a peek at our full shipping policy here.

What’s the deal with shipping insurance?

Every order is insured in case of loss or damage during transit. However, please be aware we have no say in whether Australia Post chooses to pay out insurance.

Can I upgrade to express shipping?

Absolutely! If you would like to upgrade to express postage, email us immediately after ordering and request an express postage quote for your location. 

International express is typically around the $12AUD mark. For Australian residents the price is determined by distance from Melbourne, your distance from nearest capital city, AND by the size of the parcel. For this reason, express in Australia can range from $3 to $100.

Once your item has shipped, we’re unable to arrange express shipping — so please be sure to email as soon as you have placed your order!

Returns, exchanges and refunds

If I return a product, what currency will it be in?

We issue refunds in AUD and to the value of the product in AUD. 

Due to a volatile exchange rate, this may mean the refund you receive in your local currency is a little different from what you paid. ie. if you purchase a $480AUD bag, the refund will be for $480AUD — and how much that converts to in your currency is out of our control.

I need to sell my bag, can you please help?

Unfortunately not. Facilitating transactions like this has the potential to put us in complicated situations should the transaction go wrong (ie. if one party acts in a fraudulent manner; if someone is unsatisfied with the condition the bag arrives in, and so on).

Bag Details

Where are your bags made, and what from?

Our bags are handmade by our female-run, family-owned ateliers in the Philippines! 

They’re made from sustainable rattan (wicker refers to the method of weaving, rattan is the material). Rattan is a naturally renewable palm which can be sustainably harvested, which makes it an environmentally friendly alternative to forest logging. 

Our rattan is harvested by hand, from local farmers and co-ops - minimising carbon footprint while supporting local growers. 

This cultivation, harvest and use of rattan provides livelihoods to people throughout Asia and helps keep traditional Filipino craftsmanship alive. 

The bags are lined with either linen (sourced from flax), or cotton (sourced from ... cotton).

Are your bags vegan friendly?

Not always. Please check the individual listing for materials — if leather is used it will be mentioned there.

If you’re unsure about a particular design, please contact us for more information. 

What are material substitutions?

Due to unavoidable material shortages and supply delays, our ateliers may occasionally need to substitute materials during production, leading to differences between the sample and finished bags. 

Usually these will be minor, such as substitutions to hardware on bags. 

Where we feel a substitution is significant (such as different colour leather strap), we will contact you to confirm if you’re happy to go ahead or would prefer to cancel your order.

Is the uneven dye or fraying on my bag a flaw?

Because our items are handcrafted from natural materials, each and every bag will have minor differences — whether it's in the wicker, leather work, placement of finishings such as ears, eyes and tails, or in the dyeing of the raffia. 

These are not faults, but rather a signature of hand craftsmanship from natural materials. These characteristics are part of what makes our small batch items a unique and limited edition piece of art.

Can I request a customisation to my bag?

No, we are unable to offer custom changes to our bags, no matter how large or small. It creates a logistical nightmare along the entire line, from us having to keep track of who has ordered which change, to the production manager, atelier, workers etc who have to track that one bag different from the rest. We respectfully ask that you don't request customisations to your individual bag, as the answer will always be a hard no. 

Media and Collaborations

I'd love to feature your bags, do you have a media kit?

Thanks for helping spread the word, we’d love to be featured! Head to the Media page for more info and to grab our media kit.

Are you open to collaborations?

If you're a brooch, fabric or other designer and you'd like to collaborate on a design, we're 110% interested - please get in touch with your ideas!

We’re also open to collaborating with other brands/creators/artists who are already familiar with our brand, our work and our customers, and are generally a good fit. 

If you're genuinely interested in a professional shoot featuring our bags alongside other products, please feel free to get in touch!  

I'm an instagram influencer/blogger, would you be interested in working with me?

Due to the limited nature of our stock, we don’t give out free products. Our priority has, and always will be, our customer base.

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