It’s no secret that I have a great fondness for birds, and today we’re going to celebrate a rather special one - the toucan. With a variety of toucan accessories in the workroom, and a slew of toucan jokes up my sleeve, I figured it was time to share them all with you.

Because who doesn’t love toucan jokes? 

Toucans are just extra-lovable creatures in general, and it’s no surprise why. Their beaks are absolutely beautiful, and the size of their schnozes certainly set them apart from other birds.

But we’ll get to some toucan jokes about bill size later - for now, let’s focus on a toucan’s delightful personality. 

Today, let’s discuss why toucans are deserving of the spotlight, and then I’ll share my favourite toucan jokes and toucan accessories with you - because you can never have too many of either. 

Why toucans are oh-so-special 

Toucans are one of the most iconic birds in existence. But there is more to them than their colourful exterior. 

Indeed, toucans are sweet and social animals with a wealth of emotional intelligence. This makes them fabulous pets. Toucans like to cuddle like puppies, and make an adorable purring noise when happy. 

These big-beaked beauties are also delightful and bouncy. Instead of walking, toucans generally prefer to hop from place to place, which makes them a true joy to watch. 

While most people think of the Toco Toucan when they hear the word “toucan,” there are actually around 40 species of bird in the toucan family. This includes toucanets and aracaries, which are smaller than the traditional toucan but no less loveable. 

In fact, there are some truly splendid and majestic toucans out there that aren’t very well known.

Many-Banded Aracari perched on a branch

Take the Many-Banded Aracari for example, or the blue-eyed White-Throated Toucan. GORGEOUS.

blue-eyed White-Throated Toucan chirping

And of course, we cannot forget the Keel-Billed Toucan, which is the national bird of Belize and sports one of the best instances of rainbow attire in nature. 

Keel-Billed Toucan sitting on a dry tree branch

While these birds might look wildly different from one another, they all share the same trait we love them for - their ridiculously large bills. In fact, a toucan’s bill makes up around one third of its body size, but only accounts for 3% of its weight. 

Thank goodness, or toucans would topple face-first out of trees! This would be a complete disaster, as their beaks are actually quite soft. 

Toucan bills are made of keratin on the outside, just like your fingernails! As such, while they are gorgeous to look at, toucans cannot use their bills for certain activities that other birds enjoy, such as digging or fighting. 

Thus, toucans are happy, pacifistic birds, and I adore that about them. Their sunny personalities match their stunning appearance. 

Another great thing about toucans is that they are monomorphic. This means that both male and female toucans look EQUALLY splendid (and you have to love that gender equality).

Toucans also happen to be the only bird that becomes noisier as the day progresses, and are most active in the late afternoon. So, if you aren’t an early bird or a night owl, then you, my dear, are a toucan. 

But enough about that - you’re here for toucan jokes! (And toucan jokes you shall have.)

You all know I love a good pun, so here are plenty of punny toucan jokes to bring a smile to your face. 

Toucan jokes for every occasion

Not all toucan jokes are created equal - but these toucan jokes are some of my favourites. 

Inspirational toucan jokes

What do you call a toucan that is supportive of you?

A youcan.

What do you say to a lacklustre bird?

Don’t be a toucan’t, be a toucan.

What do you give a bird to show it you care?

Just a toucan of appreciation.

Why did the toucan become successful?

Because it's called toucan, not toucannot.

Toucan jokes about numbers

What does a bird say when it wants revenge?

Toucan play at that game!

How do you multiply a toucan?

You parrot.

What do you call a pair of toucans?

A fourcan.

Not everyone is able to fly...

But every toucan.

How many birds can play tic-tac-toe?


What can one parrot do?

Not as much as toucan.

How many birds does it take to change a lightbulb?

Ideally three, but toucan.

Toucan jokes about cans

When we went to Costa Rica, we didn’t see one can.

We saw toucans.

How do you make a telephone in the jungle? 

With toucans and a piece of string.

Wife: Would you get me those two cans from the top shelf? 

Me: I don't see any toucans in here.

What birds should you recycle? 


Some slightly adult toucan jokes

How many beers can a tropical bird drink?


If I had a drop of beer for every time I made a bird pun…

I’d have toucans.

What do you call someone who murders a toucan, a leprechaun, and a honey bee?

A cereal killer!

Why does the bird prefer threesomes?

Because one lover just can’t satisfy the way that toucan. 

Some extra ridiculous toucan jokes

Why do toucans dance in pairs?

Because two toucans can can-can better than one toucan can.

Did you hear about the tropical birds who got stuck together?

Well I won't explain now, it's toucan fusing.

Why did the toucan stop using his phone?

He got a large bill.

I'd buy a toucan...

But I can't afford the bill.

How does Toucan Sam wear a belt?

He puts it through his loops.

