Let’s be real here - coins are a nuisance. Your life would be much simpler with a mini coin purse in it. 

Don’t believe me? 

Let’s discuss coins. 

It’s incredibly hard to find a good place for coins in your purse or wallet. Some of them don’t even have zipper sections! 

What on earth are you do when maniacal metal circles with jagged edges come hurtling through space if there is no zipper to stop them!? Because they WILL spill out all over the place - making you look a right mess no matter how organised you try to be. 

I challenge you to show me one human who has NOT had a coin spill disaster in public. 

And, if you should actually find the proper storage space for your coins. One where they are safely tucked away in the recesses of your handbag…good luck getting them out again.

I swear, you can never pull out the correct change when you need it. 

I can’t tell you how many times my anxiety has shot through the roof as a cashier waits for me to find the correct change and the lady behind me in line impatiently taps her foot (if even only in my head).

At some point, you just throw up your hands, pay with bills, and end up with MORE DREADED COINS.

And don’t you dare put those coins in your pockets. If you forget to pull them out, coins can do serious damage to your washer

Coins are heavy. They make noise. They’re obnoxious to count. 

And we just need a way to keep these monetary heathens under control! Which is why we all need coin purses.

But not just any coin purse will do. You need a cute-as-a-button small coin purse. A vintage-inspired coin purse that goes with your wardrobe. And, most importantly, a mini coin purse that complements your growing collection of quirky wicker bags.

Today I’ll be discussing all the reasons to love coin purses, as well as five mini coin purses just perfect for sprucing up your wicker menagerie. 

An ode to a coin purse

A coin purse is an accessory that everybody needs. No matter your age, gender or lifestyle, you’re bound to have COINS in your society. (Unless you are in one of the few countries in the world that doesn't use coins.)

Even then, we all carry certain necessities when we leave the house. You might have keys, or chapstick, or dental floss, or your credit card - and sometimes it’s just not convenient to carry a big purse. 

This is where the mini coin purse shines. 

Your coin purse can carry a lot more than just currency. A vintage coin purse can double as a wallet, phone holder, or card holder - with plenty of space for your makeup and keys too.

As long as we have had teensy trinkets, and the need to have our hands free, coin purses have existed. In fact, they have been around in one form or another since the Ice Age! 

The first documented use of a coin purse was by Ötzi the Iceman, over 5,300 years ago! 

Even Ötzi knew that coin purses were ridiculously convenient.

If you want to pop out to the beach without lugging your purse around, you can simply clip your small coin purse right onto your bathers or carry it like a clutch.

You can also clip your coin purse to your belt loop, your luggage zip, your backpack, your keychain - the options are ENDLESS.

Use your coin purse to accessorise any outfit

A mini coin purse is decidedly practical. And it can also be PRETTY.

A coin purse can liven up your outfit, or add a little extra ridiculousness to your already fabulous wicker purse. Because if there’s one thing I lament about my remarkable wicker handbags, it’s that they can be too girthy. 

It just so happens that, sometimes, small things get lost in the depths of their beautiful rattan curves. 

And, if you want to save time searching for your knick-knacks, then a mini coin purse is just the ticket. It’ll helps you store all those small items you don’t want to lose in larger accessories.

And it looks cute while doing it. 

(Especially if it’s a Wicker Darling coin purse.)

Now, I’ve been making wicker animal purses for a few years at this point, and many of my (devoted) followers have asked me: “Why coin purses?” and “Why now?”

Well, my curious little kittens, I’ll tell you. 

Why I decided to make mini coin purses

I’ve been toying with the idea of mini coin purses at Wicker Darling for quite some time now. Of course, I wanted a fun way to accessorise our figural wicker bags. But there were some other thoughts behind them as well. 

Here are the top three reasons I decided to start making coin purses (besides the fact that they’re totally adorable - and all the coin purse benefits listed above).

1. Our mini coin purses are budget-friendly

I do realise that although I offer flexible purse payment plans and free international shipping on our handmade purses - they might not always be in your budget. They are, after all, investment pieces. 

So I really wanted to have a more accessible and affordable way to join the Wicker Family. 

Enter coin purses!

Our mini coin purses are a really budget-friendly way to show the world how quirky and fun you and your style are. You’re welcome pumpkin.

2. Our mini coin purses don’t take up space

Um...I seem to have a problem.

See, I keep making more and more wicker bags - but for some reason my closet isn’t getting any bigger. (What’s up with that!?) 

