Creating pure joy in bag form

We make statement bags for the dopamine-dressers, the theme-lovers, the vintage-fanatics and anyone else who gets a kick out of carrying an absurdly delightful figural wicker bag. 

From that first fabulous flamingo to an entire menagerie of woven wonders — guaranteed to spark delight and start conversations wherever they go.

Wicker Darling is here to bring an unexpected spark of joy to every day.

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Wicker darling Turtle bag turtle wicker handbag on a colourful background

Keeping traditional techniques alive

While Wicker Darling HQ is in Melbourne, Australia, our quirky handbags are handmade by two small, family-owned companies in the Philippines, who specialise in traditional Filipino craftsmanship. 

The weaving of every handbag is done by hand, using traditional techniques that help keep local arts and crafts traditions alive. This creates employment opportunities for people - particularly women - who live in the communities where we produce our bags and source our rattan. 

Many of our weavers are mothers or older women who are now able to supplement their family income while working from home.

Our rattan is sustainably harvested by hand from neighbouring co-ops and farmers, to minimise carbon footprint and maximise benefits to local communities.

Because of our business model, we are able to provide stable, ongoing work year-round, ensuring that weavers are employed continuously even through the lowseason when demand dwindles. 

"We are thankful for your orders because what sustains their livelihood is continuous work at a fair price. We have negotiated with our wicker weavers and workers to commit to giving them a livingwage."

Meet our Founder

Hi, I’m Jasmine

Think of me as your wicker-loving BFF who once got a wild idea to start designing outrageously fun and quirky wicker handbags online. 

Australia is my playground (Melbourne, to be exact), but a common love of novelty and figural wicker handbags, coupled with the modern gift of international shipping, has connected me and my menagerie with fellow wicker aficionados the world over.

Unleash your inner T-Rex and conquer life's challenges with your mighty, if tiny, arms.
handbags online Australia Wicker Darling chile flamingo shaped handbag sits in a cute flamingo pink background
Meet Chile

The flamingo that started it all

Though a whole flock of flamingo purses have followed in his wake, Chile the Flamingo was the one that helped Wicker Darling take flight. 

And although he’s since retired (to a lovely lagoon in the Chilean highlands, last we heard), we’ve been known to release different flamingo designs — so keep an eye out on our mailing list and instagram.

We’ve also gone on to create an eclectic menagerie of animals and other oddities…

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