I used to know two birds who excelled in ballet... 

They were two toucans.

Did you ever hear the one about the greatest bird-pharaoh of Egypt?

His name was Toucan-khamun!

Anddddd now that you’ve heard enough toucan jokes to last you a lifetime, it’s time to move away from toucan jokes - and into toucan accessories. 

Meet our toucan accessory family

Toucan jokes only last a second - but these toucan accessories can last you a lifetime. Each one is carefully hand-crafted from the finest materials to provide you with a toucan accessory worthy of being passed down as a family heirloom. 

Whether you’re looking for unique handbags, toucan brooches, or even a toucan necklace - we have all that and more for you here. These sunny, tropical bird accessories are perfect for pairing with your summer nail art ideas - but we love these gorgeous birds all year round. 

So, without further ado, here is our quirky toucan family at Wicker Darling.  

Tallulah the toucan

Wicker Darling's Tallulah the Toucan bag on a colourful background

Tallulah the black toucan purse was the very first toucan in the Wicker Darling collection. In fact, she was one of my very first wicker purse designs! 

She is a delightful chock of a toucan - a true Toco if I do say so myself. Why do I say that? Well, the Toco Toucan is the largest of the toucan species, and Tallulah is certainly the largest of our toucans - in fact, she is the largest rattan handbag in our entire bird collection!  

Tallulah the Toucan handbag is a whopping 57cm from tip of her resplendent beak to end of her tail, and 30cm from top to bottom. Due to her size, Tallulah is extra convenient for holding all of your knick-knacks, but not so convenient for squeezing through a crowded room. 

As such, there were some toucan admirers who wondered if it would be possible to have the same bright-beaked gloriousness in a smaller package.

And, while it did take some time, I decided to deliver. 

Toucan Tango

Wicker Darling's Toucan Tango bag

In 2021, I finally released a daintier - but equally delightful - toucan bag. His name was Toucan Tango (you see what I did there). This toucan purse looks incredibly similar to Tallulah, with an orange and yellow beak and bulbous black body - but he has a few improvements too. 

Toucan Tango is noticeably smaller than Tallulah, at a mere 46cm from beak tip to tail. He also features gold metal d-rings, which can be used to attack his all-new crossbody strap. This makes Tango more versatile in a number of ways! 

Dare I say, Tango is simply the best toucan bag out there. I’m pretty sure you need him.

Tucano the toucan brooch

Wicker Darling's Tucano the toucan brooch

As many of you know, I have slowly been expanding my in-stock offerings at Wicker Darling to make sure there is always some love to spread around for birthdays, holidays, and special treat yourself gifts

The latest addition to these in-stock accessories is our jewellery line - designed in collaboration with some truly incredible artists. One such artist, What Willow Did, has graced us with an absolutely splendid toucan brooch

Tucano the toucan is bright, colourful, and adorable - and we expect nothing less from a toucan. He is also hiding out among some splendid red hibiscus flowers, which only adds to his tropical allure. 

The best thing about this brooch (besides how cute it is) is that it doubles as a toucan necklace! Just thread your favourite chain through the two necklace fobs and VOILA! Instant toucan neck bling. 

Our tropical bird scarf

Wicker Darling's tropical bird scarf

Continuing on to our other in-stock offerings…may I present our luxurious tropical
bird scarf

Set on a saturated orange background, and surrounded by jungle foliage, I give you not just toucans, but flamingos too. A TWOFER. 

In fact, this silk scarf features TWO types of toucans and TWO types of flamingos: a Toco Toucan, a Keel-Billed Toucan, a Greater Flamingo, and a Caribbean Flamingo - all thanks to the talented Laura of Obscurio & Co.

This scarf will look great around the neck or handle of your toucan bag, tied in your hair, or even threaded through your belt loops. LIVE YOUR DREAM.

Our tropicana clutch 

Wicker Darling's tropicana clutch

Last, but certainly not least, is our elegant
tropical purse: the tropicana clutch.

Our line of artful clutch purses is embroidered completely by hand by our talented artists in the Philippines. Many of our clutch designs are vegan-friendly, and the tropicana clutch is no different!

Made with plant materials, metal, and natural stones, this pale pink purse is a true beauty. It features a toucan and flamingo nestled among tropical plants and flowers. 

With such a stunning design, you’ll want to practice how to hold a clutch bag to show it off! 

Collect your very own durante of toucans! 

Are you eyeing any of these designer beauties? If so, it’s best you snatch them up fast. You never know when a design will be retired from our collection! 

That being said, birds will always be a staple at Wicker Darling. With so many species of toucan to take inspiration from, you’re bound to see more of these feathery chonks hopping into our showroom - so you should pop in regularly to see what toucan accessories we have in stock. 

Ready for a peek now? Then head over to our bird purse collection for some delightfully quirky treats.