My delightful crunchy cornpuffs, it’s come to my attention that not everyone shares my fondness for a good mini coin purse - but people DO have a fondness for animals. Which is why I have combined the two: into convenient coin purses in adorable animal-shaped packages.

Soak it in folks.

These mini-coin purses are where it’s at. You can use them in so many ways, and you’ll look darn cute while doing it too. Whether you’re a dog person, a cat person, or a gosh-darn dinosaur person, I have just the accessory for you in my mini coin purse collection. 

Now, if you are like the average person today, you may be a bit confused about why you need a coin purse. But let me tell you, you do need one - in fact, I’m of the mind that you can never have too many. And, after reading this post, you’ll probably be kicking yourself that you didn’t buy one sooner!

No worries - we have so many coin purse options in stock and waiting for you on the other side of this article. So are you ready to get learning?

In the history of handbags, coin purses have had an extremely long role - yet somehow have fallen a bit out of fashion. (I blame you, wallets.) But coin purses absolutely have their place and purpose in the modern age, and I’m going to tell you all about it. 

9 ways to use your mini coin purse

Here are my favourite ways to use a mini coin purse - and some of them may surprise you. 

1. Clip it to your handbag


Wicker Darling's dog bone mini coin purse attached to Scottie dog purse


Some handbags are just meant to have a mini coin purse attached to them. Take this lovely Scottie dog purse, for example. He simply wouldn’t be complete without his dog bone coin purse!

And what frisky feline wouldn’t love a mouse coin purse to drag around town? Or why not give your cat handbag a tiny cat coin purse friend? The options are endless, and there are so many fun ways to spruce up your handbags when you put your mind to it. 

2. Plop it in your purse

If you want to stick to tradition, you can simply put your small coin purse IN your purse. Now, this will mean your gorgeous little accessory isn’t on display, but YOU will know it is there. And, of course, so will everyone else when you whip it out to OOHs and AAHs at the cash register. 

A mini coin purse, even in the traditional sense, is ultra-convenient. You can use it as a tipping kitty for your favourite barista or busker, easy access to plug your parking metre, or simply to keep all your pesky coins in line. There is MUCH to love about a coin purse - especially one as cute as these. 

3. Make it your wallet

Sometimes you don’t need much. Perhaps you’re planning to dance the night away, or you’re just popping out to the corner store. In either case, you might not want to lug a large purse around. That’s where your mini coin purse comes in.

It can be a teeny-tiny wallet. 

Just put in a few bills and away you go! And, of course, if you still want a bit more storage, you could also clip this tiny wallet to an elegant clutch purse, so you can safely store your cell phone, lippie, and other life necessities as well. 

4. Use it as a headphone case

Who said you need to use your coin purse for coins!? We aren’t the straight-laced, traditional sort around here - we find all SORTS of creative ways to use our accessories. 

One of my favourite ways to use my mini coin purses is as a case for my earbuds. Whether you have AirPods or wired earbuds, Wicker Darling coin purses are the perfect size for storing them. I find this much more convenient than digging around my purse for my headphones! 

5. Attach it to your toiletry bag

Maybe you don’t want your cute coin purse to have anything to do with your purse at all. Maybe, just maybe, you would prefer it as an adorable bathroom accessory. And why not?

You can clip your mini coin purse to your toiletry bag to organise bobby pins, ponytail holders, cotton swabs, you name it! Whatever little bits and bobs you manage to lose track of on the regular, your coin purse will faithfully store. 

6. Add it to your outfit

Your coin purse can make a wonderful addition to any ensemble. If you have a special outing planned (like a concert or a beach day), perhaps you’d like to clip your coin purse to your belt or belt loop to give your outfit a little extra pizazz!

7. Use it on your travel/day pack

Going on vacation? Then your mini coin purse is your best friend. Whether it’s a week-long holiday or a simple day trip, it’s nice to keep your coins in order - especially if you are dealing with more than one type of currency!

Say you’re going to Europe for vacation (like I just did recently in Italy!), you will most likely need coins to pay for public toilets - and oftentimes, no change is given. If you want the exact change ready and available at all times, you can get it all set up and in order in your mini coin purse.

Clip it to your backpack, day pack, carry on - whatever suits you. Then, you’ll not only have easy access to foreign currency, you’ll also have a quick place to store small tickets for your adventures.

8. Try layering more than one mini coin purse

Perhaps one coin purse is not enough. Maybe you need one for coins, one for foreign currency, one for earbuds, one for ponytail holders…and let’s not forget your favourite chapstick! You can see how the need for small baubles adds up. But your coin purses can add up too, my dear. 

