With dramatic dances and vivid colours, birds are living, breathing works of art that brighten up my day without fail. Which is why I always like to have at least a handful of bird purse designs roosting in my house - and it’s a good idea for you too. 

This bird purse collection is what I like to call my “sartorial aviary.” 

“Sartorial” relating to clothing and tailoring, and “aviary” being a sizable space for birds to be viewed: i.e., my whole house. 

And I think everyone needs a sartorial aviary of sorts. You get all the benefits of tropical bird menagerie without any of the noise, mess or finicky feeding requirements. 

It’s just a no-muss display of joy and colour that will liven any living space. 

But of course, you don’t need to leave your birds on display at all times. You can take them out for a spin around town, and bird lovers will flock to you from near and far. 

Because there are many, MANY bird lovers out there - and for good reasons. 

Here are just a few of them. 

Why we love birds so much

Birds are absolutely fascinating. The sounds they make, their colourful plumage, the way they have utterly human-like tantrums

Birds have been and always will be my favourite, and here are just SOME of the reasons we love these feathery little nuts so much. 

Birds are gravity defying 

Birds seem to shirk all laws of physics. They can float on water, soar through the air, and sleep while balanced on one leg. 

I. AM. IN. AWE. 

Not only can birds fly, they can fly for hundreds of miles without a single break. 

They swoop and dive, they form fantastical shapes in the sky, and they are just generally the things that dreams are made of. 

And, as if the simple act of being a bird wasn’t amazing enough, Grebes decided to one-up themselves. Both Western and Clarke’s Grebes can LITERALLY RUN ON WATER

Birds are absolute magicians I tell you. 

Birds make the most beautiful sounds 

Waking up to the sound of birdsong is one of the most relaxing things on Earth. 

Birds have a surprising repertoire of noises, and each one holds a different meaning. Indeed, within birdsong is a whole language which can express that:

  • Danger is nearby
  • They are fit and healthy
  • They are ready to mate
  • Their territory is not to be messed with
  • They are hungry

I make sounds to express all those things too - but none of them is half as pleasant as birdsong.

Good on you, birds, good on you. 

Birds can talk to us 

Name one animal besides a bird that you can carry a verbal conversation with.

I’ll wait.




That’s what I thought. 

Parrots, in particular, are truly unique to the animal kingdom. They have learned to communicate with us on a level completely unrivaled by any other animal. 

Most species of parrots can only learn about 50 words, but the African Gray Parrot can learn more than 800. African Grays can even use all those words in context, including swear words, which got these parrots in trouble recently at Lincolnshire Zoo. (They’re my kind of birds.)

In fact, the intellect of African Gray Parrots has been compared to that of a five-year-old child, and they have even outperformed Harvard students on memory tests

Now that sheds a whole new light on the term “bird brain.” 

Birds are modern-day dinosaurs 

It’s no secret that birds are descended from dinosaurs


Tell me that isn’t the coolest thing ever. 

You can see the resemblance in their scaly legs and feet, their curved talons, and their intense, piercing gaze. 

And, to be frank, a cassowary is STILL a dinosaur in my book. They can literally kill a man.

Newsflash: Don’t mess with birds.

Birds can save lives

Of course, more often than not, birds are doing the saving (not the killing) of people. 

Don’t believe me?

Birds have been used to detect earthquakes, warn coal miners of carbon monoxide poisoning and deliver important war-time messages. 

Studies have shown that not only do birds keep our world safe from plagues, they help pollinate plants, spread seeds, keep our climate stabilised and protect our coral reefs. 

It’s time to give those birds a pat on the back! 

Birds are incredibly diverse 

From delicate hummingbirds to delightfully plumed Mot-Mots to slightly sinister Shoebill Storks and cooky cock-of-the-rocks, birds come in many, MANY forms. 

In fact, it is estimated that there are almost 10,000 species of birds on the planet, which far surpasses the number of mammal species. And each is incredibly different from the next. 

Just look at a Potoo. LOOK AT HIM.

How on EARTH is that related to a swan!?

(We love him though.)

Birds have evolved to fit every known niche imaginable - and live in every continent and climate.

The variety is PROFOUND.

So there is something for everyone to enjoy in the aviary world. Which is why I think there is a bird purse for absolutely every taste too. 