If you have similarly found yourself in a sticky space situation - with your shelves positively overflowing with wicker bags - then you speak to me on a soul level.

But also you might need to remodel.

OR, perhaps, the answer might be to buy a few mini coin purses as a way to add to your quirky wardrobe without hogging too much space. (I’m looking at you Pigasus.)

3. Our mini coin purses are ready to go 24/7

As everyone in the Wicker Family knows, the stock at Wicker Darling shows up as SOLD OUT on the website the majority of the time. Now, you know by now they aren’t sold out in the traditional sense. Because we operate on a pre-order only system, to make international orders easier for you - and to keep your designer handbags limited-edition. 

But, if you miss the pre-order window, it can be frustrating. What do you do with your new paycheck and your ridiculous style sense if there are no purses to be purchased!?

Why, you purchase a mini coin purse instead. 

That’s right, even when our wicker wonders have flown the coop, we should always have some coin purses in stock. 

Our coin purse line allows you to accessorise completely on your own schedule. 

So, now that you’ve gleaned a little bit of insight into WHY we’ve started a line of mini coin purses, it’s time to get a few of your very own! 

Here are some of the first mini coin purses to grace Wicker Darling with their presence (but I promise, there will be MORE). 

5 mini coin purse designs you need in your life

Small packages can make a big impression - and that’s certainly the case with the coin purses at Wicker Darling. 

Our coin purses are the ultimate accessory to customise your handbag and keep your coins and necessities fully accessible. 

Not only are our mini coin purses cute, they’re also built for convenience and longevity. 

We’ve included zipper closures, to keep your coins tucked securely in place. We’ve also attached a hardware clip, to make it easy to attach to just about anything. (Extra ridiculous earring, anyone?)

Lastly, we’ve decided to make them leather coin purses, because metal coins are abrasive and can rub through less sturdy fabrics. 

These tiny coin purses are small but mighty, and I cannot wait to introduce you to all the wacky coin designs I have cooking in my brain.

But, until the day they hit the shelves, you simply must peruse the OG Wicker Darling coin purse designs. 

1. A carrot coin purse



Sweetest bunny of mine, wouldn’t you like a carrot coin purse? This cute little carrot currently comes with our bunny rabbit purse (should we make it available separately?) and is great for anything and everything Spring. 

This veggie is good for your health - and we’re talking mental sanity here. Never stress about your coins and keys again. Just clip your carrot onto your picnic basket and away you go! 

2. A cat coin purse



Want murder mittens without the scritches? Then Fortuna the Black Cat coin purse is just for you! This cat-shaped coin purse has too-cute-to-handle cut out ears and nose, and silver embroidered whiskers. 

Don’t listen to the naysayers. This black cat is bringing only fortune to your funds. Namely because she’ll keep them all organised in one place.

Cats are year-round accessories (really, I can’t ever seem to get Bastet’s fur off of me) and the popularity of our cat purses proves that. But in particular, I think Fortuna would be extra fabulous to take out of a spin on Halloween, don’t you think? 

3. A mouse coin purse 



Speaking of cats, how about a complementary mini coin purse to go with your Orangey and Oscar the Cat wicker handbags? The original mouse coin purse from Wicker Darling is made in beige leather with a white zipper and handy wrist strap tail. 

But there are even more styles in the works! At the time of writing, there are some little squeaky stowaways on a ship - clad either in a black leather look, or a (VEGAN FRIENDLY) pink abaca one. 

Any of these mouse coin purses will look fantastic with your kitty cat dress, pumps, or brooch. Clipping one to your elephant purse could be good fun too! 

4. A dinosaur coin purse



Your wicker dinosaur bag would look even MORE smashing with a teeny tiny dino attached. Benedict the Dinosaur coin purse is the perfect accessory for any dinophile. 

Benedict is just the most lovely shade of green, and you’ve never seen curves this cute. Just LOOK at this triceratops coin purse

I know you already love him. 

5. A flamingo coin purse

There will always be flamingos at Wicker Darling. A pink flamingo purse was our debut design, so you can bet your bottom dollar that a flamingo coin purse will be flying into our atelier. We just won’t spill the beans on when.

A flamingo coin purse is stunning, sassy, and great for anything vintage. 

You need one. 

You do.  

Life’s too short to deal with coin nonsense.

So get yourself a vintage coin purse already. 

And, while you’re at it, do yourself a favour and also make it a stunningly cute figural coin purse that shows off your quirk and charm. 

They’re versatile, adorable, affordable, and waiting for you now at Wicker Darling in our collection of mini coin purses