Mother’s Day is swiftly approaching, and here you are, looking for the perfect gift. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. At Wicker Darling, we have all the best Mother’s Day purses and gifts for vintage lovers. 

Just take one look at our list of Mother’s Day purses and accessories and you are sure to find something for that special lady in your life. Whether they be your mother, mother-figure, grandmother, aunt, best friend, or dearest love, we have the best gift ideas for women (and other accessory-adoring humans). 

Since this is a guide to Mother’s Day purses and other Mother’s Day gifts, I will be using the word “mother” for the majority of it. Just know, this word can mean whatever you want it to mean in your heart of hearts!

Here you can find the perfect gift to show appreciation for all your mother has done for you and the way she makes you feel. A gift that superbly matches your mother’s unique personality - because I’m sure she is ICONIC.  

And, if YOU are a mother (or if something simply catches your eye while browsing) then this is also a guide to the perfect treat yourself gifts! Trust me, we can all do with a little treat now and again. Life is simply too short to withhold chocolates, plane tickets, or PURSES from yourself. 

So now, without further ado, here is our list of top Mother’s Day purses and accessories to celebrate the matriarch in your life. 

12 must-have Mother’s Day purses & accessories 

At Wicker Darling, we are a bit known for our pre-order process. A process that allows our designer handbags to be lovingly handmade, without any worry of them winding up in a landfill. 

What one DOES worry about with pre-orders, is whether it’s possible to get ahold of the bag - on time, or AT ALL.

Because of this concern (my Wicker Family is very vocal in all things), I have decided to offer more in-stock options of all kinds. This addition of in-stock items means I can spread that special brand of Wicker Darling joy ALL the time, and also means it is MUCH easier for you to buy for other people now! 

All you have to do is pop it in your cart, hit purchase, and these great gifts for vintage lovers will be straight on their way to the address of your choice. Best yet, we offer FREE international shipping all over the world, and even include tracking, so you don’t have to wonder or worry where your Mother’s Day purses have ended up. (You’re welcome, pickle.)

So here, in-stock, and ready for gifting, are the best Mother’s Day purses and gifts from Wicker Darling. 

1. A mini lemon satchel

Image of a mini lemon satchel from Wicker Darling

The very first item on our Mother’s Day purse list is a juicy one. Just take a look at this ray of sunshine - a bright yellow 
lemon purse. This mini wicker satchel is just the happiest purse you ever did see. It will inject some joy into your mother’s day - and the day of anyone she meets!

Perfect for: the woman who always looks on the bright side in life. If life gives her lemons, she will make something FABULOUS from them. 

2. A vibrant fish purse

A vibrant aquamarine fish purse from Wicker Darling

No list of Mother’s Day purses would be complete without the thing Wicker Darling is best known for: handbags shaped like animals.

And these aren’t just any handbags shaped like animals - they are limited-edition, hand-woven, hand-painted wicker handbags shaped like animals! 

Meet Bubbles the fish purse. Bubbles is delightfully colourful, beautifully nautical, and bursting with personality. I think he would work quite well for any lover of the seaside, as well as the woman who loves a good pop of colour (Bubbles has that in the bag). 

I do declare, this statement bag will get along swimmingly with your mother, which is why he is happily sat on our list of Mother’s Day purses. 

Perfect for: the woman who fancies herself to be a mermaid (we certainly won’t correct her), or one who loves to be the centre of attention (we know she’s earned it). 

3. A dainty ladybug purse

A dainty ladybug purse from Wicker Darling

Does your mother love a day in the garden? How about a picnic in the park? Then the best Mother’s Day purse for her is bound to be Lugabug the ladybug bag

This beautiful wicker bug is also just a wonderful gift for vintage lovers in general. She is the perfect accessory for matching with a polka dot dress. 

Perfect for: the woman who always stops to smell the roses - or break out the picnic blanket. 

4. A beautiful bird clutch

Images of 3 types beautiful bird clutches from Wicker Darling

If you’re looking for Mother’s day purses on the smaller side, we have a whole clutch collection for you to peruse! 

You can even pop in some fun tips on how to hold a clutch bag to show off the beautiful hand-embroidered design. 

Of course, I’m a bit partial to birds, and if your mother is too, then these bird clutches are just the thing! We have a magpie bird clutch, macaws in multiple colours, and even a cute tropical purse for those vacay vibes. 

Perfect for: the woman who is always ready for an elegant affair (or who won’t be weighed down by any extra baggage).

5. A rather rude clutch

Rude clutch from Wicker Darling

This is not the average Mother’s Day purse, but the woman who will appreciate it is probably not the average mother! This is another sort of bird clutch. A very irreverent bird clutch. A middle finger clutch

Indeed, sometimes moms just don’t have the energy for ANY MORE NONSENSE. And this clutch can say all that needs to be said for them.