5+ bird purse designs we simply can’t live without possessing 

Ready to assemble an at-home aviary of your own? Here are our favourite beaky bird bags for your enjoyment. 

1. A peacock purse

Peacocks rule the roost and they know it. Which is why if you want to look like the queen you are, you might need a peacock purse in your collection. Or perhaps a whole party of them.

Indeed, a group of peacocks can be called a party, a bevy, a muster or an ostentation. (And that just makes me love them even more.)

Just look at this prancy bird. Percy the Peacock is dripping in seed beads. He’s crowned and bedecked with glorious plumage. He’s perfectly aware that he’s fabulous.

And YOU will be fabulous too with him on your arm.    

2. A cockatoo purse

If you’re looking for the cheekiest, most personality-filled bird of all time...then you’re looking for a cockatoo. 

Just look at this cockatoo screaming into the void. I feel this on a soul level. 

Cockatoos are loud, proud, and ready to shake up your wardrobe. Luckily for you, we have not one, but TWO cockatoo purses for you to peruse. 

Iva Cockatoo is iconic. He is classic. He is effortless. (And just a tad bit ridiculous.)

He is perfect for a stroll on the beach or a tropical summer vacay. 

Gary (Gazza) the Major Mitchell, on the other hand, is more likely to smash a beer with you than sun on the sand (though you’d best believe he’ll have fun there too). 

He’s got full Aussie pride, and this in-your-face parrot purse will make a party out of every place you visit. 

Just try to stop him. 

3. A toucan purse

Toucans are incredible. 

No really, their proportions seem to completely defy physics. 

Just look at a toucan skeleton. It’s truly a marvel these things can hold their heads up, let alone balance on spindly tree limbs.

But we LOVE toucans. Not only for their awkward measurements, but for their flamboyant, brightly painted beaks. 

Toucans are the anti-mullet. It is all party in the FRONT. 

Which is what makes a toucan purse so fun to wear. The demure and somewhat bulbous black body will go with absolutely anything. And it is made (yes literally MADE) to make your bright yellow, orange and green clothes pop.

But, likewise, that big beautiful beak is going to add SO much interest to a little black dress. 

It’s also the perfect purse to pair with your summer nail art ideas!

At Wicker Darling, we love toucans so much that we decided to revamp our chonky Tallulah Toucan bag for a slightly less gargantuan (but equally cute) Toucan Tango.

And, because there are around 40 species of toucan in the world, we will have no end of inspiration for bringing back this bird purse in a new colour way. 

4. An ibis purse 

Ibis-ness is next to godliness - just ask the Egyptians. 

Thoth was the ancient Egyptian god of wisdom, writing, science, the moon, and the dead. He was one of the most important gods in Egyptian history. And he was an Ibis. 

While Ita the Ibis purse may be a far cry from her immortal ancestor, she is still plenty divine. 

The curved elegant beak, the long slender neck, the shock of red at her nape. Ita is FABULOUS. She is REFINED. And she refuses to be associated with a common bin chicken. 

Ita’s black and white colour scheme makes her easy to match with your wardrobe, and she will elevate any outfit you choose to throw on. 

We’re obsessed. 

5. A flamingo purse

It’s no secret that we love flamingos at Wicker Darling. Have you seen our logo? 

Flamingos are in-your-face pink, unafraid to flaunt their awkward proportions, and completely unashamed that they can only eat upside down

Flamingos are SO WEIRD and they DON'T CARE (which I think is why I relate to them so strongly).

A pink flamingo purse is where it all started at Wicker Darling. I wasn’t even sure I would be able to pull off the original Chile the Flamingo design, and now look at all our flamingo purses

A flamingo purse is the ultimate vintage accessory. Retro fashion enthusiasts will be chasing you down the street to find out where you got your handbag.

You might just let them catch you.

Add on to your aviary abode

My scrumptious buttery beans, it’s time for you to get those clicking fingers out and order a passel of purses of your very own. 

And if you see that all our bird purses are sold out, have no fear! We operate on a pre-order only basis, so this is just business as usual. There will ALWAYS be more birds flitting and swooping and plonking on into our workroom - waiting to be snatched up in your loving arms. 

Just keep an eye on the skies!! (Also known as my Instagram stories.) There will be a new bird design (or some other ridiculous wicker animal bag) on its way any moment now.