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Beautiful darlings of wicker!

We're excited to introduce you to our newest product: water resistant, reusable  shopping totes!

The totes are a little bit meta, in that we encourage you to keep them in your wicker bag, and if it should happen to rain: you then take it from your wicker bag, and put your wicker bag in the tote. TA-DA: WICKER BAG RAIN COAT! 

While we don't encourage you to put your wicker-bag-in-a-tote-in-a-pool and fully immerse in water, we have tested these bags out and they should keep your wicker bag safe if you're caught out in an unexpected burst of rain! 

As an added bonus ... yes, you can just go ahead and use them as a more traditional shopping bag, if that's your thing! These babies are HUGE and will carry a great deal of spontaneously (or pre-meditated) purchased chocolate.

Product Details

Our shopping totes will come in a set of three: a dark pink bag with Wicker Darling logo and other bespoke Wicker Darling illustrations, a pink bag with red Wicker Darling logo, and an orange bag with a Melbourne cityscape borderprint.

The bags fold into their own self-pocket (which also acts as a small pocket inside the bag when unfolded/in use).

The bags are water-resistant ripstop polyester, making them ideal 'rain coats' for your Wicker Darling bags should you find yourself unexpectedly caught in the rain!

These bags are very generously sized! 40cm top to bottom (excluding handles). 60cm including handles. 47cm side to side. 8cm gusset on sides.

These bags are big enough to hold ALL of our existing designs - including Walter the Water Melon, Charlotte Brontesaurus, Pigasus, our llamas, and our larger cat design!

Manufactured by a BSCI and SEDEX audited/certified manufacturer in China.

Shipping Information

Yes, we ship worldwide!

Shipping on all orders is free and includes tracking and insurance in case of loss or damage during transit. 

In stock items are collected from our warehouse once a week (usually Thursday or Friday) for shipping, pending Australia Post availability. As we're based in Australia, it can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks for your order to make its way to you.

Your order is packaged up as safely as can be, and you can rest assured that even if the postage box shows up looking less than pristine, your bag should remain unscathed.

Please be aware we have no say in whether Australia Post chooses to pay out insurance. If subsequent deliveries are required due to postage issues (including but not limited to: non-delivery, return to sender, or any other situation that is out of our control) the cost of postage will be the responsibility of the customer.

Please note customs tariffs, taxes or duties are the responsibility of the recipient. We are unable to mark down the value of your purchase on custom declarations, please do not request we do so.

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