Perfect for: the tell-like-it-is queen.

6. A dashing dog coin purse

Dashing two dog coin purses from Wicker Darling

Some mothers have babies. And some mothers have FUR BABIES. If the woman you are shopping for has given her heart to a four-legged ball of woofs, then we have just the thing for her. 

A coin purse dog

With one of our mini leather coin purses from Wicker Darling, your mother can proudly proclaim her love of dogs for the world to see. She can pop it on her purse, her keychain, her belt loops - you name it. 

We even have multiple breeds available: a stately Scottie dog and delightful dachshund coin purse just waiting for a loving new home. 

Perfect for: dog moms everywhere!

7. A classy cat coin purse

A classy cat coin purse from Wicker Darling

Perhaps your mother is not a dog person. Perhaps she is a cat lady. If she is, you will know. Cat ladies proclaim themselves loudly and proudly to the world whenever possible. And, if your mother is already a crazy cat lady, then she is only one step away from being a crazy wicker bag lady. (I speak from experience.)

Why not help her on both fronts with this too-cute-to-handle black cat coin purse. Fortuna is a very lucky black cat who will help your mother organise her pesky coins AND make her wicker bags look FABULOUS. 

Perfect for: crazy cat ladies - and normal cat ladies too. 

8. A stompy dinosaur coin purse

A stompy green dinosaur purse from Wicker Darling

Dinosaurs are the OG when it comes to vintage. What’s more timeless and classic than a dino!? At Wicker Darling, we always have a dinosaur coin purse in stock. Would your mother like a cute brontosaurus accessory? Or perhaps she’s more of a triceratops sort of gal? 

Maybe she needs BOTH.  

Perfect for: the woman who loves a good throwback vintage moment, or never outgrew that dinosaur phase.

9. Any item in our adorable coin purse collection

A pink flamingo coin purse from Wicker Darling

Birds, and mice, and bones, oh my! At Wicker Darling, we have all SORTS of splendid teeny accessories to bring joy to your mother’s life - each as special as the next.

Just browse our mini coin purses and I’m sure you’ll find something that screams her name. 

Perfect for: the woman that pays attention to the details, and appreciates all life's little moments.

10. A luxurious silk scarf

A luxurious silk scarf from Wicker Darling

If your mother likes the finer things in life, or always has the BEST HAIR, then she might appreciate one of our stunning silk scarves. 

Both our tropical bird scarf and our Amalfi lemon scarf work as great accessories for our quirky wicker bags, but they can also work wonderfully for hair, wrists, belt loops, or any bag in your mother’s collection. 

Perfect for: the woman who always has the perfect finishing touch on their outfit.

11. A reusable tote bag

3 tote bags from Wicker Darling

If your mother already has plenty of purses (Mother’s Day purses or otherwise), perhaps she would appreciate a purse raincoat.

Yes, you did read that correctly. I offer a selection of three, very versatile, very adorable reusable tote bags that double as raincoats for my wicker bag collection.

But why can’t I buy just one tote, you ask? Having three of these reusable totes is far superior to having just one. These totes protect your mother’s most prized possessions from unexpected rainstorms, and with three on hand, she can store one in the car, one at work, one in a purse - wherever she needs them most.

She can even use them for impromptu shopping sprees - for groceries, baubles, candy, or more purses! You NEVER know when the mood to shop will strike you, so it’s best to come prepared with a tote bag. 

Perfect for: the woman that won't let a rainy day get her down.

12. A Wicker Darling gift card

A Wicker Darling pink gift card

Can’t decide on the perfect Mother’s Day purse or accessory? Have no fear! You can buy your mother Wicker Darling gift cards

I assure you, this is still a very thoughtful and special gift. After all, every Wicker Darling item is oozing with charm and personality, and will show you understand her unique taste.

It also gives your mother free rein to go on one of those (aforementioned) shopping sprees! (Which I know she will love.)

Armed with a Wicker Darling gift card, your mother can choose the gift that strikes her fancy - and that may even be one of our very special monthly pre-order products.

Perfect for: the woman who simply can't decide - her mood and outfit changes faster than spring weather and WE LOVE HER FOR THAT.

And lastly, Happy Mother’s Day! 

As a single mother, I understand motherhood can simultaneously be the most thankless and most rewarding role of all time! But I’m here to thank all mothers, mothers-to-be, would-be mothers, mother-figures, and friendly mama bears out there for the love they pour into the world.

AND to thank all of you shopping for Mother’s Day purses and gifts for the love you pour back into your mamas. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all, and may this year shine brightly on everything you hold dear.