Who said you had to stick to one mini coin purse? Why not clip two or three of them to your bag like bag charms? You can even just clip them to each other and turn them into a sort of keyring! 

No matter where or how you style them, your animal-shaped coin purses are sure to steal the show. 

9. Gift that coin purse!

Have I convinced you that a mini coin purse is the best thing since sliced bread? Well, then you might just want to spread that little bundle of joy around! Our cute coin purse collection is ideal for gifting, whether it’s for birthdays, holidays (think Kris Kringles/stocking stuffers!), or just a special thank you gift. 

Wicker Darling coin purses make the perfect gifts for vintage lovers (and animal lovers too). The best thing is, you don’t need to pre-order them like you do with so many of our unique purses and bags - which means you can snatch them up RIGHT NOW. 

Our in-stock mini coin purse collection

Have I turned you into a coin purse convert yet? Well then, here are some of our in-stock coin purses that are waiting to come home with you.

Our dog coin purses


Wicker Darling's Scottie the Scottish Terrier Coin Purse on a colourful background


Do you need a coin purse dog in your life? Then it’s a good thing we have two of them for you! Meet Scottie the Scottish Terrier coin purse and Salami the dachshund coin purse


Wicker Darling's Salami the Sausage Dog Coin Purse on a colourful background


These loyal companions are always happy to come along for the ride - and to hold your coins for you. Scottie and Salami are both made from high-quality leather, and feature sturdy zippers and gold metal clips. 

With cute little ears and eyebrows and painted noses, these dog coin purses will certainly have dog lovers flocking to you! And, with so many dog breeds in existence, you can bet we’ll keep adding to our dog coin purse collection. 

Our dinosaur coin purses

Perhaps you’d like a dinosaur coin purse in the shape of a triceratops? Or even a cute brontosaurus? Luckily, we have BOTH for you. 

Benedict the triceratops is perhaps the cutest dinosaur coin purse of all time. Just look at those proportions! This adorable dino is instantly loveable.


Wicker Darling's Benedict the triceratops mini coin purse on a colourful background


But Branwell the brontosaurus is a complete catch himself, and he makes a welcome addition to our Bronte-saurus family. (His sisters Charlotte and Emily are both wicker bags in our collection.)


Wicker Darling's Branwell the brontosaurus mini coin purse on a colourful background

Our black cat coin purse

Say hello to Fortuna, the luckiest black cat you ever will meet. This black cat coin purse is the perfect accessory for cat lovers and Spooky Season enthusiasts alike!


Wicker Darling's Fortuna the Black Cat Coin Purse on a colourful background


Look at those whiskers. The adorable pink ears and nose. She’s a total star (and she knows it). 

Best yet, we’ve hand-stitched that cute little face on both sides of the coin purse, so she’ll steal the show no matter which way she’s facing. 

Our mouse coin purses

Speaking of cats, if you have a cat purse, you might just need a mouse coin purse to go with it! We have sold our wicker cat bags with a mouse coin purse since the very beginning, but now you can purchase those cute coin purses separately!


Wicker Darling's Porthos the Mouse Coin Purse on a colourful background


Meet Porthos, our vegan coin purse mouse, and Aramis, the black mouse coin purse - who is made of lovely leather. These coin purses are great on their own, of course, but are simply purrfect for your feline-inspired accessories.


Wicker Darling's Aramis the Mouse Coin Purse on a colourful background

Our flamingo coin purse


Wicker Darling's Florence the Flamingo Coin Purse on a colourful background


Wicker Darling was founded because of my particular hankering for a pink flamingo purse - so it only makes sense that I would add a flamingo coin purse to the mix. We are known for our flamingos, after all. 

So last (but certainly not least) is Florence the flamingo. Florence is a delightfully two-toned bird with a fuschia body and pale pink wing and beak. 

Flamingos are iconic, and Florence will instantly add some quirk and vintage quality to your purse/backpack/outfit. You know you need her. 

Start collecting those coin purses!

These too-cute-to-function mini coin purses are in stock and waiting for you. If you’d like to take one (or more) of these fabulously versatile accessories home with you, you won’t need to wait months for them to be artfully handmade like you would with our pre-order bags.

Our coin purses have already been carefully hand-stitched in advance, and are ready to ship to your doorstep (with free international shipping and tracking of course). So what are you waiting for? 

With so many in-stock options, and more designs on the way, you can snatch up some cute coin purses to make an instant enhancement to your wardrobe.